Weekend Wrap-Up

Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • I had my first migraine in quite a while last weekend, and honestly, I have no idea how people with frequent migraines manage to not just crawl into a hole and die.
  • I took my car in for an oil change on Monday. I’ve noticed that in that kind of situation, COVID makes things easier. There’s no expectation to pretend smile, because masks take care of that, and things are quick and to the point.
  • I spent some time pulling together stats from my blog pages. I notice post stats because they’re right in front of you, but I very rarely look at my page stats. Anyway, as a result I decided to delete a couple of pages and shuffle their content around. Now that that’s out of the way, time to do some writing, as there are fewer posts in my schedule folder than usual (usual is 14+), and more than usual in my drafts folder
  • I got a rather amusing comment on a post from quite a while ago on the ACT life compass, an acceptance and commitment therapy tool for looking at how you’re doing in different areas of your life. This person had their knickers in a knot over that fact that I’ve accepted that I have treatment-resistant depression, and that I’m A-OK with having online-only social connections and no intimate partnership. Perhaps this was one of the toxic positivity crusaders, in the virtual flesh. How dare I not have a unicorn horn up my butt!
guinea pig Oreo with Casper's hair covering her back

That’s Oreo under Casper’s wild and woolly hair. You can’t see her head in this picture; this is all baby got back.

Here’s Peanut doing some editing work on my laptop.

How has your week been?

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46 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up”

  1. Oh my goodness!! That commenter gives positive people a bad name! That’s not positivity at all! I’m not sure what that is, but it’s horrid to (among other things) discredit online relationships! I refuse to accept that they’re lacking in emotional closeness. I don’t even believe that. I’ve known three or four close friends “in real life” by meeting them that way first and then interacting more online (when they moved away) or by meeting them online and then visiting, and this commenter couldn’t be more wrong that there’s no emotional intimacy/closeness. I can’t understand or handle that level of flagrant hostility! You were a lot nicer to her than I would’ve been!! Unleash me! Unleash me! (Don’t unleash me.) But geez. I’m appalled.

    And getting onto the aspect of accepting your mental illness, what else are you going to do? It doesn’t mean you’re not looking for treatment or a cure or a solution, but why be miserable in the meantime when you’re doing all that you can?

    Huh. I can’t click on her avatar. Too bad, I was curious. I’d say she has a very bad attitude about a lot of things.

    Moving on, I’ve never had a migraine! I pity anyone who has one, since I’ve heard scary stories. I’ve just had basic headaches. Yeah, I can’t imagine how anyone deals with migraines regularly either, and I’m sad that you had one!!

    I agree about the coronavirus and masks making things easier!! And social distancing!!

    Aww, the guineas are so cute!! Oh, wait, that one’s a video…? OHH!! Too much cuteness! 😀 How adorable!! Love for guineas!!

    My week has been great. I finished all my submissions and now must wait two months to see if anyone bites, but I have no desire to self-publish my memoir, so it might just go into the Meg vault. It’s like the Disney vault, but it has no cryogenically frozen heads in it. Yet.

    I tried to read a book, and it ended in brain death. Again. I’m not sure what my genre is, but it’s probably not literary fiction. Ugh.

    1. The commenter wasn’t logged into WordPress when she commented, so I’m guessing she found the post via Pinterest or something. I was too busy being amused by the ridiculousness to be annoyed.

      I hope someone picks up your book!

    2. I once fell in love with a lady who I still have never met face-to-face. A friend asked me how I could fall in love with someone I’d never met. I couldn’t really answer him. And then I became confused about how much of the relationship was “just in my head” and how much was “real”. All I know is that it *felt* like love and a very close connection.

  2. Aww lovely.

    I bet Oreo is cosy under Casper’s hair.

