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Food & Drinks from My Travels

This post is going to be less interesting than it could be, because I didn’t take many food photos when I was travelling. But here are a few odds and ends.

fruitshake stand in Bangkok

Fruitshakes are huge in Thailand (or at least they were back in the day). I’m not a big fruit fan, but their fruitshakes were amazing. This is near our guesthouse in Bangkok.

Ashley eating a stick of street meat in Bangkok

This is me getting my silly carnivore on while eating a skewer of street meat in Bangkok. My friend was sure I was going to get sick from it, but I didn’t. This photo is taken on Khao San Road, which is the tacky tourist drag, teeming with drunk westerners.

dishes from Thai cooking class in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is a delightful little city in northern Thailand with lots of things to do, including cooking courses. This was the result of my cooking. On the left was a chicken and potato yellow curry, in the middle was a cashew chicken dish, and on the right was a steamed fish in a banana leaf packet.

omelette shop in India

This was a street-frpnt omelette shop in Jodphur, which is in Rajasthan in northwestern India. I was careful to keep my distance to avoid tripping and knocking all of his eggs over (and yes, I am that much of a klutz).

iced hibiscus tea in Starbucks in Mumbai

This cute little table is at a Starbucks in Mumbai, India. I made daily visits to that Starbucks while I was in the city because the hibiscus iced tea was yummy and refreshing, but mostly because the air conditioning was fabulous.

caffe latte with heart-shaped foam in Italy

This was at a fancy schmancy old-fashioned café in Rome near the Vatican. I’m not a big coffee drinker, but caffe latte seemed like the thing to do.

individual size tetra pak wine in Italy

I wasn’t feeling enthused about much of anything when I was in Italy (thanks, depression), so for lunch I would often just pick up something from the grocery store. This is my liquid-heavy lunch with chocolate milk, iced tea, and an individual-sized tetra pak wine.

caffe latte and chocolate mousse cake at a sidewalk cafe in Italy

This is at Caffe Florian in Venice. It’s apparently the oldest continually operating cafe in the world. They had a classical music ensemble playing, and it was all very fancy. It was also rather expensive, but I guess it balanced out the savings on the tetra pak wine.

Clearly I’m not a foodie photographer. I’d rather eat than take pictures.

What are some of the most interesting places you’ve eaten?

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  1. I am not the biggest fan of fruit either and I don’t enjoy liquid-fying food, ie smoothies. My daughter loves Starbucks teas. Food always interests me 🤣. I’ve traveled a lot but never out of the states. I have a fear of eating if I were to travel over seas. I think its because of the horror stories where folks contract foodborne illnesses.

  2. I haven’t done tons of travelling but here are two:

    1. Cod tongues in St. John’s Newfoundland….yes, it sounds gross but is actually quite tasty. Also, garlic fingers with donair sauce. And fries, dressing and gravy all together

    2. The first time I went to Cuba the resort had an Italian restaurant and they served us prosciutto but I wouldn’t eat it because I thought it was raw meat. Then I married an Italian and while that was short-lived, my love of prosciutto grew.

    You are so brave to try some of those street foods. I’d be paranoid I’d get ill.

  3. I enjoyed the photos.
    I would have been at that fruitshakes bar.
    Certainly would have kept my distance from those eggs, as it doesn’t seem like it would take much to knock them.
    And I love that table in Starbucks.

  4. I’ve never had a fruit shake – I love fruit but I’d rather eat it the normal way – liquid food of any sort just never hits the spot for me. And while I eat street food in the US I think I would be more than a little leery of street food anywhere else in the world…I watch House Hunters International and when they are in Asia and I see folks eating fried scorpions on a stick, well now – No. I have eaten chocolate covered bees but that was back in 6th grade – teacher told us they were raisinettes. After we all ate them, she told us what they were and then had to call the janitor to clean up the classroom.

  5. I like the photos – especially wine in a juice box and that tasty looking chocolate (mousse?) cake in Ital.

    I don’t worry overly much about getting sick from street food or eating out anywhere. The worst food illness I ever got was from a jar of almond butter from Costco.

    The best food I ever ate was a sandwich from a little shop in Oxford, England. My mom and I each bought one and ate them alongside the river. It was a delicious chicken curry on scrumptious bread. Mostly though, I’ve missed eating opportunities. Consequences of an eating disorder.

    Although I do know that diet beverages taste different in other locales.

  6. I love that photo of you with the kebab! Rock that kebab!

    The fruitshake looks really yum! 😮 I’ll take one!

    In Prague, I was disappointed to discover that Sprite and similar drinks were made differently. In particular, they were all sugar-free (but their labels were the same as regular Sprite, so there was no indication). This caused my bladder to go on the fritz (artificial sweeteners), and at one point in my first visit, the weather was really, really hot and I gazed at some Sprite in Sonya’s apartment and said, “I’d pay ten dollars just to be able to drink that,” and she took it and put it up on a high shelf in her storage area, and that still makes me laugh. She was like, “Step away from the Sprite. No Sprite for you!” 😀

    But I’ve never eaten anyplace exotic like with your kebabs! Your curry meal looks similar to the American versions in Oriental restaurants, so yum there, too! Pass the curry!

  7. That photo in Venice, Italy. What kind of chocolate cake is that? Looks delicious 😋

    When I was in Singapore I would go to the fruit stands on a daily basis. Most places sold fresh fruit juice. My favorite was sugar cane juice!

    1. I think it was chocolate mousse cake, if I recall correctly. I’ve had sugar cane juice a couple of times, and found it a bit sweeter than I would have liked. My favourite was coconut water straight from the coconut.

  8. Everywhere has at least one tacky tourist drag full of drunk or otherwise annoying Westerners, don’t you think? I almost kind like those areas sometimes. Sometimes. Glad you didn’t get sick for the meat skewers. What’s the green on the end? Looks like a grape.

    I love the sound of Fruitshakes. Mmmm yum! And maybe a giant hot choc in Starbucks. Good to know you can’t go too far in this world without walking into a Starbucks. I like that the decor is more authentic to the region though. xx

    1. Starbucks and McDonald’s are reliably fabulous everywhere. Annoying drunk Westerners can also be found everywhere too, but I’ve mostly managed to avoid being one of them.

  9. Wow I’ve never seen juice pack wines before. Those would be dangerous for me! When I travelled to New York City, I went to a restaurant where I was served by ninjas. They were jumping around and did magic tricks for us. That’s my favourite travel food memory 😁

  10. Lost in Marseille, France, the bus driver took us to his home where his wife cooked an Algerian dinner for us. Couscous and meat.

    Venice lasagna. Fresh mussels in Nice.

    1. Yum yum yum!

      I was thinking of you yesterday when I heard a great horned owl hooting. I live near a forested area and I know they’re around, but it’s rare for me to hear one.

      1. How exciting for you!! Glad you thought of us ❤️💕 🦉 It’s mating time. They are the first to lay eggs of all birds. Might’ve hatched already and parents must feed them.

  11. Really great post and it’s definitely making me hungry! I have a vivid memory of sitting drinking coffee on the outside seats of a cafe in Venice and it was truly dreamy.

  12. I enjoy your food photos..And really nice to know about different foods from other countries..Love it

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