Weekend Wrap-Up

Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • I published the 2nd edition of my book Managing the Depression Puzzle. I tend to mentally block out just how tedious the final formatting is, right up until I have to do it again. Kindle Create is a pain in the ass, as is getting everything right for epub format. And then there’s uploading it to different sites, hoping it’ll work properly. Amazon did work, Google Play didn’t so much, and Apple Books is always a bit of a disaster. Plus Goodreads annoys me… Anyway, rant over.
  • Woodpecker mating season must be starting. I have a northern flicker male that roosts on my balcony year-round, and during mating season he pecks on my barbeque in the morning to assert his territory. Pecking started for the season a couple of days ago.
  • I’ve been approved for disability benefits, so finally that whole shitshow is over and done with. With that taken care of, I resigned from the casual job I still had despite not working for over a year.
  • I have a pinched nerve in my back, and whatever position I naturally sleep in is not helping. It’s not that big a deal, but there’s something satisfying about whining anyway.

Peanut knows I have a treat for him, and he’s quite excited about it. Yet he doesn’t really like crossing from his blanket to another surface. When I hold out the treat, he gets over that. He then stretches himself out super-long, grabs it, and dives back to the blankets. Funny little potato.

How has your week been?

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40 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up”

  1. So, it’s mating season for woodpeckers? Oh my gosh, that’s wild. 😀 It’s funny to joke around about mating calls! Like if someone gives a huge and unfiltered yawn or sneeze, you could say, “Is that your mating call? No wonder you’re single!” (all in good fun, of course).

    I hope your pinched nerve gets better soon!! Ouchie!! 🙁

    I’d be glad to beta read your upcoming stigma book!! For sure, feel free to send me a doc! Now, or whenever you’ve got it (or part of it, etc., etc.) written!! 🙂

    My week was wild and crazy. Yeah. And you helped me through it, so thanks!! This upcoming week should be interesting. I’m going to see the eye doctor on Wednesday, and I’ve got a few other errands on the list. I also hope to keep exercising and to keep working on my memoir. I’m struggling to learn routines with my exercise machine, but I’m pretty sure I’ll master it eventually with some YouTube videos (but it’s hard that the internet’s up here and the machine is down in the basement).

      1. HA HA HA HA HA!! 😀 For sure!! And I suspect I’m saving money this way!! Wouldn’t a cell phone bill be around $100 a month? I get my internet free because my dad has a landline phone for his business (and like me, he’s not a cellphone user), so AT&T just tacked on my internet for free as an add-on, and they even lowered his bill for bundling, so I don’t even have to pay for it! I’m thinking, though, that a cellphone bill would be at least $100 a month, but I’m not sure. I’m glad I’m so happy here at the computer!! YAY!

  2. What a relief on disability. Whew! Ditch the deuchy doctor still? Or why bother?
    Is it the formatting rules that suck or the word processor for not being more automated/user-friendly or both?
    We are supposed to work on allowing anger, so we are angry. Go figure.

    1. I haven’t decided about the douchy doctor. At this point, might be easier to put up and shut up.

      Part of why formatting is a pain in the butt is that everything’s different. So Kindle is one thing, paperback is another thing, epub for any non-Kindle ereader is another thing. The same thing multiple different ways is a good recipe for anger. Bring on the anger!

  3. Hooray! Finally. Glad to hear its done and sorted your disability benefits.

    Loved the video of Peanut. He must think he is crossing into different territory once he leaves his blanket, or more likely so, that’s his safety net. Feeling safe with his blanket, that some of us can relate to, when snuggled down into are own.

    Further evidence will be on its way to Court of Protection, so I am hoping that’s it and they are satisfied.

    Lazy weekend for me. Been at my support bubble today. Not long back and feeling sleepy, so I reckon I’ll be in bed by 9pm.
    Tomorrow, I have ideas what I may do in my home as relaxing, but shall see on the day what I do.

    Hope your weekend is relaxing and I hope your back eases.

    1. Thanks!

      Guinea pigs are funny, they want to be safe. Crossing over onto another surface is suspect.

      I hope things will get sorted out soon with the Court of Protection. Clearly your mum needs you to act as deputy.

      1. Yes, guinea pigs are funny from what I have seen of yours and when one time I watch a few You Tube clips of others.

        Yes, mum definitely cannot manage her own financial affairs. I just hope it goes plain sailing when I become deputy, after paying off her debts for her.

  4. Congrats on being approved for disability! Glad that whole ordeal is past. Also congratulations on publishing the 2nd edition. I’m glad you mentioned the woodpeckers because I think I’ll tell my “woodpecker” story for my third consecutive “tales of homelessness” blog next Thursday.

    My week has mostly better blog-wise but probably worse work-wise on the musical. The task aversion of the ADHD is creating so huge a deficit when I reach painful places in music notation, that I wind up headed to WordPress and hanging out where I have more fun.

    Accomplished a lot in journalism, however, and also put the band and singers together for the first time to do a recording of the ballad “Turns Toward Dawn” with five musicians in addition to the two singers. Also, I just submitted my 16th column to Tracy, based on the blog post I wrote this morning. (In fact, I adjusted the text on the page, to make it appropriate for the site.)

    I left out the paragraph I felt weird about writing about publicly — that is, where it was that I learned the disturbing information — but if you don’t mind, I’ll send you an email about it. You’ll understand completely, once I do.

  5. I am also glad you got the disability benefits sorted. I know from friends what a pain that can be. Also glad about the book. I’ve taken the more expensive but easier option and getting mine published with a publisher. I sent in my 100 word paragraph about me yesterday. Early days yet. I haven’t done much blogging lately, although I did blog / rant about how stressed technology was on Thursday and release a video of meditation that I’d prepared the week before. And I haven’t done much art either. I attended an online ‘creative writing for mental health’ yesterday run by our local library. Not exactly helpful as it felt more like a book club meeting for the first half. And it showed me how poor my creative writing is compared to others – yes I know I shouldn’t compare myself with others. But many of us do. Mainly this week I have been working and being tired. I finally managed to get a newsletter finished to email out for my 4 churches, ensuring something was written about each of them and that it fit on 2 sides of A4 for the printed ones we will leave in a local shop. So I feel for your editing. Not easy to spot all those things that are not quite right. I am writing this while having first cup of tea of the day before getting ready to go and celebrate holy communion in an empty church – just me and two others. I am preaching so this week I have been writing a sermon which I will publish on my blog later today. Sorry – I’ve rambled. Hope you have a good week.

  6. Busy week. Disability is a stressful wait so I’m glad that’s off your plate. I’m sorry you added a pinched nerve.

    The flickers here have been active too, although spring may have to wait – we have a week of cold coming. Hooray. I like seasons to try and act like what they are, although I think my expectations of local winters will need serious adjustments.

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