    I have had a good week as it can get. Its been good to have laughter these last couple of weeks in my evening job. But as from yesterday, I am now in self-isolation, as one half of my support bubble received a positive result in her covid test.
    She’s a carer, so has to do them each week. She was fine with exception of a sniffle, as though she was coming down with just a cold. But from text received from her partner, she spent yesterday in bed, which I replied back and said that was best place, so it reduces his risk from catching covid himself, because he is classed as vulnerable.
    I am ok and confident I will be, but obviously, I have to self isolate, which I started doing the minute they texted to tell me of it. I received text today from contact and trace telling me to do what I am doing already.

    I have ordered from Heat Holders today, as you know, for some thermal goodies.
    I needed a chocolate fix, so got that a little while ago in the form if overnight oats.

    I hope my dairy-free chocolate goodies come soon, next week.

    I could write more how I have been making sure of enjoying my week and now through this weekend, but my comment will get longer. 🙂

    1. I hope your friend gets through this with no difficulties. I also help you’re able to take advantage of the self-isolation to fit in some self-care. Mmm, chocolate goodies!

      1. I hope she won’t be too bad either. But hopefully her partner doesn’t get it.
        I shall certainly see my week as self-care and have a relaxing week.
        I’m hoping those chocolate goodies come on Tuesday. 😋

  3. Lmao unicorn up the butt! So right. I cringe when people say shit like don’t give up hope! Why not? Hoping for things you have very low odds of achieving is TOXIC. At least for me. I’m much better off accepting things as they are and finding joy in that, rather than “hoping” to win the lottery or find a soul mate. So sorry about your migraine 😢

    1. Migraines suck. I’m glad I don’t get them anywhere near as often as you and others do, but some brilliant scientist somewhere really needs to come up with a way to just shut that shit down.

  4. Ohhh I just LOVE people like that commenter! Poor her if she can’t accept that there just are things in life you can’t change so the best thing you can do is accepting them, and also that she thinks intimate, offline relationships with people is the best thing that can happen to anyone in their life, when ones with guinea pigs, or with one beautiful Russian blue kitty, can be just as satisfying, if not more so. She’s missing out on a lot of interesting stuff in life, and I hope she’ll never find herself in a situation where you can’t really do much practically to change it, or she’ll probably end up destroyed. Perhaps she should come over to me and we’d talk about how I shouldn’t accept being blind but do something about it. 😀 I wonder what ideas she’d have. Or maybe mental health is a different kettle of fish for her because, duh, we can choose our mood.
    Sorry to hear you had a migraine, they always suck. I was feeling cautiously hopeful about that I may have some kind of remission from my recent very frequent migraines, because I had an unusually long break from them for three weeks, so thought it must have been either the faza peak which did the trick (which I guess would mean that my migraines are largely psychogenic, but who knows), or that they are a seasonal thing in autumn and winter, because I also had quite an increase in migraines last year around the same time and then they also gradually lessened around the same time they did now. But then I got a migraine together with a period, and this week, already after the period, I’ve got two already for no apparent reason. So I guess the break must have been just random, but still, I’m grateful for what I got.

    1. Ugh, that’s too bad they’re back and with repeat appearances. But who knows, maybe happy faza peak hormones did intervene to give you a break. Seems as good an explanation as anything.

      1. Indeed, and it’s good to have some sort of an explanation. Faza peaks always weaken over time so perhaps the one I’m currently in has just weakened enough that it doesn’t work for migraines anymore. I need to do something to get it up a little, so if I can do that we’ll see if it will have some positive influence on migraines again. 😀

  5. We dropped our eyeglasses trying to put on a mask outside therapy. The lenses got scratched up. Frustrating.

    It’s been colder than fuck here. Hasn’t gotten above-18C in days. Days!!! Windchill is another 10 + degrees colder. Argh. No walks outside

    We also like masks for hiding our dispassionate expressions.

    Spouse got the first of two vaccine doses

        1. Yeah. At least where he sleeps is enclosed, so it won’t be quite as cold. He actually first came to stay with me on a snowy night 3 or 4 years ago. He came for the covered balcony, then a few days later found his hollow spot and has been with me ever since.

