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To Instagram or to Blog, Is That the Question?

Blogging toolbox: To Instagram or to blog, is that the question?

I have an Instagram account that I rarely use. The odd time I do log in, though, I see a lot of people who are either no longer on WordPress or barely using it, but are very present in Instagram. So, for today’s post, I wanted to talk about people moving from WP to Instagram.

I don’t actively dislike Instagram; it just doesn’t really do much for me. So unlike Twitter, which I actively choose to avoid, when I do log onto Instagram, it’s not an unpleasant experience; I just don’t really care that much. I also find their notifications confusing.

Creating graphics for Instagram feels like a pain in the butt. Some people rely more on selfies, some on photography, and others on graphics they create. That focus on the visuals probably works really well for some people, but I am not visually inclined at all. I also don’t like that you can’t post to Instagram from a laptop; it seems unnecessarily difficult.

I do see quite a few people that I originally knew on WP a year or more ago. It seems like when people are disappearing from WP, a decent-size chunk of them are moving over to Insta.

For people who are looking to monetize, or even just get a lot of views, Instagram seems like it might be a better choice. It seems a lot easier to get high volumes of people looking at your content. I’ve come across some people who started off blogging and had/have relatively small follower bases, but then moved over to Insta and really took off.

For all that people have been talking for years about blogging dying, I don’t think WP-style blogging is going anywhere. I think there are different camps of people who are always going to want a space to do their thing. Even if one camp gets smaller and another gets more popular, I think there will still be only so much crossover.

Sometimes I hear Instagram content creation described as blogging, and I guess it can be a form of micro-blogging where you’re not trying to say very much per post. It also lets you do the audio/video thing, giving some crossover with what you can do on Youtube and podcasts.

The biggest reason I don’t think WordPress, or longer-form blogging in general, is going anywhere is that there will always be people who want to write a lot of words. No matter how popular micro-blogging on Instagram or podcasting or vlogging on Youtube get, there are going to be people who want to read and write.

Besides the fact that I like to write, I like to read because it’s a more efficient way for me to check out what other people have to say compared to audio or video. I could spend 20 minutes listening to one person’s audio/video, or I could read a bunch of blog posts during that time. I prefer the latter.

Another thing blogging has going for it is that you can avoid social media altogether, and there will likely always be people who want to stay far, far away from social media. Yes, blogging has a strong social aspect, but it avoids much of the obnoxiousness that comes along with the platforms you’re most likely to think of as social media. One thing I like about the WP Reader is that you don’t get stuck in infinite scroll feed like you do with social platforms. Once I’m caught up on people I’m following, I’m caught up, unless I decide to start browsing through tags.

This rambling post hasn’t really gone anywhere, but I suppose my point is that sure, there will be people who will shift over to Instagram or other social media as the focus of their online presence. But WordPress. and blogging in general, isn’t going anywhere.

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84 thoughts on “To Instagram or to Blog, Is That the Question?”

  1. 🙂 Blogging in the traditional sense is here to stay. There are people like us who love to read and write.

    Besides, blogging on WordPress, Blogger, Wix, etcetera, happens to be the best medium for showcasing one’s long-form content.

    Now, I do not have an Instagram account. Therefore, I am unable to see firsthand the people who once blogged on WordPress being highly active on Instagram.

    I would also like to add that there are successful bloggers that use both WordPress and Instagram.

  2. Being blind, I find it reassuring in a way that, even if most people are so dependent on visuals that ideally for them there has to be at least some header image going with a post, even if it doesn’t relate to what you write about, and even if blogging is not the trendy thing anymore, it’s still going strong and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon.
    I was actually thinking about a similar thing yesterday, being really surprised to learn that there is such a thing as Gemini protocol, I don’t really have a clue about it in a practical sense what it is but the way I understood it with my uninitiated brain is that it’s something in which you can make websites that are as minimalistic as possible – text, links, perhaps images made of symbols, and that’s it. – And apparently this Gemini thing is undergoing some sort of revival and there is some group of people who are into it, and there’s even a browser for iOS working with Gemini and I was all like “What?! How come they can survive without their cute and colourful images everywhere?!” 😀 It was really interesting and very positively surprising that there are people like this, that they actually like to read so much. I don’t know many such sighted people in real life so that’s great news to me that there are more of us, haha.

