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Are the Covidiots Screwing Us All Over?

coronavirus particles
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COVID sucks. Restrictions suck. But does it have to be this bad? Sure, the virus is quite contagious, and can make people very sick, but would it be different if it weren’t for the covidiots? I’m inclined to think that it would be.

There will always be people who choose to break the rules. During the pandemic, though, the proportion of rule-breakers seems a lot higher than usual. The three fundamental public health practices of distance, hand hygiene, and mask aren’t simply being ignored by a certain segment of the population, they’re being actively protested against.

So, you’ve got bunches of covidiots, all bunched together, no masks, no distance, and spewing respiratory droplets as they shout. A happy little COVID soup. There’s only so much government can/will do about covidiots. Regardless of the restrictions/lockdowns that are in place, people are still going to anti-mask protests, still gathering in certain churches against the rules, going to weddings, having house parties, going to illegal nightclubs, etc. Government can fine people, or even toss them in jail for a night until they make bail, but it’s too late at that point, because the COVID soup has already happened.

When there’s not much that can be done to control the covidiots, and they’re all germy from their COVID soup, government has to intervene to try to keep them away from rule-followers. The rule-followers will actually go along with increased restrictions (at least mostly), so that starts to be relied upon to compensate for covidiocy.

That means that because my (hypothetical) asshole of a neighbour decided to turn their place into a pop-up nightclub, I’m not going to be allowed to go sit masked and socially distanced at a coffee shop. Fine, it’s not quite that direct a relationship, but on a larger scale, I think it probably turns out to be true.

If everyone would adhere to distance/hand hygiene/mask, I suspect that we would be able to get away with a lot fewer restrictions than we have now. Of course, there’s no way that’s going to happen, but it really does feel like a case of one chunk of the population deliberately making things worse for everyone. Not that they see it that way, though.

While most people are struggling but adhering to the rules, some righteously indignant people are insisting it’s an issue of their rights and freedoms. While many/most religious leaders seem to be erring on the side of sanity, arguments against mask-wearing include Jesus not wearing a mask, and humans being created in the image of God, who didn’t wear a mask. Public health restrictions have to try to compensate for this kind of nonsense, which screws us all over.

So, covidiots, please stay home. You’ve had your time, now let us stat to get our world back.

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  1. I have a family member that flouts the rules and it’s very frustrating. They said they just don’t care and they’ll do what they want… great!

    I think that vaccinations are our only way back to a bit of normality.

  2. Totally agree. In the Netherlands there are also people who go against restrictions because they think it’s like the flu. Numbers state otherwise however, and they don’t take into account that these are numbers WITH restrictions; it could’ve been way worse without them. I just feel like they don’t understand that we all could have our freedom back sooner if they’d see the significance of these measures and being patient.

  3. We are reading less about the people who thought it was a hoax, but as recently as 2 months ago they were dying and wondering why. Probably still many think that way I’m sure and will die in denial. There is no cure for stupid.

  4. I agree!! People shouldn’t be going to these large, secretive gatherings!! It’s covidiotic!! And I’d be more worried about small businesses struggling than I would be about something silly like Jesus not wearing a mask…? Really? It’s a mask! Get over it! Ugh.

    I hope the vaccines come soon! I’m still trying to get my dad scheduled… UGH!!! You won’t believe this. Your blog made me remember to check yet again at the local hospital’s web site, and they had a freakin’ opening, but by the time I filled out the form right (had to run downstairs and get his SSN), someone else had snatched it up!! AAUGH!! Well, it was in Lexington, anyway, and there might have been complaints. But still! Darn. Not your fault, though, but I was about to profusely thank you! 😀 Oh well!

      1. Well, I was right about the complaining. “Lexington! I’m not going to Lexington to get a silly vaccine!” [Eyeroll.] He drives there to file court papers all the time. Parents, I’m telling you.

  5. Well said. It only takes a few of them to ruin it for everyone. If they stuck to the recommended precautions last spring and summer, this might be over or at least not this bad.

