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What’s Less Popular on Your Blog… But You Publish Anyway?

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As bloggers, some of us write for ourselves, some of us write for our readers, and many of us do some combination of both. But what about when certain kinds of posts are less popular?

Whether you’re writing more for yourself or for others, there’s no right or wrong, but there may be an approach that’s best suited to your blogging purpose. If you’re blogging for therapeutic purposes, you’ll likely be more focused on writing for yourself. If you’re blogging with the hopes of selling products or services, your focus is likely going to be more heavily on the side of your readers.

For those of us who write both for ourselves and for our audiences, the issue might come up that certain types of content are less popular with your readers. So, what then? Do you keep publishing that kind of content, or do you shelve it?

On my own blog, book reviews consistently get fewer readers than any of the other kind of content I publish. They’re often more likely to have evergreen staying power, but overall, they’re not attracting a lot of eyeballs.

I could draw two conclusions from that; either my book reviews suck, or fewer people in my. general readership are interested in that kind of content. Regardless of the quality of my reviews, I’m quite sure that the issue is the latter, not the former. So, what to do about it?

This is one area where I choose to write for me. I like doing book reviews; they’re a way to get more out of reading, I like how they fit into my blog, and I don’t really care if not as many people read them. That’s fine; I’m going to quite happily publish what I want to publish. Not everyone has to read everything I write.

If I consider my own reading patterns, there are blogs I follow that I only read certain types of posts and not others. I certainly don’t expect them to change to suit me. The more diverse a blog is, the more likely it is that not everything will appeal equally to everyone, and that’s totally okay.

If readership numbers are important to you, and you’re focused on trying to maximize views on all of your content, the only thing I would suggest is to give it a bit of time before you write off a type of content entirely. You never know what kind of older content may end up picking up steam as time goes on; I’ve been quite surprised in that sense with my own blog.

Overall, though, I would suggest that If you’re not sure if you should publish something, just do it. It’s your blog, which makes it your space to experiment. Your readers may be along for the ride, but you’re in the driver’s seat.

Have you noticed certain kinds of content on your blog are less popular? How have you approached that?

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60 thoughts on “What’s Less Popular on Your Blog… But You Publish Anyway?”

  1. I write for myself and hope others may benefit or enjoy my writing. So far, less popular posts always seem randomly unpopular, as I haven’t noticed a pattern yet. I really like your style of writing – it makes me feel like I know you, and that goes for any post I’ve read – book review or otherwise.

  2. On my blog innocuous posts get the most comments…toasters have been real popular lately LOL But yes, if you are a personal/hobby blogger then write what you want, I mean, come one, no one likes everything. I can’t always comment on your posts because I do not have knowledge of the subject so I tend to scan some posts, read completely others and enjoy your ‘personal’ posts the most. Book reviews – meh. There was one I read completely and liked and I commented on that one.

  3. A good point to cover. What gets the most reads vs what do you want to write about. Do you forgo your passions and principles and enjoyment for blog views? I personally really enjoy your book reviews, both because you write them very well and because I’m interested in books. I wouldn’t want a blogger to change their content just to get the most views either because I like the diversity. I suppose the least popular stuff on my blog – apart from all of it I feel lately – is where I’m angry and I’m honest and I’m negative.

    But I feel it’s important to be honest and I think people can relate to that stuff, even though the typical pressure is to be positive and upbeat and inspiring. I’m not going to not post about being pissed off with the NHS just because others will say we’re lucky to have it, as I’m not disputing that. I’m not going to not post that I’m struggling mentally just because some people don’t want that kind of negativity in their lives. If people choose to not read it, that’s okay. I know the problem then is down to me and what I didn’t realise was an intense need to be lived or to have my writing approved of.

    I do feel like lately there’s been a bit of a deflation in the blogging world. A little less activity, less reading, less commenting, less everything. Have you felt that too? xx

    1. I certainly prefer posts where people are real as opposed to being positive just for the sake of being positive.

      It definitely feels like the blogging world has slowed down. My WP Reader feed is much quieter. Sometimes I’ll post something and it takes an hour before anyone looks at it, which has been a big change. My overall views aren’t showing a decline, but something’s definitely changed.

      1. It’s strange, isn’t it? I’m glad it’s not just me thinking it feels slow and quiet. You expect it in the height of summer where more people are outside, on holiday, on blogging breaks. It’s just odd at this time of year.