  3. I have a friend who really enjoys Instagram (or did). She encouraged me often to set up an account and use the site. It proved to be so difficult if one tried to use a different platform from the one the account was created on – in my case a desktop computer; that I gave it a few good tries and eventually discarded the whole idea. I like to check in on my tablet sometimes, and could not get Instagram to work; same with my cell phone (back when I had a cell phone that actually worked).

    Plus, I LOVE to write (as evidenced by this lengthy comment). There’s just no substitute for blogging. I know I’ll be a supporter permanently.

  4. I just got an insta account as you know, but its just to branch out and help with my photography really… as I can’t seem to get many to follow on here, but then I just post pics, and tend to just let them do the talking.

    Insta is quicker in that you seem to get more followers quicker, but other than that I would not go over to just insta, as it’s not as good as WordPress in many ways.

    Not a fan of twitter… tried that, and not really into Facebook much, but I am on messenger… so I guess we all just pic and choose what we prefer.

    I’m staying here though, so don’t think I’m going off to insta…

  5. Really good post! I had an Instagram account but eventually removed it. Now that I’m on WordPress, I know why I prefer this. On Instagram the feedback you get is all based on the visual or the surface, but on here you can actually have conversations and write in-depth posts.

  6. Honestly, I only use social media to promote my blog, and keep up with other bloggers. I couldn’t imagine sticking entirely to one platform. I use all the major social media to see what works for traffic. It’s probably good to diversify, in case one of the platforms becomes irrelevant like Myspace.

    Ang |

    1. I started off trying to make an effort across multiple platforms, but for me it felt like work, and I decided that feeling wasn’t what I wanted.

  7. I sometimes supplement my blog, which is well attended, on insta. But not regularly. Some days, words fail me so I microblog on Insta (more visual less words). It depends..

    But you know me, I love the words above all else.

  8. The problem with something like Insta is that it’s image-reliant–a problem if you (like me) have a hard time thinking of a good image for a post or message. I think it’s more useful for people who have more image-heavy blogging. personally.

  9. We do not engage with social media, so there is no appeal for us right now to consider instagram or fb or snapchat. We look on Twitter if we need specific news (not about world events), which happens about weekly. We’ve messaged a few people on Twitter (rarely getting response). We use WP daily. We aren’t looking to gain a following or be a phenomenon, so we do what we enjoy or what rewards us, which is this. There’s something cautionary in your description of the endless insta feed scroll…

    1. It seems like, in general, social media platforms try to keep you on there for as long as possible, presumably so they can show you more ads.

  10. My opinion is irrelevant because I don’t understand Instagram’s appeal but, well… I guess I just said what I was going to say. Lmao. I have several friends who insist on using Facebook messenger to text and I have a couple really inconvenient friends who only use Instagram. So that means they only hear from me a few times a year lol. I sometimes think that it’s my age that puts me so out of touch with things I used to be obsessed with. If you’re not hunting for girls or some vague form of fame, there’s no reason for a guy to use a lot of that stuff. I’m not quite 40 yet, but I will be soon, and I think if you’re looking for a date on Instagram or tapping a little heart icon below a photo of a 20 year old girl in a bikini, something has gone astray somewhere. 🙂

  11. When I hear the word ‘instagram’ I can’t help but think that all people post on it is pictures of what they ate for their last meal.
    I had a Twitter account the deleted it. Just recently I started on again, but I am not that involved with it this time. So, I will just stay with WordPress.

