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Random Things That Amuse Me

I am easily amused, sometimes in strange ways. Here are a few examples.

Cow tipping

cow lying on its side
Derived from public domain, Wikimedia Commons

I got sent in this particular direction by Caz of Invisibly Me, who wrote a while back about cow hugging being good for wellbeing.

Cow tipping is an urban legend that I first heard of back in the day because it was a standing joke among my hockey-playing high school crush’s team. The story is that if you tip a cow over on its side, it can’t get up, and drunken doofuses are having a great time doing this for their weekend entertainment.

The site Modern Farmer is having none of it. They say, that aside from what farmers and the laws of physics have to say, this urban myth is debunked by “YouTube, the largest clearinghouse of human stupidity the world has ever known” (quite possibly; Quora and are up there in the stupidity, but can’t compete when it comes to size). There’s no cow-tipping to be found, but there is an instance of cows righting themselves after a truck full of cattle gets overturned.

This photo from the cow tipping article on Wikipedia shows this cow that looks dead (although pre-rigor mortis, in which their legs stick up in the air), but apparently is just sleeping, and it’s quite capable of getting up from this position.

Uncle John

My grandma had a book from the Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader series. For some reason, one particular bit really grabbed me. It was about some experiment to see how people would react if they were driving and saw a (fake) snake on the road. Multiple people went out of their way to run over the snake, backed up, and then ran it over again just to make sure. I don’t know why I thought this was so hilarious, but there you go. I’m fairly sure I never read it on the toilet, but who knows.

The Indian head wobble

I had a lot of friends when I was younger whose parents had immigrated from India, but they were from the Punjab, and I don’t think the head wobble is as common there. Or at least, it wasn’t something I noticed my friends’ parents doing. I first heard of the head wobble in the book Shantaram, and then saw it in action in a Russell Peters comedy special. Then I went to India, and everyone’s head is wobbling all over the place. My neck is nowhere near that mobile. If I tried to do even a bit of that wobbling, I’d strain something and be immobile for a month.

Speaking of my western doofus immobility, in parts of Asia, particularly southeast Asia, there’s a lot more squatting throughout life going on for a multitude of reasons, which results in grandmas and grandpas who are squatting and getting as if they were 80 years younger than their age, while I almost need a crane to lift me up. At little street food spots in Vietnam, I was the only lame duck sitting on a little plastic stool, while everyone else, including the grandmas and grandpas, were happily squatting as they downed their food.

Big furry hats

British guard wearing bearskin hat
GlassCobra, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Apparently, these miniature bears that have attached themselves to the heads of British military ceremonial guards only weigh 1.5 pounds. That’s not as heavy as I would have thought, but still, your neck has got to be sore at the end of a shift carrying that creature feature around on top of your head.

Various cultural groups around the world have head coverings associated with their religion or religious observance, and that’s just fabulous. The Catholic Church has some odd choices, but I can’t think of anything quite as ridiculous-looking as the shtreimel. It’s a big furry hat worn by some Hasidic Jews on dress-up occasions like the Sabbath, weddings, and so forth. According to Wikipedia, the dead animal on the head look appears to be what was in vogue amongst 17th-century Polish nobility. That’s a whole new kind of retro.

My declining grasp of the English language

I don’t take myself too seriously with this kind of thing, which is why it makes me laugh rather than making me cringe. There are some common words that I don’t confidently know how to spell, nor have I ever. These include: separate (which I’m inclined to spell seperate), accommodation (I tend to miss the second m), millennium (I miss the second n, even though I’m very confident that annum has two n’s), embarrass (I miss an r) and harassment (I’m not sure if there should be a second r, although I’m more confident without the -ment on the end).

A relatively recent development is that I’ve lost confidence in my ability to retrieve idioms from the foggy void that is my brain. Something will come to mind, and I have no idea if it’s the actual saying or just something I’ve made up. I do a lot of Googling for verification.

