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Assorted Critters from My Travels

These pictures in this round of critters from my travels come from a few different countries.

riding a camel in Egypt

We start off in Egypt, riding a camel, which isn’t particularly comfortable, in case you wouldn’t have guessed that already.

The picture below is also from Egypt. This creepy taxidermied pelican was among multiple taxidermied critters at the hotel where we stayed in Alexandria. I find taxidermy creepy in general, unless it’s for a museum or something. Who wants to be working at a hotel front desk and staring at this monstrosity all day?

taxidermied pelican in Egypt
Ashley riding a donkey in Lindos, Greece

My friend and I were staying on the Greek island Rhodes, and went to check out the acropolis in Lindos. We could have trekked up from where we got off the boat, or we could go donkey-back. The donkey seemed much more interesting. The bag I’m leaning on is from Mountain Equipment Coop, and the MEC logo was actually a great way to spot follow Canadians while travelling. This was the best shoulder bag ever. I was crushed when it was stolen on the beach in Santiago de Cuba. When I went to MEC to get a replacement, they’d come out with a new version that was nowhere near as good. I used that until it disintegrated, at which point MEC had discontinued that bag altogether, depriving people of a chance to own the best shoulder bag ever made.

scruffy dog in Uzbekistan

This dog lives in Samarkand, Uzbekistan. He decided to adopt me, and trailed along behind me for quite a lengthy walk. It was a bit sad when I reached my destination and had to part ways with him.

deep-fried critters at a street stall in Phnom Penh

Part of the striving street food scene in Phnom Penh is deep-fried insects. I’m not sure if the insect-eating started before or during the Khmer Rouge-led genocide, but they’re certainly gung ho on bugs now. I chose not to partake.

The picture below is me getting a fish massage in Siem Reap, Cambodia. And what, you may wonder, is a fish massage? These fishies (I’m not sure what kind they are) like to nibble on dead skin cells, so they eat the outer bits of your feet. It’s tickling and exfoliation all at the same time.

foot fish massage in Cambodia
huge lizard in Bangkok

Buddy above is in Bangkok, Thailand. I’m not sure what kind of giant lizard he is, but I like to call him a Komodo dragon.

butterfly in Chiang Mai, Thailand

In northern Thailand, there’s this cool town called Chiang Mai that is surrounded by many equally cool things to do. The picture above is from a butterfly and orchid farm. The picture below is riding on an elephant’s back, which was not any more comfortable than riding a camel. That’s my foot with the Teva sandal on; those things were my travel workhorses.

riding an elephant in Chiang Mai, Thailand

That’s it for this round of critters from my travels. Are there any cool critters you’ve seen while out and about, either at home or afar?

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24 thoughts on “Assorted Critters from My Travels”

  1. I’ve ridden camels and elephants at the Bronx Zoo LOL More interesting to ride them in their natural habitat – We’ve already discussed insect eating (Yuck!)

  2. Wow, and I thought my zoo photos of the mating tortoises were exciting!! These are awesomeness!! Ride those animals!! And (don’t) eat those insects!! Oh my!

    The butterfly and the lizard are absolutely gorgeous, and you look totally fabulous on the donkey. I’ve actually heard of the fish massages, and I’m intrigued! As a woodworker, I know a life hack for getting smoother feet. Instead of buying one of those exensive foot-scraping eggs, just get a sheet of heavy-grit sandpaper and go to town! But nibbly fish also work!! 😀 Fishies chew and bite at my feet!! How divine!

    Sorry about the world’s most perfect shoulder bag! AAUGH!!

  3. My favorite was in Costa Rica. We were having breakfast at our hotel. A monkey came in through a window, grabbed a banana and then bolted back out the window. Everyone in the room grabbed a camera and ran after it. The little scamp went up a telephone pole, tore the banana in pieces and handed bits to his other monkey buddies.

  4. Even if someone offered me a lot of money, I would still not sit, let alone work in the same room as a dead pelican.

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