Weekend Wrap-Up

Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • On Monday I called again to the clinic that had told me to call this week and talk to Tracy or whatever her name was. Tracy was not helpful; she said that I couldn’t see the nurse practitioner because I’m “connected” to a family doctor. I reiterated multiple times that I will not be seeing him again, but she still thinks I’m “connected.” I asked what I’m supposed to do without a primary care provider, but I’m still “connected.” I asked how I could get get “unconnected”, but apparently I can’t. It’s like some funky fungus that you just can’t get rid of. Maybe I should start saying my GP died; would that be sufficiently unconnected? He’s on the older side, and there’s this whole COVID thing…. one can hope, right?
  • Peanut potato has finally stopped chewing the cage bars when he’s expecting food. Now he gnaws on the doorway of his hidey house, which is better for his teeth and quiet enough that I don’t worry about it bothering the neighbours.
  • I happened to see that an asshole I used to indirectly work with now has a leadership role in a provincial nursing association. Curious what else he’s up to, I turned to Google and Google Images. Two photos out of the top row shown on Google Images were from websites outing cheaters; one had cheatalert displayed across the middle of the photo. I knew him to be an asshole for different reasons, but it’s kind of nice to see that someone who thinks he’s very special is now very quickly identifiable as not so special. I normally wouldn’t think that’s a very cool thing to do, but in this case, I’ll make an exception.

Unfortunately, I can’t make this affiliate-linked image any bigger, but apparently these “Amazon leggings”, aka “butt-crack leggings”, have gone viral on TikTok. They enhance the boo-tay by shoving ruching up your butt crack, as if wearing a thong wasn’t already butt floss enough. I’ll stick to my über-comfy maternity leggings instead, thank you very much. And no, I’ve never been pregnant; maternity leggings are just the way to go.

How has your week been?

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38 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up”

  1. “Maybe I should start saying my GP died; would that be sufficiently unconnected? He’s on the older side, and there’s this whole COVID thing…. one can hope, right?”

    HAHAHA brilliant 🤣🙃

    I just wrote about drugs and got ticked off. They were told to fuck off.
    Sharon 💜

    1. I think maybe I should start carrying around a sign saying “fuck off.” I could start a whole movement distributing them to fellow “crazy” people.

  2. Found a Northern Goshawk (a bird in its first year of life, aka juvenile), which was very unexpected. Best views we ever had. Fierce looking

    Noticing depression prominently. Trying to accept and not resist in order to not exacerbate symptoms.

    Noticing our judgments, fears, and wishes regarding other people are actually about us. So wanting to practice more presence as the only obvious path we can see toward improving that is available to us.

  3. It sounds like healthcare is difficult to access where you are, are there any others (family doctor) you could apply for. I have to admit I have no idea how it works.

    Its a fairly simple process here to change doctor.

    1. Yeah, it’s not as simple as on the NHS. I’ve encountered this before that people get judgy if you want to switch doctors, and then COVID on top of that makes it more of an issue. Talking, particularly on the phone, is also challenging, but I’ll figure something out eventually.

  4. Oh wow, I did NOT see that coming about the person you used to work with! My jaw dropped! Way to out him!! 😮 What a jerkface. And there are sites for cheaters? Wow, that’s hilarious. 😀 I should start a site for those of us who are schoolmarms. Its cover image could be that photo of the forty-year-old virgin, Steve Carrell. Voted least likely to cheat! 😀

    What’s the function of the tik-tok? I’ve heard of it but I don’t really get what they do there? Other than bad fashion, apparently! 😀 Just no to the pants!! Bad for schoolmarms! 😀

    It’s hard to read about the difficulties you’re facing trying to get good healthcare. That’s really dreadful, and you deserve so much better. 🙁 Keep us posted!! I’m crossing my fingers for you!!

    My week was good! We got a huge snowfall, which doesn’t always happen here, although it’s not unheard of. We’re sort of in an in-between locale where snow could happen or not happen. So it was pretty nice!! It was a great snow. It covered the whole ground and trees with crystalline gorgeousness that I felt bad for walking LuLu through and, like, messing it all up. But then, up the street by the new yoga studio, there was a huge ice slick, like two feet by four feet, and that was scary. Lawsuit waiting to happen. I was terrified I’d forget it and step on it instead of stepping over it. Fortunately, it has finally melted!! Oh! And I wrote my story, and your suggestions helped a lot!! YAY!! Thanks!!

    1. I’m not sure what the point of TikTok is, or if there even is a point.

      Now I think you should get a pair of butt crack leggings just because.