Butternut’s musical taste

My funny boy Butternut is a fan of Air Supply’s Making Love Out of Nothing at All. He heard it in the first place because I was checking out various songs that have the potential for frisson (musical chills). Spazzy boy was enamoured right from the start.

Had I been writing this a couple months ago, Four Seasons Total Landscaping would have been on here. That amused me far more than it needed to, perhaps because I happened to see it after it was announced on Twitter and the Four Season tweeted to clarify that was not their mess.

I also like yurts and purple people eaters. And rutabagas. Just because.

Do you have any weird and random things that amuse you?

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  1. I’m happy to hear that cows can get up! Lately I’ve been having trouble with it because of my bad back and have to be extra careful of my movements. What amuses me? Random puns, parody, etc.

    1. Paula, for a split second I thought you meant that you were having trouble performing the act of cow-tipping, and I laughed my ass off before realizing you were likely referencing the act of rising due to your own back challenges.😊 I thought you were purposely making a dorky joke it was great.

  2. Here in Indiana, teenagers alwsys talk about going cow tipping. I’ve never met anyone who actually accomplished the task. Fuzxy fur hats are a better look staying on the anomal who owned them.

  3. Purple people eaters… a cocktail right? I’m amused by all sorts I have right gallows humour. I can’t get enough of politicians trying to dance. A meme of our old priminister Teresa May trying to dance in Africa got me through my last psych ward stint! Xx

    1. Just watched some videos – love it! The average white person is just not qualified to dance.

      Purple People Eater was a song back in the day, and I remember singing it in elementary school music class.

      1. Ohh here in England it’s a lovely cocktail 🍹 one of my favourites!

        It’s so funny isn’t it 😂 another of my favourites is matt Lucas taking the piss out of boris. I can’t remember what the video actually is… I think it’s when Boris catches you with a 3rd mate if you wanted to Google it. Oh also the one that’s go to work don’t go to work 😂😂😂😂

        These silly things get me through my days!

          1. I know. I actually can’t tell the difference between him and matt 😂😂

            Cow tipping used to be such a thing here, people used to say they’d done it but clearly hadn’t.

            Have you seen the goats with fainting syndrome? They sort of go rigid and tip over. It’s quite amusing xx

  4. I’d heard of cow tipping before too but always figured they’d have to be able to get up otherwise they’d have to sleep standing up. I’d much rather hug a cow than test this theory. I’m not sure I have the muscle strength to tip a damn cow over. It sounds to easy, ‘cow tipping’, as though they’re like hollow Easter eggs and really weigh nothing despite their size.

    I know there have been some crazy experiments over the years but the snake one is just so bizarre. I’d go out of my way to not run it over. The near misses I’ve had because I’ve refused to hit an animal, even one that was already fully mushed up on the road… This also raises the question of who really – really – reads a book on the toilet?!

    Thanks for the giggles with this post, Ashley. And you’re not alone in all the Google verification. Plus I’m the idiot who just had to Google rutabagas as I thought it was some kind of food stall, not a vegetable. xx

    1. I’m still not sure what rutabagas are called here. We may just call them turnips, but I don’t really eat vegetables, so I’m a bit oblivious.

      My dad reads on the toilet. Newspapers, not books, although I’m sure he’d take a book if there was no newspaper available. There was a whole Seinfeld episode devoted to reading on the toilet.

  5. Hadn’t known of the head shake. Nonverbal Communication is interesting. We squat a lot because sitting hurts our back. Look up “boy tipping” from the animated Kevin James movie “barnyard.” Ha ha ha. People People Eaters were also the 1970s Minnesota Vikings defense, probably taken from your song. We can never remember if independent ends with ent or ant.

    We used to like drawing bubble letters. And we are relatively ambidextrous and enjoy writing with our other hand, throwing with our other hand, etc.

    1. Haha I like the once cow shoving the other’s butt as they tried to get out of his room.

      I just checked Wikipedia, and the song was from ’58, and the defensive line was late ’60s through the ’70s.

