Weekend Wrap-Up

Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • WordPress’s redesign earlier this week pissed me off because it forces me to use the wp-admin view for the lists of my posts and pages unless I type in the damn URL https://wordpress.com/posts/mentalhealthathome.org to get the view I had up until Tuesday. And according to the asshats at WP, that just is what it is. Maybe it’ll get changed, maybe it won’t; they really don’t know.
  • Someone copied and pasted a post of mine onto their site. They mentioned at the end that the post originally appeared on my site, and included a link, so I got a pingback. But why bother? Copying a post without permission is still a copyright violation, even if you link to the original. Unfortunately, I couldn’t manage to track down their host to do a DMCA notice. Well, that’s not entirely true, I know who their host is, but the email contact listed on their site doesn’t work.
  • I was asking my dad about the crazy streak on his side of the family, and it turns out I’m more genetically loaded on that side than I though. I knew about one great-uncle with schizophrenia and that there were others who were weird, but dad says there were two brothers that were schizophrenic and then another who my dad is pretty sure was mentally ill but it didn’t involve paranoia. Dad thinks that my great-great uncle died by suicide, but he isn’t entirely sure.
  • My building had a scheduled 5-hour power outage on Thursday. I lead a very electricity-dependent life, so I was not impressed.
  • My brother brought my niece over for a visit. She’s going through a phase of liking simply toys, so while she was here, she mostly played with an empty milk jug and a metal mixing bowl that she could wear as a hat.
Peanut the guinea pig smushed up against my arm

From bottom to top in this picture is my arm, Peanut, and his burrowing blanket. He has a 2-part blanket fort system: a fleece blanket folded neatly on the bottom, and then a blanket on top to burrow through.

How has your week been?

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34 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up”

  1. WordPress keeps updating the block editor on me too. Every time I log in to write something, another glitch is waiting to annoy me. Last time, it wouldn’t let me copy more than one block at a time to paste on another post. Asshats, indeed!

  2. Peanut is very cute. And you appear to have a very long arm.
    It fascinates me how schizophrenia skips around family members. My birth mother had it, allegedly, and yet I don’t have it, but much like yourself even though the condition skipped me I have other stuff going on.

  3. Peanut looks very cosy there.

    That feels like me, being cosy in my duvet. I have slept a lot this past week.
    Other than that and ‘idiot’ you know about, I have been sewing name labels in mum’s clothes. I have more to do after bringing her clothes back.
    Today, my day with support bubble. I am now home under duvet, feeling tired. But doing a bit of reading of blogs before I sleep.

      1. Yeah, they know what he’s like and more. I shown them his letter and what kicked it off, followed by letter, directly to him.

        Had a good laugh with them, as I do.

  4. And that’s the thing about living in an apartment building, we also have planned outages of heat, a/c, water, elevators (tho one is always kept running), I don’t know if the electric or gas has ever be purposely shut down, I mean, we have lost electricity because of hurricanes and a transformer exploding but those were beyond the control of the building management. But it is usually because they are servicing/up-grading stuff so there are no surprise outages – a good thing, no?

    I wish I had some information on relatives medical conditions – no one ever talked about who had what especially in front of children and I never thought to ask what anyone died of. According to the doctor my heart condition is genetic and he keeps asking me if anyone in my family has been diagnosed with it – how the hell would I know?

    1. Yeah, I think in a lot of cases no one knew what anyone had back in the day. One of my grandmas had a genetic brain degenerative disease that she had to have inherited from someone, but she had no idea who.

  5. Awwww, Peanut!! Cuteness in a guinea!!

    Yeah, I think my bio maternal grandpa was schizophrenic. Weirdly I’m the only person who inherited it, whereas others in my maternal family struggle with addictions (quite possibly due to abuse trauma from the schizophrenic). I’m glad your dad was so forthcoming with information about these things!!

    I’m sorry someone stole your post!! That seems like a rotten thing to do!!

    My week was rather uneventful, because I’m sitting here trying to recall some highlights, and… not much there. Huh. Oh yeah!! Buh-doink. (I just remembered.) I’ve been using the treadmill twice a day for fifty minutes (down from an hour just to keep myself sane) all freakin’ week. And now I’m trying to gear up to do it again today, but it’s 4:41 PM here and I haven’t been once yet, much less twice. What to do? Take a break? I could justify that because it’s the weekend. [Nods.] I’m behind on everything else. When I come home after the first time, I fall sound asleep. It’s just wearing me out. So yeah, maybe I’ll go this evening but call a break for the earlier visit #1 today. In good news, I might actually lose weight doing this. In bad news, it’s sucked away all my energy for anything else (except just messing around online). But hey, weight loss! Go me!!

    Here’s hoping you and I have great weeks starting tomorrow!!

  6. The week for me seems about the same. The new pain killer seems to bring some relief for me.
    You mentioned about schizophrenia and how it may skip around in a family. My aunt who recently died suffered with schizophrenia since the early eighties. I have thought about that when I was first diagnosed as bi-polar. It use to scare the liver out of me.
    I have lived through many power outages. One this winter lasted for over twelve hours because of a terrible storm with very high winds.

  7. Been trying to catch up on blogs, including yours ❀

    Mostly tired and immensely sad because Easter is a difficult time. Someone in my survivor group is incredibly triggering for me, even though I understand we all have our own beliefs and processes when it comes to healing from complex trauma.

  8. Interesting that you mention the crazy genes in your family, as just recently I have heard my grandma talking about my great great aunt from her side of the family who had some kind of mental illness, and I had no clue about it being present in my family before, or surely not in a way that would be known to other family members. It got me really curious whether there might have been more people that I/we don’t know about who had some mental illness. Maybe it’s weird, but hearing this from my grandma actually made me feel somehow better. Perhaps because I haven’t been the only weirdo in our family. πŸ˜€ The funny thing is that her name was actually Emilia. πŸ˜€ I did know that I had a great great aunt called Emilia as I was told about it after I changed my name legally to Emilia and found it really cool that it is actually a family name, but now that I also know she was mentally ill I feel even more of a connection to her.
    Life without electricity is almost like no life. But I’d say it’s still good that at least it was scheduled in your case, and not totally out of the blue as it can happen sometimes.

    1. Oh that’s so interesting about the same name. I bet there were so many more crazy people back in the day than anyone had any idea of.

  9. I enjoyed this post very much! Quite informative and entertaining. Made me follow you immediately. Was going to share your post but was terrified to get pinged or dinged or whatever. 🀣😎

  10. I’ve gone 14 days without my levothyroxine and I am very lethargic and unmotivated. I managed to get the tests done but they haven’t written me a prescription yet. It’s complicated but hopefully I will have it on Monday.

  11. Familial links with mental health are interesting when it comes to predisposition. It’s harder going back through family trees though, isn’t it? If you don’t know people then you can’t ask, and as time goes further back the ability for diagnosis at that time in history gets weaker.

    What a shit about the plagiarised post! How did you first discover it? I’d probably be inclined to name and shame them, but of course with a no-follow link. So frustrating. xx

    1. Yeah, going back it’s pretty hard to narrow down, when categories were probably “not crazy”, “run of the mill crazy”, and “lock them up in an institution crazy.”

      I actually have a naming and shaming warning notice on my terms and conditions page, but in this case, I didn’t bother because it didn’t seem like an actual person blogging; more like a site that’s just trying to bring in advertising money. And I discovered it because I got a pingback. Once or twice I’ve stumbled across plagiarism by accident, but usually it’s via pingback. People are weird.

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