Weekend Wrap-Up

wrapping paper, ribbon, and twine

Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • My essential oil diffuser appears to be possessed. I tried to give it a thorough cleaning a few months ago, which it was not impressed with. Since then, it’s been finicky, and will sometimes randomly turn itself on. The WordPress gremlins appear to have jumped out of my screen and into my diffuser.
  • The weather has been quite spring-like much of this week. It’s nice to have a break from the rain.
  • I called the clinic nearby that has a nurse practitioner taking new patients. The receptionist was not impressed that I already have a GP, even though I said I’m not seeing him anymore. She snapped at me to call on Monday and talk to Tracy, whoever the hell that is. It’s too bad the guinea pigs can’t do phone calls for me, because it’s obvious within a few seconds that I’m impaired (because of psychomotor effects of depression on my speech), and who wants to take that on as a new patient?
  • I don’t know when the disability clusterfuck will finally be sorted, but I’ve decided not to renew my nursing license when it expires at the end of next month. At the same time, I’ll resign from the casual position I still have even though I haven’t worked for over a year. That will be the end to Nurse Ashley, quite literally; nurse and RN are protected titles, and I won’t be able to use them any longer. The end of an era.

i wrote a couple of months ago about a mother who had gotten a court injunction to stop her 17-year-old’s planned gender-affirming double mastectomy surgery while she sued the doctor and surgeon for treating the 17-year-old without her consent. I’m happy to report that the BC Supreme Court dismissed the case as an abuse of process, as the law around mature minor consent is clear and previous court decisions on the issue are just as clear.

Here’s Oreo and Casper having a snuggle together with their rusty wire hay manger that they love so much.

How has your week been?

Mental Health @ Home Books by Ashley L. Peterson
Mental Health @ Home Books by Ashley L. Peterson

35 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up”

  1. Oh, geez, that person on the phone sounds like a total [bleep], and there’s no call for that. I don’t know why healthcare receptionists are so cruel. I hope you keep trying with different places! You deserve good healthcare! That makes me so angry!! Ugh!

    Awww, the guineas are so cute!!

    My week was… well, once again, I can’t remember! Oh well. I think it was good…? Yeah, it was probably good. I think.

  2. Thanks for updating that court case. Thought about it this week.

    End of an era for you. Now you’re Ashley the human, guinea pig mama, aunt, WP goddess

    Medical community seems overwhelmed. We spoke to one front desk person who was so patient and nice and affirming. What a blessing to talk to her even though she couldn’t help us

    We have to make medical phone calls for Younger Child and dread it. Phones are not easy for us

    This house is filled to the rafters with stress and anxiety and overwhelm. Its inhabitants are trying their best

  3. Sending love. Sounds like a big step but sometimes letting go is a relief. Aren’t guinea pigs funny little things? They form strong attachments for objects in their cage and like to snuggle near them! Sweet 😄

  4. Sorry to hear about using your nurse title. Lately I’ve been wondering if my life as a librarian is officially over. It’s difficult to face, even if I don’t think I was ever as good a librarian as you were a nurse.

    I hope you have more luck with the surgery next week.

    1. Thanks!

      It’s strange process that kind of transition. I think it would have felt more natural to transition straight to disability as I’d expected, and it’s sort another layer to recognize that no, that ship has sailed regardless.

  5. It sounds like GP and Clinic Receptionist are the same no matter what country you live in. Do you think they are trained to be that way or some sort of unwritten code.

    It must have been a really decision to make to not renew your Nurses licence, I hope you are doing ok.

    1. Yeah, funny, it’s like they teach it in school or something.

      I was expecting not to renew my nursing license, but I was also expecting to have a decision about disability by then. I had it floating in the back of my mind that I didn’t want to give it up until I had disability in place, but I decided there’s no point paying the 350ish £ renewal fee when there’s zero chance of me working.

  6. Still with the disability muck-up? What the hell is wrong with that guy? My weeks are the same, always – yeah, it’s been a week now that Miss Frankie passed and I just now got rid of the rest of her toys. Need to call the pet services place to find out when I will get her ashes…

      1. I’ve never done with any of my other cats but somehow, Frankie was just special, it just feels right. Human ashes should be scattered at some point but certainly kept around for a while – I don’t know why, it just feels right.

  7. I hope you making the decision to not renew gives you some sense of relief in this decision. It can’t have been easy.

    Cute photos of guinea pigs as always.

    I have to drag myself away at times from Twitter to keep calm, with knowing many are going through what I am going through right now.

    Work as usual in both jobs, but busier in evening one this past werk, with sharing the extra workload. I don’t mind this, as it keeps me busy.

    A relaxing weekend planned. Been with my support bubble as planned, but stayed longer than planned. I won’t be long before bed, as feeling tired.

    I don’t know what I am doing tomorrow, but I have gave myself a small list of ideas to choose from, that will be at a slow pace.

      1. My weekend will definitely be relaxing, thank you. Shall carry on reading my book that I would like to finish soon, but have half still left to read, so I can start another book. 🙂

    1. For me the money is a big issue. $600 for an annual renewal is a lot to pay when there’s no way I’m going to be able to work, and I would only be able to renew for so long anyway before I’d get to the point that I wouldn’t meet the practice hours requirement for renewal.

  8. I hope the disability cluster fuck gets sorted. Wow, screw that receptionist.

    My week has been stressful, I got careless with my laptop (it has a dead battery so runs purely on plugged in) and shot up the utilities bill.

  9. How crappy with that receptionist! It’s so annoying when people, who are, after all, paid to do their thing, are jerky like that. It would be so cool indeed if our pets could do phone calls. I’ll have to look into it, Russian blue are so clever after all, perhaps it would be possible to train my Misha to have a basic phone call. Given his personality though, he’d probably be even worse at it than me. 😀 I know that, theoretically, there is technology that Google created which could potentially help with phone calls, I don’t know if people actually are able to use it in daily life yet or how effective it is in practice, but it uses some very fancy, creepily human-sounding speech synthesis to communicate with the person on the other end and you can apparently do very specific things with it like book a table at a restaurant which would support it, and the person on the other end knows they’re having to do with AI rather than you personally. I would like such things to be developed seriously since it looks like there are such possibilities, and to see solutions like these be actually implemented not just like a gadget for ordering a pizza but as some kind of accommodation for people like you for whom speech is problematic, or perhaps even for people like me who have social anxiety and the like, where we could give such a thing some kind of a script to follow in a very specific conversation which has some purpose to it, like the one you had with that receptionist, and it would only redirect the call to us when it would get lost. But that’s probably not going to come any time soon even if it theoretically could.
    It must feel weird to have to let go of an important part of your identity like this, that has been a part of you for quite some time… I hope it won’t affect you too badly.

  10. Ashley.💜i’m sorry to hear about your nurse title. i hope this transition will be an easy one for you. “when one door closes, another opens.” sending you love and light.✨

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