Weekend Wrap-Up

Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • A highlight was Suzette Benjamin’s Eh! – A Poem that delightfully captures us wacky Canadians.
  • I decided to write a review of my now-former employer on Indeed. Indeed rejected it; I’m not sure if it included details that were too specific, or if if I just came across as overly disgruntled (can one be gruntled?). Anyway, it was nice to get out of my system little gremlins that had been lingering for some time, and I’m quite content to leave it at that.
  • There’s finally a clinic where I am that’s offering ketamine infusions for depression. It’s not covered by the provincial health plan, though, so it’s really expensive. So I continue to wait…
  • The pet supply store I normally go to hasn’t done a very good job lately with keeping things in stock, so I decided to order from a different store for delivery, and I figured might as well stock up. On Thursday, FedEx left 5 boxes piled up in my building’s lobby, which I had to figure out how to get to my 2nd floor apartment on the opposite side of the building. I’m not very mobile because I’m really slow moving. I ended up slowly kicking the stupid fucking things down the hall, which tool forever and was exhausting. I complained to both the store and FedEx, but doubt I’ll get any sort of meaningful response from either.
Snuggles with guinea pig Butternut

Butternut’s new favourite past-time is sitting with me for snuggles while I work on a jigsaw puzzle and have some tunes going.

How has your week been?

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50 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up”

  1. I like the idea of “gruntled” – a great word. Amazon has always been good for me with deliveries in an apartment. I don’t know if they have the products you require, however. And, thanks for the shout out, much appreciated. It was your original post that was the inspiration. So, I thank you!!πŸ’–

  2. In Canada, you have good health care and Canadians still struggle with their mental health! Americans do not have good mental health care and we struggle! What gives? Maybe there should be a greater focus on research and making better meds?

  3. And of course my first question is, what the heck are Poutine fries?

    Sounds like Indeed operate the β€œif you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all” policy.

    Sorry for the stupid hassle with the deliveries. We’ve had some strangely stupid delivery guys this past year who don’t seem to realise there’s a pandemic on. I made printed A4 sign for the front door requesting parcels are left in the porch (very lucky to have that space!). When DPD deliveries come, the most ridiculous of the bunch, I add a big arrow pointing to the door handle, then another arrow inside the porch to show where to live it. I kid you not. Sometimes you have to use baby gloves and direct their lack of common sense. xx

    1. Yeah, relying on people having common sense doesn’t work out so well.

      Poutine is a signature French Canadian dish involving French fries, gravy, and cheese curds. And it’s got to be cheese curds, not regular cheese, because it needs to soften but not melt. It’s like a heart attack on a plate.

  4. Lately I find Amazon drivers to be way less considerate than before. I quit ordering kitty litter from them, as they began to leave my heavy box in the mailbox area instead of bringing it to my door as they used to. It’s no cheaper ~ my entire reason for ordering was so I didn’t have to schlep it from the car! But my car is closer to my door, so pffft on Amazon. Their service has gone down and of course they blame COVID πŸ™„

  5. My week has gone ok at work. But my mood is up and down.
    Relaxing with dvd’s as escape, in between my to do list.
    I will do the same tomorrow and a foot soak too.

  6. I didn’t really ‘get’ that poem but I read your post that inspired it and quite enjoyed that. I’ve got a folding luggage cart/carrier thingy (Magna Cart Personal 150 lb Capacity Aluminum Folding Hand Truck from Amazon) ) that I use for bringing heavy/bulky items up from the building lobby and our building has shopping carts and luggage carts available. Plus I have now gotten spoiled by having a 24/7 concierge/front desk person who accepts and signs for all packages as well as taking charge of return packages. I can’t imagine ever living anywhere without this wonderful little amenity!

  7. HA HA! Gruntled!! Googled it… yes, it’s a word! Pleased, satisfied, contented. Aha! So disgruntled must be the opposite! I love learning new words! Fun.

    One that I think is funny is being overwhelmed. Can you be just whelmed? I have no clue.

    How many pieces do you do? I max out at 300, and anything over that isn’t happening. And Mr. Kitty keeps batting my pieces away! Bad little kitty cat. Butternut looks so cute!

    The delivery thing sounds horrible and makes me sad. That must’ve been overwhelming for sure. I’m glad you got everything inside eventually.

