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Get to Know Me Thursday: Kiddos of My Travels

Get to Know Me Thursdays: photos of author riding a camel and in front of a yurt

I noticed that when I was travelling, especially in non-Western countries, people got excited when you played with their kids. Granted, the fact that I was a 20/30-ish Canadian chick probably made me pretty unthreatening. This post shows some of the kidlets I encountered on my travels.

young boy and girl sharing a bus seat in Greece

I don’t actually recall if this was in Greece or in Turkey. Same trip, though. Anyway, they and their mom were in the seats behind me and my friend on a bus to somewhere. They liked it when we paid attention to them, and if we stopped, he would tug on our hair to get us to turn around.

teen boys at Tarodi Castle in Hungary

This is at Torodi Castle near Sopron in Hungary. These kids were 13 or so, and they were on a school field. They were pretty excited about finding a couple of foreigners. The two kids at the front over on the right spoke decent English, so they were our translators.

young boy flinging water from a bottle beside a fountain in the Czech Republic

This is somewhere in the Czech Republic. My friend and I were sitting on the edge of the fountain minding our own business when this brat decided he was going to get us wet . He’d fill up his bottle with water from the fountain, and then fling it at us. When he got closer to us, I tried to kick the bottle out of his hand but ended up kicking him instead. Oops. He ran away at that point, and we decided we should take off too; we didn’t want some scary babuska coming after us

In this picture from the Czech Republic, the kids are irrelevant. What we’re paying attention to here is the man-purse. This seemed to be the quintessential European man-purse circa 2003, so it was worth capturing an example of.

young Kazakh boy carrying author's backpack

This munchkin I befriended at a bus stop in pretty much the middle of nowhere, Kazakhstan. He was quite delighted with my backpack, and liked to wear it, although it probably weighed almost as much as he did. I was hauling along my hiking boots for the horse trekking extravaganza I was going to be doing in Kyrgyzstan.

Ashley and a young boy and girl in Jordan

This is in Aqaba, Jordan. We were waiting for a ferry to take us over to the Sinai peninsula to visit Moses’ mountain, and we had some time to kill, so we were wandering around town. These kids liked making faces at me, but the girl got shy when I took out my camera. But mama in her niqab apparently wanted the kids to have a picture with a western doofus tourist, so I got my pic.

Ashley and young girl on the train to Goa in India

This was on a train to Goa in India. It was an overnight train, and this was in the morning, shortly before we arrived. This little girl was quite bossy. She didn’t speak a word of English, but she would give me commands in Hindi (presumably), and her dad would translate as best he could.

There were assorted others that I didn’t get pictures of. At a train station in Vietnam, a family were super excited that I was interested in their kid, even though he wasn’t that interested in me. If he wandered away, one of them would bring him back and plunk him down beside me. On a flight in India, I was entrusted to do seatbelt duty for a little girl sitting beside me while her parents and brother sat in the row in front of us. Children really can make any differences between us quickly disappear.

All photos ยฉ 2021 Ashley Peterson. All rights reserved.

35 thoughts on “Get to Know Me Thursday: Kiddos of My Travels”

  1. Oh gushy!! Look at how much the kids all like you!! You have natural kid magnetism!! That’s not true of everyone!!

    And oh my, the man purse. There aren’t words. Whoa.

    The water bottle story is hilarious. No rhyme, no reason, just unabated mischief? Love it! I’d photograph him too for posterity!!

      1. Also, do you have any sites youโ€™d recommend for stateside travel (Inknow youโ€™re in Canada)? I see a plethora of sites designed to navigate overseas travel, but not as many for stateside getaways.

    1. It puzzles me that some people are still travelling in spite of everything. Being on an airplane right now seems like being in a germy sardine can. Hopefully it won’t be too hard for the airline industry, and travel industry in general, to get going again post-COVID.

  2. That murse, though!! The men actually tote a bag with adornment on it? Never here in the states unless they are on stage. I am a kid magnet but I find the older I get the more I wish they’d have a visitation time limit. Lol.

      1. Well. I think that is fantastic and I wish I had been more like that. Good on you. Especially in Covid times, nowadays we can all see how valuable travel was.

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