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Critters of My Travels: Cats & Dogs

This round of travel pics features cats, dogs, and a couple of guinea pigs. Some are strays and some are pets.

kitten sitting in a woman's lap

I was taking a little ferry across Lake Titicaca from the Peru side to the Bolivia side, and a local lady had this adorable little kitten. Lake Titicaca is supposedly the highest navigable lake in the world, but I’m not sure what the bar is for navigability.

It’s high in this part of the world. Cusco, Peru is at 3399 metres above sea level, and La Paz, Bolivia, is the high world capital at 3640 m. I flew into Lima, Peru, which is only a smidge above sea level. I spent time in two cities on the way up to Cusco to avoid going straight up to altitude, but I still ended up feeling pretty gross my first day there, although that cleared up quickly after I took acetazolamide, which is a diuretic used for altitude sickness. La Paz wasn’t that much higher than Cusco, but it was enough of a difference that I was exhausted. On top of that, La Paz is very hilly, and you can’t go anywhere without having to walk uphill.

Fun fact: people living at high altitude have thicker blood than us wimpy folks. Their bodies make more red blood cells so they have more hemoglobin to carry oxygen.

two guinea pigs in an enclosure

A guesthouse I stayed at in Peru had a guinea pig enclosure. Cute cute, but in Peru, guinea pigs aren’t pets, they’re food. That was a bit traumatic.

a garden area with two cats and one peeking out from under a shrub

This is at a park in Lima. I like the little white cat poking out from under the bush. The sleek grey cat looks kind of like my blogging friend Emilia’s cat Misha. These cats are strays, but clearly well fed strays.

mangy stray dog

On the not so pretty end of the stray animal spectrum is this rather sad canine specimen in Thailand.

Below are some happier dogs from Thailand.

small white furry dog
small white dog sleeping on the ground
black dog sleeping curled on its side

This seemed to be the local resident at a guesthouse I stayed at.

cat on its back on the sidewalk

This catlet was in India, and specifically Mumbai, if I recall correctly. I feel like I probably saw as many assorted animals in India as I did on safari in Africa. Not the same kind of animals, but there were just a lot of them.

Well, that’s it for this week. Happy travels!

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29 thoughts on “Critters of My Travels: Cats & Dogs”

  1. So many stray dogs in Thailand! It made me really sad when I stayed there, but on the island I was staying on,Koh Tao, the bars did look after a lot of the dogs. Mexico is very similar although I don’t think they are cared for as much. As if those poor Guineas are food! I freaked out in Spain once when I touched a crab on the fish counter and it moved.. I wanted to buy it and put it back into the sea! I think I’d have a heart attack if I saw a *pet* being bred for food! Xx

  2. Lovely photos.

    I knew there was a country that ate guinea pigs, but couldn’t remember which. But shocking all the same and I would be so distraught.

  3. Ahh poor piggies :'(
    I saw a lot of skinny stray cats when I was on holiday in Corfu, I ended up walking around the town with a bag full of cat biscuits! There are often charities trying to help though, so that’s good.

  4. Oh nooooo to the guinea piggies! Noooo!!! AAUGH!!

    I experienced altitude issues, too, when I visited my aunt and uncle in Denver in 1995. Wow, I’m a believer in the sensation of it. If I recall, they had to cook their food for different lengths or at modified temperatures because of it.

    That kitty really does look like Misha! Oh my!!

    I love the last doggie, who looks very sweet and loving!! Very snuggly pup.

    I wonder if there are health benefits or costs to having thicker blood, or if it’s solely an adaptive trait? Huh. Well, people take blood thinners, so maybe people with thick blood are more prone to clotting? [Shrug.]

    Great photos!! It seems like you’ve really been everywhere!! Go you!!

    1. The increased red blood cells is adaptive to increase hemoglobin and oxygen-carrying capacity. Blood thinner is a bit of a misnomer because they don’t reduce cell counts the blood; they make blood less likely to clot.

  5. This is actually a pretty topical post from my perspective, lol. I was just reading sites about coming up with a short photography project and one of them said just pick a theme like animals you see while about the town. There aren’t any here; it’s still way too cold, but I have a few ideas.

    1. Definitely. I found all the insect-eating in Cambodia to be very bizarre, but then again, during the Khmer Rouge times, people were eating whatever they could get their hands on.

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