Weekend Wrap-Up

Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • While doing some link maintenance on my site, I happened to discover that a site over on Blogger had plagiarized my post on how to deal with plagiarism. Hey, go big or go home, right?
  • I’m a big Apple fan, but the whole forced obsolescence thing does get a bit annoying. In this case, it’s not any of my Apple devices aren’t working, but my printer drivers aren’t compatible with the current MacOS; it thinks they’re malware. I’m glad my old semi-functional laptop still works to print, because it’s really not worth it to buy a new printer for the approximately 2 times a year I need to print things these days.
  • I’ve decided not to cancel my Medium.com membership. I’ve been spending hardly any time there over the past year, and while I do have some income dribbling in from older articles, I think streamlining the number of places I hang out online is a good thing.
  • I spent an hour on Thursday chatting with a Happiness Engineer because the WP editor abruptly stopped working, and I couldn’t edit posts. Luckily the wp-admin editor still works, because, as usual, there was no happiness to be gained from talking to a Happiness Engineer. I did, however, get a clue why WP is so buggy. It’s because there doesn’t seem to be any systematic testing. It sounds like one big craparific free-for-all. “The software itself (WordPress, from WordPress.org) is totally open-source, it’s dependent on contributors and a community who provide feedback and suggestions. If you’re looking to join in on that you can do; there’s a good introduction overview here for that: https://make.wordpress.org/“. Sweet fancy Moses, no wonder it’s a dog’s breakfast.

Several months ago, a Canadian court struck down a provision of Canada’s Medical Assistance in Dying legislation, specifically that death must be reasonably forseeable. The government’s new bill had specified that people couldn’t seek MAID in cases where mental illness was the only identified condition. CBC News reports that the Senate (our Senate is appointed, not elected) has sent the bill back to Parliament with several revisions, including an 18-month time limit to the ban on MAID for people with mental illness as the sole condition. Whether parliament will accept that or not, who knows, but I actually think that strikes a pretty good balance. If someone has to wait 18 months after making the first request, that’s enough time for suicidality due to an acute episode of illness to have subsided, and it gives people with chronic, non-remitting illness the ability to make choices around how they want to live, or not live, their life. Personally, I would find it very reassuring to have that option available should the need arise.

We had a guinea pig video a couple days ago, so today, we’ve got the first woodpecker video of the season. He sleeps in a hollow area up by the top of that grey post-looking thing (it’s actually hollow). Around this time he starts staking out his territory. He has a lady friend, although she sleeps elsewhere. I haven’t seen her yet this year.

How has your week been?

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41 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up”

  1. Having a pretty okay’ish week here Ashley! Sorry wp was so buggy! Luckily I don’t have issues, watch now and I will now that I’ve claimed I don’t. Lol isn’t it always the way? I miss you on my blog! xo

  2. WP is so glitchy! It drives me nuts when technology is inconsistent. I don’t understand why things don’t work the same way when you do the same things! 😡😡😡

  3. Oh the irony in your plagiarism post being plagiarised! Did you contact the idiot that did it? So frustrating.

    And I feel your annoyance with Apple, too. I went over to the dark side a few years ago and never looked back. I used to have so, sooooo many problems with Windows laptops and I’d be replacing them each year because they’d randomly die, and then with my Mac it just went smoothly from day one and lived for years with me in blissful harmony. I don’t like how they’ve cleverly forced users into having to have everything Apple, and then as you say making certain things obsolete and screwing us over. I’m not keen on the lack of bloody USB & HDMI ports on the latest MacBooks either.

    An interesting thing to learn about WP not really being tested and moderated too. That’s a big issue with an open-source product that’s so widely used. At least it explains things a bit, but I wish they’d listen more to user feedback.

    Is that a BBQ the woodpecker’s sat on? I think he’s waiting for a hotdog, Ashley. Maybe the smell of cooking pig will tempt his ladyfriend to join him, but it doesn’t sound like she’s ready to settle down yet if she’s only up for casual flings before sleeping elsewhere. Aah young, carefree love.

    1. I’ve stopped contacting people who plagiarize. I go straight to a DMCA notice instead. I’m actually surprised Google is slow dealing with it; WP takes things down faster.

      My current laptop has just the thunderbolt ports too. It feels like they got ahead of themselves with that, because most people still need a USB.

      That’s absolutely a BBQ. I actually prefer that pecks on that instead of pecking a hole in the outside of the building. I think I heard ladybird calling to him this morning. I’m not sure if she’s a skanky little ho or the mate for life type. My woodpecker analysis skills are insufficient to tell if it’s the same one each year.

  4. Hearing other WP users having issues with WP. A different situation though to yours.

    I hope that blogger has taken down the plagurised post.

    A lovely video of the woodpecker. I enjoyed that.

    1. I haven’t heard back from Google yet that they’ve taken the post down. They seem to be a little slower getting on that than WordPress has been.

      I’m pretty thrilled with my woodpecker.

  5. I had a pretty good week, though there were ups and downs. Taking a break from EIB “peopleing” has been restful and restorative for the most part. I actually slept seven hours two nights in a row, and had a three hour nap on Thursday. This however led to my only sleeping three hours on Thursday night and having a wretched day yesterday trying to keep my head together on low sleep. Mercifully, I slept 7 1/2 hours solidly last night. So hopefully the healing is still in process.