  12. I use Instagram and blogging for different purposes. Sure I hope a lot of the audience might be the same- but I tend to post smaller on Instagram.

    I think it is dependent on what you are wanting from blogging and social media. For me, the reason I began my blog was to use my lived experience of anorexia and recovery to help others.
    The other reason I started it was to raise awareness and bit by bit chip away at stigma and myths.
    Social media- Instagram can be a better/ more powerful tool for this. It has a large population that you can reach. People that otherwise might not visit my blog, and so I don’t do it for followers, traffic. I do it for my personal campaign 🙂
    I love both

  13. It is an interesting thing to see the differences. I do like WP, and think the most appealing aspects are the respect of ones blog content. the variety of topics, and overall community that is experienced here.

  14. I try to keep it simple on which platforms I use. I have a blog, podcast, and technically vlog but it all lives on my website. IG is where I share quotes and baby pics and promote new blog/vlog/podcasts. I roll my eyes at the folx who call long captions on IG “blogging.”

  15. Rightly said. Everything has their own significant purpose. I also don’t see WP going anywhere since there’s always going to be people who would prefer the longer form of writing.

  16. I’m from India and here instagram and Facebook is the only need for people they addicted to it so I came into word press to breath freely

  17. Blogging is definitely for the lovers of reading and writing, poems and photographs, if you want mega followers then shake your ass and chest on Instagram or tiktoc, ( well it works for women better lol lol ) but if you have a decent brain and love to use it then yes blogging is the best way to reach decent people, main thing is to enjoy yourself and do what you want.

  18. thank you for sharing this ! switching to instagram is something i tried for a bit but i’ve discovered that writing and reading are more my speed ! i appreciate you writing this post because i think it’ll help so many people who are contemplating switching because they think WP is ‘dying’ . great post!!

  19. platform is the place to deliver your message. if you prefer to share with picture, or short video, instagram is the best choose. but if you prefer to express with words, wordpress is the best choice

  20. I left insta 4-5 months ago because it just didn’t make quite a sense and recenlty started blogging.. I am definitely loving it!!

  21. I love this post. A lot of people quit blogging because they believe blogs are dying, but there will always people who will want to write more and read. No matter what platforms that come out, I don’t think I will ever quit blogging.

  22. I think if you like writing then Insta isn’t going to satisfy the need to communicate in that way. I also feel that Insta is saturated and people don’t feel as ‘real’ as they do on WP.

  23. I think blogging is some form of social media too, but it has such a different quality. It’s not only about self-expression or profiling, it is about giving insights on a special topic. And another difference to platforms like Instagram is, that i invest quite a lot of time in producing the content. I take pictures, i rework, i write texts, i design… all of this is creative work and it brings me more satisfaction than any “Like” ever could.

  24. For me I’d like to do both when given the chance, coz sometimes diversifying it does help..however, I’ll choose words over fancy hashtags any day, unless I have a very cute caption I’d want people to see 😅.. but writing in wordpress gives us the feel of blogging u know, whereas social media to me is a tool that helps to gain followers, if thats the goal..but in the end we all experiement, go back and forth and figure out the means/media that suits ourselves the most ☺
    Thank u for this post, it was very well written and encouraged me to put some thought into this!

  25. Definitely blogging, I don’t blog everyday, because I mainly post my poetry… and some days I don’t have the words. I am trying to be more consistent. I really don’t trust social media and I am more comfortable here.

  26. I think people tends more to see pictures than reading, that’s a problem why instagram have more access, but reading and wp is more quality content because you van discover new ideas. 😃

  27. Thanks for sharing this post which provoked a few interesting responses. Personally I believe everyone must find a medium or platform which they are most confident and comfortable with. It’s like finding a house. Once you decide on where you want to live, you then make adjustments and improvise because nothing’s perfect. Blogging or writing on WordPress to me has been the most fulfilling experience until now and I feel quite at home with all the wonderful readers and followers. Wouldn’t trade it for anything.

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