      I went through a phase of putting circles rather than dots on my i’s. Then at one point a prof told me it was childish. I rolled my eyes in disgust, but then changed it anyway.

  6. Well, I found this post amusing. So thank you. A lot I did not know.

    I was always curious about the big furry hats that the British military wear, wondering how heavy they are and if they are glad to remove them at the end if the day. Also, how they stay there? It feels like balancing books on your head to me, when watching them.

    Also, confession. I tried to wobble my head. No injuries, but couldn’t really do it.

    1. It’s definitely not a natural neck movement.

      It seems like it would be very hard to balance that hat. If a good wind came up, it would knock you over entirely.

  7. Cow tipping is too funny for words. In retrospect, I have no clue why I never attempted it, seeing as my maternal grandparents had a cow pasture. Note to self: when you successfully go back in time, tip some freakin’ cows. (My thoughts were that the cows could get back up, but that they didn’t appreciate having to make the effort, but it’s funny any which way you look at it.)

    Yeah, there’s so much stuff that entertains me. Like, I think you know about the time my mom got stuck in our bathroom. She had to pee, and I was half-asleep on the sofa because I was tired. So she got stuck in there when the door jammed, and she started knocking very softly and saying, “Meg, Meg? Help. This is your mother. I’m trapped in the bathroom.” And she was being so quiet that I almost couldn’t hear her. No yelling, no hysterics, no drama. Just tap-tap-tap. And I couldn’t rouse myself from my slumber to rescue her until around five minutes had passed. My favorite meme is from Star Trek (I think) and it says, “HELP! I AM TRAPPED IN THE BATHROOM.”

    I’m not familiar with the Uncle John’s bathroom reader, but the snake stuff while driving reminded me of this thing on the weather channel one winter. My dad and I were watching it. There was a hill that was coated in ice. Every time a driver would approach it, several people would yell, “Turn back! Don’t go down this hill. Just don’t.” And as they video recorded it, all these drivers were like, “Oh, come on. I can totally take this hill.” And–you had to see this coming–they all sped out of control and crashed into parked vehicles way down the hill. Again. And again. That sort of entertainment never gets old.

    I love this blog post!! Humor is fabulous!! And those hats! 😮 And the chirping guinea piggie!! How adorbs!!

      1. What’s even funnier is that she didn’t seem all that disturbed. You’d expect a meltdown over this sort of thing, but she was so cavalier and laidback about it that it was just… completely out of character. You raise an interesting point, though, about what would have happened had I fallen all the way asleep and been unable to rescue her. I can’t even imagine it without laughing.

  8. My heart swells any time you post a video of those cute little fluffs of yours. That little chittering was so sweet.
    I’m glad that cows can stand up from that position. Turtles can flip themselves over from upside down too, contrary to popular belief. I used to have a pet red-eared slider and she would try to climb things that were too high and flip herself upside down. She used her legs to flip back over and kept trying, the stubborn thing haha.

    Ang |

  9. I never really knew what cow-tipping was so this post was both amusing and educational! Reminds me of the goats that fall over when they get scared; those are pretty amusing.

  10. My perpetrator brother does the head wobble haha. I hate squatting despite being Asian, it’s painful for me (don’t know why) and tricky to stay balanced.

    I like D&D and IT memes, which is definitely a nerd thing haha.

  11. I agree with the top comment that the post was amusing. However, the post was not “weird or random” so it doesn’t count. 😉

    I’ve often been told that I find humor in things that many people think are disgusting. When I asked for a blanket at the emergency room of the hospital when I was homeless, and they responded by giving me a garbage bag (thinking it was funny, thus inferring that I was a piece of garbage) – it might have been hurtful, had that kind of thing not been par for the course.

    Later my homeless friends and I got quite a chuckle out of it. It was just one more baffling thing to look at with amusement in a reality that otherwise made very little sense.

    But that’s just a random example.

      1. Uh yeah – that one sped up my reading rate in direct proportion to how fast it sped up my heart rate. I’m basically nauseated. It will be interesting to hear what you have to say.

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