  6. We hear lots of frustration in your post and the comments. Makes sense. People’s needs for safety and progress and shared reality are unmet.

    Lots of shoulding of other people, which we think leads to more division, anger, disconnection, enemy images. Will that help us change or even get more peace within ourselves?

    We understand the frustration. We can see how their actions are hurting us (and them and everyone); but they won’t change their actions to stop the hurting! This is doubly painful then.

    But could we work toward empathizing with so-called covidiots by walking in their shoes? Instead of covidiots, insert abortionists, smokers/tobacco manufacturers, any health issue with a social component. Especially insert an issue where the “other side” would feel the same indignation about us that we feel right now about them.

    Can we see that their actions are intended to meet their fundamental human needs, just as our actions are intended to meet our needs? The difference rests in our “strategies” to meet our needs.

    We don’t think it’s likely that anyone’s goal is deliberately making things worse for everyone. You probably don’t either.

    We do agree with you that a lack of empathy in these situations contributes to their acting in ways that harm us and that our lack of empathy for their attempts to meet their needs contributes to our anger and resentment.

    Our neighbor acts like Covid doesn’t exist because he is scared: to alter his life or his kids’ lives. His need for ease and safety is not met by social distancing or making prescribed sacrifices. But he is just as human as we: has feelings and needs. He is not considering our needs and how his choices impact us, but are we considering his needs when we judge him? Or are we denying his essential humanity?

    When we acknowledge this, it may help us have less anger, less enemy images. More compassion. This could allow us to engage constructively, if that were our goal. At least to have more understanding and peace.

    With love to you, Ashley ❤️💕

    1. i think what’s difficult in this context is that there’s a direct cause and effect relationship between people choosing to put themselves at risk for the sake of serving other perceived needs and those same people placing others at risk because this is a contagious disease. The fact that people choose not to see that direct cause and effect relationship doesn’t absolve them of responsibility for the consequences of their choices. Earlier on in all of this, the argument could be made that not enough is known about the illness and its transmission, etc., etc. However, given what’s known at this point., ignorance isn’t an excuse; this is a deliberate choice. There are many reasons why people are making this choices, but they’re still choices. It was not forced upon them to put all of the people they come into contact with at risk. I think the attempts have been made on the part of public health officials to provide the education to support people to make lower risk, choices. Supporting maladaptive ways of trying to meet needs doesn’t help the people who are using those maladaptive strategies, nor does it help anyone else.

      Hugs and love. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. A-freakin’ MEN!! Some twerp actually brought God and Jesus into their insane ranting over something obvious??? Maybe they need to be smitten with a mighty curse! Like dropping dead from the disease. I ran into a mob of such idiots, all waving signs and yelling in front of our courthouse on Main Street last Autumn. I admit to yelling out my window that I hoped they all caught Covid and dropped dead. Even the most virulent non-maskers and scoff laws stay away from the crazy people. 😉 I’m confrontational about it. If some mouth breather gets near me, their bare stupid face hanging out (although there are surprisingly few as most places here are on board with “must mask up” and will escort the moron out of their establishment), I’m likely to snarl at them that they might want to catch Covid, but I sure don’t and will they get the %@$# away from me immediately please! I get a wide berth at the grocery store!

  8. As teens, a friend jokingly suggested the solution to the world’s problems is to kill all stupid people. Sometimes, just sometimes, I think he mnight actually have been right.

  9. It’s like when we were kids and couldn’t go out to recess because a couple people were acting up and ruining it for everyone. It’s a shame, because I agree we might be further along in this process if people weren’t so selfish. The same people who say others are offended by everything are very offended by a piece of fabric and some sanitizer. Sheesh.

  10. That’s the truly sad thing. In the case of an infectious disease, if you don’t have 100% cooperation with clamping down on the avenues it spreads….well, it spreads.
    Often in life there are unavoidable ways that 100% mark will be missed. There are always accidental ways people unwittingly spread an infection on. But it is the deliberate, wilful attitudes of people refusing to follow with the simple measures asked of them that I think many find shocking. It’s really hard to swallow when so many people have been so great, so self-sacrificing and unselfish for so long.