      Good luck with the story!

  5. Sorry about your “connection” confusion with the doctor. That must be frustrating.

    I love your opinion on the leggings. Like… why?

  6. Sorry to hear a change of doctors is proving difficult. I like your reply though. I don’t think I could have come up with an answer like that.

    Going to be quieter times then, in the guinea pig cage? I bet you found it strange at first though. But at least on wood is much better for teeth.

    My positive for this week is good support.

    Today, I spent from afternoon to evening with support bubble.
    A good, but tiring day today. It was just a few hours late afternoon I picked up a bit. But feeling tired again. I shall be to bed very soon, after feeding the hamster. On settee with a hot drink, while reading.

    1. I’m very glad he’s not chewing the cage bars anymore. I was getting frustrated with it, but it hadn’t crossed my mind that giving him a different house would change it.

      I hope you have a good sleep and a restful day tomorrow.

      1. It’s good that it did change him.

        I have nothing planned tomorrow, than a couple of things to print off for record keeping to do with mum, which I didn’t do this morning, as I lay in and had a slow morning. Then after, just read.

  7. I see that you are doing great there when it comes to using humour to look at the brighter side of Life.

    It must be hard, though, to be once “connected” to your family doctor but now being let down to find a way out of the maze.
    I hope everything will be straightened out the soonest.

    Maternity leggings. Hmmm… This sounds interesting. When I was working last time, I always wore a maternity blouse and just didn’t have time to care the nasty comments.

    I feel that, sometimes, even-though we have forgiven, we are not looking forward to a turn-back towards people or life experiences in the past, because we have let go of attachments and changed ourselves for the better.

    Have a nicer week ahead! ❤

  8. Daaammnnn, fuck Tracy. Like fuck. Me, depressed in general and cranky about “friends” who give the benefit of the doubt to perpetrators of my abuse instead of me

  9. Lousy week, I’ll admit it. Overworked and underslept. Sleep paralysis Tuesday and Wednesday, of a severity I’ve not known since when I was taking Straterra for ADHD. That was months ago, finally tried a new med Guantafine, and had more sleep paralysis. My ADHD is grossly exacerbated by lack of sleep and overwork, struggling to meet deadlines, high anxiety. So it’s off the charts but I chucked the meds because sleep paralysis is terrifying. I don’t like my ADHD being exacerbated, but between ADHD and sleep paralysis, I’ll take ADHD any day of the week.

    To conclude my complaint, the toilet won’t flush, everything starting spilling over, I hurriedly dumped a bunch of dirty water into the tub, and now the water won’t flush down the tub. That suggests a problem further down the pipeline than only my toilet, but the upshot is that the unusable bathroom smells like you-know-what. Making nightly runs to the 24 hour market down the block until further notice. At least their toilet flushes, and I can buy a bagel on a pretext. Meh.

      1. I just hate to call the landlord when the bathroom is in this condition. And yet, if it were not in this condition, there would be no reason to call the landlord . . .

          1. Sad but true. Well, today’s the 1st and I usually walk my rent check down to the office. I’ll tell them about it then.

  10. What a blessing that the asshole had a little acknowledgement on line for being a cheat. It’s so, so rare that assholes get some kind of comeuppance so I’m glad you got to see it.

    I don’t understand the doctor thing. You can’t be connected to one doctor forever. Even fungus can eventually rot and fall off (I think). Maybe you need to contact the family doctor’s secretary and ask for an official disconnection and removal from the list. If they give you any hassle, enquire about his current health, which might give you an idea as to how much longer you’ll be waiting to see a nurse. Unbelievable.

    1. It’s weird, because she was saying I could see a doctor (except their doctors aren’t taking new patients), but it was just with the nurse practitioner that the fungus was an issue. Who knows.

  11. Hello Ashley… it’s Michelle.

    I’m now back with a new blog as I had to do something whilst in this never-ending lockdown before I go very crazy… so I decided this was it… it is a very simple blog… as you know I don’t seem to get on with them very well so I decided to do pictures instead.

    My goodness, I didn’t realise Covid would all still be around…. and it does make everything a lot more complicated these days…

    Still I shouldn’t complain I guess, I’m still alive… I’m still in therapy, and its painful and difficult but we are getting there…

    Hope you and the guinea’s are ok. Sorry to hear about your troubles with this doctor malarkey…

    1. Hey, lovely to see you! Feel free to invite me to your blog if you want.

      Yeah, COVID. What a weird and wacky world. But the guinea pigs are happy and disability is dealt with, so relatively smooth sailing here.

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