  6. Yeah, I have to admit, I kind of wish masks could just stay. It makes, ‘Am I doing that twitchy thing with my face’ type worries non-existent. And justifies further my ‘Makeup feels sticky, so I refuse to wear it. It’s a sensory thing’ deal. Just let me have food options to go to. A lot of the rest of social distancing can stay.

  7. I hope you are migraine-free now. I know how they feel, and used to get them every so often. You describe it how I remember. My week has been okay and I think I may elaborate on my blog. It seems like a good idea to reflect in such a way.

  8. Migraines are awful, I’ll join you in wondering how people manage chronic ones. That commenter… ugh… I really hate toxic positivity. Lovely photos!

    My week is okay I think. ❤

  9. People are funny. Accepting intractability isn’t “giving up”. It lets us develop other tools.I have some hopes for the ketamine-based treatment coming up but it’s hugely expensive.

    I love your guinea pigs. Their faces are so intent. It’s the big eyes, I think. So very appealing.

    Sorry about the migraine. Chronic pain is hell from which it feels like there’s no escape. I may be overdramatic because I’m not sleeping but fingers crossed that the next one doesn’t show up for many moons.

    I’m working on my bathroom reno, my book which I now hate and think is stupid, and pain control. It’s been a week. We did, however, get snow and that’s kind of fun. 😊

    1. Yeah, the snow is pretty. Hopefully ketamine will be more available and covered at some point, but it seems like it’s taking far longer than it should have to.

      1. Agreed. It seemed to me that it was cheap and accessible until it turned out they might be able to work it into something very valuable.

  10. It strikes me strangely how many people are not okay with my desire to sustain mostly online relationships and no intimate partnership. Well – I do have offline interactions, but they’re so much more stressful than the online ones. I go through all kinds of stress over the musicians, the actors, the backers, etc. and I almost never stress about my relationships with the journalists on the site I write for, with whom I meet once a month on Zoom. I always wonder what it is that threatens people about my position. But oh well, I’m unlikely to change, unless it’s another one of those sudden “psychic changes” like what happened when I finally escaped homelessness.

    Had a really good week. I began to stress less about my work and do more things that I enjoy. Devoted more time to the blog, began to sleep better. Submitted my first column in the five-week series, working on the second one — these are things I enjoy. What I don’t enjoy is showing up rehearsals, constantly bumbling, putting my foot in my mouth, having to put out fires that I myself am starting, and all those extroverted demands that run against my Introverted grain. But a lot of that has been lessened now that Cody has taken over the singing rehearsals.

    By the way, if you or anyone else noticed that the ending was chopped off of “Desperado” with a sudden fade-out — and that nobody got to hear everybody’s favorite part of the song (“you better let somebody love you, let somebody love you…), it was because I botched up a trim and chopped it off inadvertently. I went back to the church to play the ending right and spliced it in. So I’ve been letting you and Ken and the other people who usually listen know I made good.

    Good week, relaxed yesterday, slept 8 hours last night (!), and am on a roll.

      1. You and me both! I get totally drained by being around people too much — especially in a work situation — especially in a work situation in a LEADERSHIP position, where twelve other people are continually turning to me for this-and-that. I thought I had done a pretty good job of delegating; but even if so, it’s very stressful. I get uptight around all those people. I don’t relax till I’m at home at my desk (or better yet, but less often, at home in bed.)

  11. How do you even know Oreo & Casper are even under there, it’s just a big ball of fur! It could be a rouse – like stuffing pillows under the duvet while you sneak out for a party 😂

    I’m sorry you had a migraine recently. I hope it’s the last for a long time. I lose about 5 days a week to them but I’m lucky in having medication that works pretty effectively in getting rid of them. Except when the pharmacy keeps giving me meds out of date the next month and they’ve already lost their potency so they do sweet fuck all. Rolling into a ball to die is certainly more appealing than living through a migraine.

    As for the commenter, I’m sick of hearing shit like this. Some people need to learn to keep their positivity judgement up their arses where it comes from. xx

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