    I’ve definitely been enjoying spending more time on my blogging and also catching up with some reading. Tomorrow, if we’re not again snowed out, we’re going to try to finally capture the two leading actor’s voices on their ballad before we lose one of them to a lead in a TV series. In any event, that will be the first time I will have had to show up and see people for one week. The break has been good, because when I was people-stressed, I was really starting to snap.

    Oh – by the way, I liked your comment on the post I later deleted. I just couldn’t think of a reply right away, as the situation is complex. I decided since then to reprint the series on Saturdays instead of Thursdays.

      1. Yeah it was a “conk-out.” I ate a big meal at around three in the afternoon that I decided to follow up with strong coffee, which was an error in self-care. The combination zapped me into oblivion, being as coffee at that time of day generally acts as a “downer” and with the full meal being soporific as well, I was helpless against the power of the conk-out. Next thing I knew it was about six in the evening.

        Much better today, and thinking things are moving in a positive direction again, if I can manage to avoid the extremes of anxiety that come with general overload and discomfort with mass functions of extroversion.

    1. Most of the ones I’ve caught has been because people forget to remove the internal links I have in a post, so I get a pingback when they published it. A few times it was just by accident searching in the Reader. This time, I was checking broken backlinks in the Ahrefs.com site explorer.

      I no longer bother with contacting the person directly because it just gets me agitated. If you report a copyright violation to their host, they’ll just take it down. In this case, it was a Blogger site, and Google has acknowledged my report but hasn’t taken the content down yet.

  6. “Sweet fancy Moses, no wonder it’s a dog’s breakfast.” – My first, and perhaps only, laugh of the day. This delights me ) also, too – I can’t spell ‘separate’ correctly either – if it weren’t for spell check… )

        1. Or should I say ‘hate’ because it’s still in re-runs or streaming or whatever. The phrase makes no sense at all which is probably why I find it amusing, I had never come across the phrase ‘dog’s breakfast’ either…

  7. Here I am!! I’ve been having issues with WP too. The classic editor changed to black such that you can’t see which button (italics, indent, color, etc.) you want to push on. Like, what the freak were they thinking?! No, just no.

    Ohhh, Steve Urkel. I don’t know about you, but I had the hots, seriously, for Stefan Urquelle, or however he spelled it. I also liked when he and Carl became pirates named Stevil and Carlsbad! 😀

    The suicide thing seems sad to me!! I’d hope that if someone requested it, then they’d be appointed the absolute best doctors in the world to try anything at all that could help. It’s just so sad. You just never know–there are miracle cures and treatments!! In your case, I wish more than anything that you could get the electroshock treatments.

    My week was great! Well, what I remember of it. Except I had insomnia last night and slept from 4:00 AM until 3:00 PM, except for when I was briefly awake at 9:30. Ugh, not my schedule. But otherwise great!! 🙂

    1. I’m all for medically-assisted suicide. If people don’t want to be around anymore, let them make that choice. If Pollyannas want to hang onto hope for a miracle cure, that’s their choice, and they’re not going to be the ones asking for it. But not everyone is interested in ongoing suffering for the sake of a miracle that probably won’t happen.

      Yeah, Stefan Urquelle was pretty fabulous.

      I hope you’re able to sleep tonight and get back on schedule!

  8. We saw a northern flicker yesterday, too. And it called but no bbq drilling. Plagiarism of plagiarism 😱🙄😡😂

    We have Windows computer and printer. The printer is like 2005 model and still works for some reason. It’s an old HP. It gets decent use since we still have a kid in school

    1. Gotta love old tech that still works!

      I think I heard my buddy’s lady friend this morning. It’s such a funny call they have. I’ve spotted babies only a single time during the whole time buddy has been with me. I’m hoping for another sighting this year.

  9. LOLLLL about the plagiarism thing! 😀
    And that sounds really strange with WP, that there’s no testing! You’d think something that is used by so many people would work in some more sensible way.

  10. Hi Ashleyleia

    This reminds me of the day when I was spending so long to connect my laptop just installed with a new hard disk with my brother’s old printer. I was glad to have finally found the right printer driver for installation online. Yet, a problem occurred again. I uninstalled and reinstalled. In the end, I realise that it was my Word document problem. All these challenged my patience.

    I subscribed to ATLAS.ti for my research but I ended up using Word document for my qualitative analysis. The reason is that I feel I do not know how to use it anymore when it generated thousands of pages for my analysis. That time, my laptop was super-slow with the old hard disk. This frustrated me and I uninstalled ATLAS.ti. Till now, I am yet to try using it again with my new hard disk.

    I agree with you about the MAID thing❤

    The way you write about the house ad amuses me. I mean your way of using language in particular. This took me some time for the catch-on(●’◡’●)

    Have a bountiful week ahead!

    1. I hadn’t heard of ATLAS.ti before. When I was doing my master’s they mostly talked about NVIVO. I noticed that my old version of EndNote no longer works in the current version of Mac OS. I’m going to have to come up with some kind of referencing system for the book I’m currently writing on mental illness stigma. I’m citing a lot of sources, but I don’t want to clutter it up with full in-text citations. I’ll figure something out eventually; I just don’t know what yet.

      Hope you have a great week!

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