  4. Do you get likes from people, but it doesn’t appear that they have read it? The recent views don’t go up.

    I initially started writing for me, I found it helped and the fact others could relate was good. I find it harder to do the more informative posts in a style of giving advice, I find it easier to write it from my perspective , how it feels and what I find helps.

    1. I get some likes from people that don’t view, and also only about a third of the people that view click like.

      That’s good that you’ve figured out what works best for your posts. I think readers usually appreciate it if a blogger is able to just be themselves.

  5. I don’t actually know who likes or follows my posts or even how many views I get because I don’t check them 😅 I might decide to check them every so often as a means to explore blogs.

  6. The older posts, but I can see why. They’re not as well structured and they’re shorter. I plan to go back and spruce them up eventually, but I’m focusing more on new content right now.

  7. Great post Ayesha..I write about certain subjects but I write my notes and thoughts about those subjects..I am happy that people here accepted me and believed in me although their views are different from mine.
    Keep giving 🙂

  8. Funny you mentioned this. I assumed my “pointless meandering” would do the worst, since it has no links or prompts, but my latest one has outperformed my other recent posts. My Tuesday Story prompt is not getting many views, but idc. A few people like it a lot and I find it fun, both the posting and reading. The Monday Peeves are pretty popular, which is nice, because yay peeves!

  9. I’ve noticed that my more personal posts tend to garner more Likes, but my primary purpose is to put forward an alternative possible vision for our society: I’ve still not figured out how to reach my target audience, nor who that would be, really, but I definitely also try to reach students, since so many of my former students lacked good study and life skills.

  10. I have a similar approach to you with this. For me, the less popular stuff – at least with people who come to me through the WordPress Reader – is definitely my song of the day series, which is something I can definitely understand because a lot of music I share is rather niche, and often not even in English. That sort of thing just can’t suddenly become popular! 😀
    Still, I do it because I think this is a good idea to introduce some people to something new and different. And recently I’ve realised that these posts are what mainly gives me any Google traffic, so why get rid of that? It is also true that less popular posts will often be more ever-green for me as well. Sometimes interesting things happen with these posts like that they’ll suddenly start generating a lot more views for no apparent reason. Like you, I absolutely get it that people may be into one thing and not into another, especially that my blog covers a lot of topics rather freely, so it’s only natural that not everyone will be interested in everything.

    1. Interesting that the music posts bring in Google traffic – I guess the more niche you are, the more likely it is that people looking for that niche will find you.

      1. Yeah, that’s what I thought, too, when I started to see the trend. Especially that there are a lot of words in the titles of these posts, for example from other languages, which you don’t see a lot on the English Internet, so then when someone actually searches for something with this word they’ll be more likely to come across my blog than if my titles were more generic.

  11. I stopped looking at stats and likes so long ago I have no idea of any patterns with popularity. I do think shorter posts are more likely to be viewed and read and liked than very long ones though.

  12. I haven’t really seen any differences in the types of blogs that get read to be honest.
    I think that’s mainly because whether it’s poetry, datingrelated or just daily lives my blogs all still have that personal subtone so in the end they’re still sort of the same. But whatever I post, the numbers are always sort of the same. But it wouldn’t stop me posting something if it gets less, I’m pretty sure 🙂

      1. People, especially in this crazy time, definitely look for that connection and recognisable content I think.
        Makes us all feel less alone in isolation

  13. I really appreciate your way of approaching such aspects. You delinates your thoughts in such a great manner. I am a fan of your words.
    As you have mentioned earlier, you prefer posts where people are real as opposed to just being positive, you can surely visit my blog. It will mean world to me if you pay a visit to my blog and shower some love.
    Thank you!!

  14. Before I revamped my website, focusing more with publishing my own content rather than worrying what others are in to, I used to write primarily about pregnancy and the transparency of odd things people may not use now, but will later.

    My husband viewed my website and pointed out that I focused more towards my interests rather than our goals with working together. Don’t get me wrong, I can slap together a mean website in 4 hours, but it’s hard to not write about what I am going through. The only difference within my writing is I changed from the pity writing style to more of professional journaling and simply talking to those that want to listen to me.

    Man, my ass sounds like a funsized loner right now, but I am at a point where I don’t care if nobody sees my work anymore. Freelance writing and ghost writing consumed my life for now.

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