  11. Makes me angry hearing about these raves, secret parties, anti mask protests etc which have been occurring. But the sad thing is, is that there is only so much that the government can do about these people.

  12. Well… you hit the nail unequivocally on the head there Ashley!!! Well done!

    My hubby and I were just discussing this lately and how the Covidiots really slow the overall getting back to normal scenario down because they think actually only of themselves perhaps and therefore make it worse for themselves in the long run.

    Over here in the UK, there are big gatherings which are being actively broken up by police and then the people fined up to £10,000. And even though it does seem rather extreme, people are warned and told way in advance that if they flout the rules and obviously go against the law, they get fined!

    Many are slowly learning the hard way that they really are not doing themselves any favours.

    What really should happen I believe is anyone who wishes to flout the rules simply because they are bored, fed up, and just feel crazy that this mess is still going on…should be forced to work in an A&E Covid Ward for a few days… and then see how that changes their view!

    A lot of people need to see the reality of it all, and the other end of the scale.

    All the Covidiots often hear is Covid this and Covid that and rules, rules, rules….but the other end of the scale is people not being able to breathe and dying at a very fast pace, and Doctors and Nurses completely and utterly drained, crying and being forced to carry on, seeing people alive one minute and dead the next, and then there being families not allowed to be with their loved one who is dying, on their own, or not able to even comfort them, the person about to die…. with only a nurse to hold their hand. I mean… its absolutely fucking horrible!

    Yet unless people experience it and see it with their OWN EYES, they cannot even perceive it.

    It is all easy for us to get fed up with the rules and bored, but I make sure I watch the news, even though at times its upsetting to see the a&e covid ward stuff… but I watch it to remind myself of the other end of the scale of things. Every time I see that, I think…
    Wow! What I am being asked to do is absolutely NOTHING in comparison to that!

          1. Glad you view it the same. It is hard work for the nurses and doctors, not just physically exhausting, but mentally/emotionally/psychologically draining, and many of them don’t even have time to spend with their own families.
            A lot of them are off sick or recovering themselves from the virus.
            After a full on year of this… the impact of all of this on them is astounding and I believe will affect them in months and years to come.

            It is an unseen crisis building up all by itself…

            1. I agree. And when the whole COVID thing finally settles down, I think there will be a lot of traumatized and burnt-out health care workers.

            2. Very true.
              There will be all sorts of ripple affects from this, just like from a war situation, which we cannot even see yet because we have not got to that place yet.
              We are still just dealing with the impacts of it all and assessing the damage. And still just trying to keep it under control.

              It seems the balance between human health and lives and the economy and jobs are a delicate balance to have to work with. I wouldn’t like to be in power right now thats for sure. There is no way you can please everyone.

              But it does help when everyone cooperates. And less Covidiot stupidity!

  13. I can’t attend meetings at the local Recovery Center anymore. There’s a big sign on both doors that people must wear masks at all times inside the building, but probably 3/4 of the people attending are in “scofflaw” mode. They figure that the law is ridiculous (that is, the city ordinance), so they don’t have to obey it. I even feel judged for wearing a mask and obeying the signs on the door. It’s pretty frustrating.

    We also have a large megachurch in our town of only 25,000 with over 1,000 members. They continually flaunt the law, their pastor preaches that Covid-19 is a hoax, and they’re constantly gathering in the downtown area. They are connected to a religious college with students from all over the country, and none of the students wear masks. It can really be infuriating.

    If I weren’t such an Introvert, and thus I can rationalize that I barely need to go into town anyway except to run errands, I’d be having an even harder time with it. Wonder when it’s going to end…

    1. There are three churches in the local Bible Belt area that are openly going against the law, and even taking the provincial government to court.

      This is a good time to be an introvert.

      1. Definitely. In general, I’ve been more grateful for my Introversion during the pandemic than ever before. (For a lot of reasons.)

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