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Critters of My Travels: Peru

I used to like to travel, and part of the fun was the critters. These photos are from a trip I did to Peru. The pics I chose don’t represent a broad variety, but I really do love me a llama.

humboldt penguins on a rocky island in Peru

These photos are from the Islas Ballestas off the coast of Peru. They have Humboldt penguins, which only live in Peru and Chile, and all kinds of other birds. These photos were taken from a boat. We were encouraged to wear hats because of the high risk of bird poopage. 💩

a group of humboldt penguins getting ready to jump off a small rock ledge
shaggy llamas grazing on an agricultural terrace in Peru's Sacred Valley

These photos are taken in the Sacred Valley area, not far from Machu Picchu. There are three kinds of similar critters in this area: llamas, alpacas, and vicuñas. Vicuñas have a distinct look, but I’m too clueless to be able to tell the difference between llamas and alpacas, so they’re all llamas to me. The one thing I do know that “baby alpaca” scarves and such things don’t actually come from baby alpacas; they’re a certain kind of hair from the grown-ups.

a llama chewing on some grass and looking straight at the camera
“What do you want?”
shaggy llamas grazing

This shaggy beasty is my favourite.

shaggy baby llama

This little farm was on the way to a historic site. The farmers made some extra money from tourists wanting to pose with their little llamas, which was just fine by me. I think this little shaggy munchkin above is definitely related to Beasty from the Sacred Valley.

group of llamas standing by a fence made of rocks
Ashley and baby lama selfie

I miss you llamas/alpacas!!! 🦙 – And huh, the emoji people think a llama and an alpaca are the same thing. At least I’m not the only doofus!

Here you can find more critters of my travels:

All photos © 2021 Ashley Peterson

31 thoughts on “Critters of My Travels: Peru”

  1. Wow, great photos! I love the one of you with the little baby animal!! How cute!! I also like the “What do you want?” image!! Adorbs!! In the third image, the alpaca creatures look like they’re about to fall off a cliff!! 😮 Brave animals of the mountains!!

  2. I love that hats were recommended because of the risk of being assaulted by so much bird poop.

    I hadn’t even heard of Vicuñas before but I do think llamas are pretty damn awesome. I Googled the difference between alpacas and llamas after going to an animal park a few years ago and feeling so uneducated. Totally forgot the difference 5 minutes later though. Love the photos! xx

  3. I adore the pics of the llamas; they’re just cute. I was hoping that whenever you have some time aside, check out my site at I post my own literatures that discuss typical life experiences, how to cope with them, and how it all tends to affect our mental health. Please like and share, thank you!!

  4. You went traveling around to some nifty places – not exactly the run-of-the-mill tourist were you? Of course I had to Google llamas and alpacas but vicunas where interesting – their wool is the most expensive in the world but they can’t be raised on a farm because they won’t breed in captivity.

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