Weekend Wrap-Up

Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • I spend very little time on Twitter, but I happened to notice that #transwomenarewomen was trending on Twitter on International Women’s Day. Unsurprisingly, there were all kinds of people trolling the hashtag as well, so I decided to do my bit to counter the nastiness by leaving some of positive comments in response to pics posts by trans ladies. It was one of those ultra-rare times when anything on Twitter feels good. Then there was another one! I happened to see that Demi Lovato has come out as queer, and I scrolled through her comments to see if the trolls were out. It was all love, love, love—very refreshing.
  • I did a post earlier in the week about freedom of speech. I was expecting at least a handful of douchebag comments, but surprisingly I didn’t get any.
  • I got a comment from someone saying that my 742-word post on somatic treatments for depression was too long, and I need to write shorter posts in the future. I was sooooo tempted to do a snarky response, but I didn’t. How very mature… or something. 🤪
  • It’s been very spring-like here. Goodbye cozy winter boots, hello ballet flats!
  • My brother brought my niece over last weekend. It was tiring. Her thing lately is she starts crying as soon as she get here, so that’s fun.
  • I got my condo insurance renewal notice in the mail. It’s 20% higher than what it was last year, and 45% higher than it was 2 years ago. Yikes. Apparently the people who know about these kinds of thing think it’s going to be a few years before this clusterfuck settles down price-wise.

Faith of Oscar Dandelion mentioned Bob Ross in a post this week. Bob Ross is awesome, and I thought I’d pass on the peacefulness for anyone who has forgotten or wasn’t around when he was rocking the PBS airwaves back in the day. Like I commented on Faith’s post, Bob Ross is like taking an Ativan but without any of the downsides.

guinea pig Oreo with a sign saying "I am a poop factory"
Oreo: “Sorry, not sorry”

How has your week been?

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52 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up”

  1. Younger Child patrols tiktok to support body positivity, LGBTQ, disabilities, you name it

    Supporting that child through ED is consuming most of our resources: food prep, staying up past midnight to comfort and soothe. Older Child comes home from college in a week or so and we’ll birdwatch. Spouse is now fully vaccinated. We’re eligible but cannot yet find vaccine within 100 miles. Maybe soon.

  2. Some random peep telling me to write shorter posts would put me in a snarky mode as well for sure. If 742 words is too long, I don’t know what isn’t. Learn to read longer posts, peep, lol. Wow, some random peep telling me to write shorter posts would put me in a snarky mode as well for sure. If 742 words on a topic like this is too long, I don’t know what isn’t. Learn to read longer posts, peep, lol 😂

  3. 1. Oreo is adorable and fleece blankets are awesome too.
    2. What a wonderful world sometimes. That we live in a world where a woman as attractive as Demi likes other women.

  4. I’m happy that the trolls didn’t attack Demi Lovato, but I also don’t know who Demi Lovato is. So, this makes me feel old and very out of touch! Haha

  5. Glad you were able to spread some positive energy and Those insurance spikes seem sharp, since they usually gradually increase prices. My week was insane, as Business is booming… which is great, but I’m exhausted. I plan on napping all day tomorrow lol.

      1. Indeed, especially since I’ve been a stay at home dad for over a year now. I got a break this weekend as wife and baby are out of town visiting relatives. Thought today would be relaxing, but I had an issue with my locs that I spent all day fixing smh.

          1. It got sorted out eventually and my tresses are resting safe on my head hahaha. I hope your weekend goes well!

  6. I’ve always sensed that Demi Lovato is famous because she has the coolest name EVER. I think if anyone named their kid Demi Lovato, then fame would surely follow, amiright? That said, I’ve heard her name but I have no clue who she actually is, or which songs are hers…? I’ve never been good at following the music world, not since eighties rock.

