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Get to Know Me via My Nightstands

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Today, we’re going to take a mosey around my bedroom, where I spend a lot of my time.

Ashley's nightstand - the sleeping side

This is the sleeping side of the bed. When I was partnered, this was my side of the bed. I’ve got my old-school alarm clock that I’ve had for a gazillion years. I like it because red light isn’t wakey-uppy, and I don’t want to use my phone to check what time it is during the night.

This is one of two prayer plants living in my bedroom. I tend to be a plant killer, but this little dude is pretty determined to live despite almost dying multiple times.

The photo is of my last partner. We split up as a couple in 2010, but were close friends until he died in 2015 of a fentanyl overdose.

My bedside lamps are el-cheapo from Canadian Tire, which is a bit of a Canadian institution. I tried Googling what the American equivalent would be, but there doesn’t seem to be one.

Ashley's nightstand - the waking side

Here we are on the awake side of my bed. My half-assed attempt at sleep hygiene is to have one side of the bed dedicated to being awake, and the other side dedicated to being asleep. There’s more going on on this side of the bed. There’s a weird pale-coloured blotch that was caused by my SAD light.

I’ve got a Himalayan salt lamp that my brother got me for Christmas one year. I don’t buy into any of the outlandish claims of the benefits they’re supposed to have, but it sure is a pretty warm glow on a gloomy day.

I tend to have a dry mouth thanks to lithium, so I’ve always got a glass of water. Rather than a regular coaster, I have sample stone tile. I used to use a coaster, but sometimes water on the bottom of the glass would form suction, so the coaster would lift with the glass, then fall off and the noise would care the bejeezus out of the guinea pigs.

I have some aromatherapy goodies from Saje, a mist and a hand cream. My hands are always dry, so I’m a frequent hand cream user.

Here’s my other prayer plant. When they start getting pretty sad-looking, I swap them over to the other side. I’ve never gotten around to getting a pretty pot for this one.

Sort of hiding beside my salt lamp is a mug full of coloured pens for journalling.

The little bamboo box sometimes holds dishes or glasses, but often it’s a repository for lint and guinea pig poop. So much guinea pig poop…

Anyway, that’s a little about me and my living space. Happy Thursday!

42 thoughts on “Get to Know Me via My Nightstands”

  1. That’s cool! Oddly enough I took pics of my living space yesterday too! Happy Thursday 😎

      1. Bummer. Good to know. I often have clients who get roped in on the marketing while the effectiveness varies

  2. Love it!! So “you”!! Oh, I share your love for those retro vintage alarm clocks!! I used to have the same kind!! We might still have some hiding somewhere in the house!! Did you ever have the walkman, and then the discman, too? Or what about the Dream Machine, which was a Sony CD alarm clock? Ohh, I still have one!! It wakes you up to CD, radio, or buzzer.

    Those plants really love you! 🙂 They’re on a mission to keep brighting your days!

    It’s so beautiful that you honor your former BF with a photo! I think what you two had was special and meaningful!! May he rest in peace.

    Nice salt lamp! The only thing cooler would be a lava lamp! 😀 Your brother rocks!! We both have great brothers!!

  3. I feel like we’re blessed for having Canadian Tire. It consolidates so much into one department store. In the US, they’d likely have to visit 2-3 places to get their hunting, sports, exercise, home improvement, car, gardening, and cleaning equipment. I think Walmart would be the most similar, but everything there is cheaply made and with less selection.

    Ang |

  4. It’s rather eerie, but I have a clock that’s almost exactly like yours. My father gave it to me when I was in my 20s, and I’ve treasured it ever since. It keeps on working too! I don’t sleep in my bedroom any longer, due to the noise from that rig yard behind me and the ambient glare from the yard lights, so my nightstand (I have one and a small table I’ve had since I was a child on the other side) holds my touch lamp (from when I did sleep in there), the clock and a few books. The table holds some lotion and books. You’ve reminded me to clean out the nightstand drawers because there are things in there I’d just as soon not have hanging around for someone to discover some day. Not that bad, but up here? The stuff might be very misconstrued up here. Mostly the comic books that are stuffed in the drawers. LOL

  5. Our alarm clock used to be older sibling’s. It has the red lights and a broken cassette player. GE brand back when they probably made stuff. Phone goes to bed when we do

  6. I love the salt lamp and the plants! The idea of having an awake and bedtime night stand is interesting. I haven’t heard of that before but I like it 🙂

  7. Your bedside tables look very neat compared to mine. However, like you I have the same alarm clock.
    I keep a phone at my bedside which has a big orange button that you can program with an emergency number. I have had to use it in the pass.
    Then I keep a notepad beside the bed just in case I have any ideas for the blog.

  8. I’m so sorry about your previous partner. It’s humbling (not sure that’s really the right word but my brain isn’t firing too well) that you have his photo by your bedside, keeping him in memory and close to you so neither of you are alone.

    Salt lamps seem quite popular, though I don’t know that I’d buy into the claims either beyond them providing a pretty soft glow. You’re the first person, however, that I’ve known to have a repository filled with guinea pig poop. Don’t want to put your hand in there at night by mistake while rifling around for your glasses 🤓

    1. When it really comes down to it, though, I find hay and poop all everywhere. I’ve accepted it, although perhaps not quite the same enthusiasm that they have.

  9. Thank you for revealing a glimpse of what you are like as a homebody. I am sorry to hear about your previous partner. That is good that you honor the relationship with a photo of him at your bedside. Funny I am the opposite of you, in that I hardly ever spend any time in my bedroom at all. My meditation chair is there, so it’s where I meditate. Otherwise I only venture in and out to use the adjoining bathroom. I have a nice living room though.

    1. Bedroom as comfy space was established as a kid and then continued through the years I had roommates, so it’s always been a place where I’ve liked to spend time.

      1. Funny I still relate to my original bedroom in my parents’ house. My mom put a stereo, a piano, a tape deck and a typewriter in there and said: “I believe if you always have these four things, you will always be happy.”

        I also had a huge load of books and to this day sometimes when I wake I unconsciously reach for the light that used to hang over my bed. But I’ve not known a similar bedroom since, really.

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