    I’m sad that your review of your employer didn’t go through. That’s frustrating. I love leaving negative reviews, and I’d be really bummed and frustrated if one didn’t go through. I’m glad you tried, though, and verbalized it, even if it didn’t get posted.

    I hope you can get the ketamine!

    My week has been crazy and unpredictable as usual, but I slept most of it off last night by taking extra Seroquel (which is allowed… but it gave me an awful case of restless leg syndrome before I fell asleep). But I feel rested and refreshed today, and I slept until 1:30, so that’s good!! YAY!

  8. My grandmother did this kicking thing when she was 90 and had to lug her dirty laundry down four flights of stairs…πŸ˜³πŸ™‚

    Not sure how she did the reverse…

    Well if it works, right?

    1. It’s thought to be related to its effects on receptors for the neurotransmitter glutamate, and it boosts production of BDNF, which promotes brain health.

  9. This may be a different scenario as it could just be the lack of effort of your pet store to keep things in stock, but the one we normally go to is not lacking effort. People here are hoarding pet food from everywhere possible. Chewy is a common company people order from here in the USA when it comes to pet supplies, food etc….they have some of the most distributors than most pet stores and even at times they are out of the specific cat food we need as one of our kittens has a finicky stomach and can only eat one flavor or she gets diarrhea easily if switched around too much on food. ;o Our pet store does anything it can do by ordering cases for us in advance and if it doesn’t come in they offer discount on other things like dry food(even though we have our kittens on a main wet food diet and have more of a problem getting the cans) but they do get a snack a day of some dry food, or as a treat throughout the day so the discount is nice. The manager keeps apologizing to us and has done everything including he calls around other stores and sometimes they will send the food we need to their store and then we can pick it up. Or we just drive to the other stores if it is close enough. He said people are buying entire cases of food as soon as it is stocked out. That he knows damn well these people only have one pet at home or two at the most just by doing business with them, but he can’t turn down the business when they come in and buy up all the food. Pet food is sold out here everywhere, in major stores like Wal Mart etc…to pet stores. When Chewy didn’t have our food sometimes, I knew there was a crisis with pet food. Lol. I am like so pet food is the new toilet paper during the pandemic huh? AND IT MAKES NO SENSE, we are not going back into lock down if we haven’t by now. There is no threat of a lock down. People are just selfish and crazy. So of course it has now turned us into kinda hoarders, we order 2-3 cases of can food that we need now. We kinda have an excuse though it is like dude our little girl kitten can only eat one type of food so please stop buying it all up! Lol. So we order a case or so from chewy, and then buy some from the pet store. We actually try not to buy out the whole pet store of that supply because we know what it is like to go to the store days in a row and it not be stocked.

  10. Sounds like a week. I’m late to the “yes on gruntled” party. What an excellent word that is. And the poem was excellent: now I want poutine for breakfast.

    How has my week been? It’s been “my first response to this disappeared, I have pain, I throw up often enough that it’s impacting my meds, and now my mood is best described as weepy”.

    The pet food struggle is real. Still, I was watching TV the other day and at least in my location, Doordash is now serving Petsmart. If that’s how you phrase that? So, I can Doordash my cat’s dinner too πŸ˜‚

    1. Yeah, I attempted to Petsmart/Doordash the guinea pigs’ dinner a few weeks ago. They delivered to a random apartment that wasn’t mine…. and took a photo to confirm the delivery for good measure.

      1. Well, it’s nice that you have a photo of a random door. You can never have enough of those πŸ˜• That is sad. A timely warning for me though

  11. It’s weird that FedEx didn’t deliver the packages directly to your door. Is you apartment hard to find? Weird.
    Too bad a neighbor wasn’t around.
    I would have carried the boxes up for you. 😊

    1. 😊

      I just heard back from FedEx this morning, which seems like an odd time for them to be emailing about that kind of thing. Anyway, they said it’s a pandemic policy of theirs not to go beyond the lobby. Amazon has figured it out, the grocery delivery people have figured it out, but somehow FedEx thinks a building’s lobby is the least germy place. Hmm…

      1. Well I’m guessing you don’t often order multiple packages all at once so hopefully it’s not too much of a future problem. Hope it wasn’t too heavy.

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