    Oh, Oreo, honey! You and me both! 😮

    My day has been dreadful. I’ve been trying to sleep with less sedative, and I’ve slept through the night but very shallowly. I need deep sedation, but I’m hellbent on trying to lose weight by taking less Seroquel. Before I give up, it occurs to me that there’s no soundproofing up here, and I should make and put in some storm windows to fix that. (I hear EVERYTHING from the traffic.) Anyway, I’m sort of a mess. Hence my late presence at your weekend update. I’ve been sobbing and sleeping on and off all day. Gee… that’s depressing! 😮

    1. Yikes! That sounds like a bad experiment. One, being sleep deprived will throw your metabolism out of whack, which will not help with your weight loss attempts. And two, there isn’t a clear dose-response relationship with Seroquel and metabolic effects, so a lower dose may not help with weight at all.

      1. You’re probably right, but I read user reviews, and people who managed to go down on it lost weight! I’d wager you’re reading more sciencey stuff? Darn it, that’s probably more accurate. But I’m still trying!! I need to fix the windows today, and I’m also going to get some blue-light screen blockers for my computer monitor! You never know! I slept all night last night on 100 mg of Seroquel and I slept too lightly but otherwise fine. I feel fine now, and if I don’t need massive naps today, I’d call it a success. So far so good, but I haven’t been up long!!

        1. There’s also the risk of your illness flaring up being on that little Seroquel and a tiny dose of Abilify. All in all, it seems like a lot of risk with a low likelihood of benefit. And you should never rely on user reviews to make medication decisions.

          1. Oh, don’t fret! I spoke with Dr. Phlegm about it. He thinks it’s okay. And we’ve established that I only need 25 mg to prevent bipolar mania. He suggested supplements for better sleep, recommended Trazodone (but I reminded him it messed with my hormones), and approves of my attempts. 🙂

            1. No, that’s for reallish. I don’t wrestle with extreme bipolar issues, but you don’t want to know what happens if I take no Seroquel at all. I went off it in 2007 and wrote love letters to someone I hadn’t seen in tens years and was high as a kite.

  7. I’m brand new here and have no idea how to even finish setting things up so I’m refreshing with some post reads and want to send some love. Just sending a smile your way because that’s what you’ve given me with your nice, light, easy going, human read. Love the part about Demi and your contribution with the trans community. Nicely done. 🐰🤗💚

  8. You have to realize that comments will get some praise and some criticism. Lifestyles described in cyberspace receive the same plus and minus responses. Not everyone is going to like you or like the way you live. That isn’t important. U-B-U!

    It is important that we allow people to post freely without restrictions. Freedom of speech is not freedom from opposition. Remember, by protecting the Constitutional rights of others serves to guarantee your own rights.

  9. Your post was too long? Lol. They should try Twitter with a word limit. 🤣 I’m glad you supportdd transgender women hashtag on Twitter. My unsavoury conversation about freedom of speech I mentioned on that post started with LGBTQ representation in literature.

  10. Aww, who doesn’t love a crying kid to fry their nerves?

    Yikes, that’s another considerable bump on the insurance costs! Inflation sure seems to be going crazy lately. In the UK I’ve noticed prices on everything going up quite a lot, more than you’d expect, on everything from gas/electricity bills to groceries. A lot of people are going to be priced out of living soon if they haven’t been already.

  11. Good of you to leave positive comments on twitter. I’m so tired of transphobia.

    In my country, a trans woman was put in a male ward and she was raped and molested…and the state charged her for “having gay sex” and discredited her for “gender identity disorder” when she tried to sue the hospital.

    I’m just so fucking heart sick.

      1. Yeah, and she’s far from the only case of horrible discrimination and hate crime but apparently woke people calling this sort of thing out is evil cancel culture.

          1. Yeah, it’s honestly exhausting and when lgbtq people (especially trans people) leave for another country to gave a better life, we get branded as unpatriotic quitters who ran away to start criticising the great nation instead of being true blue patriots… (most of such nasty criticism is again from the privileged conservatives)

            When truth be told, we struggle immensely with guilt even though leaving might literally save our lives, and then we feel horrible for those who aren’t able to leave.

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