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Things from Back in the Day

This post will take a look back at things I still have from back in the day. My mom hates that phrase, but I love its non-specific retro-liciousness.

Auntie Lou, one of my great aunts, regularly gave me books for Christmas and birthdays, including the Anne of Green Gables series and Emily of New Moon. My favourites were Anne of Avonlea and Anne of the Island. Anne of Avonlea either got lost somewhere along the way or bit the biscuit, but Anne of the Island is still (barely) in one piece. There were a lot of words that appeared in Anne of Green Gables that I didn’t actually know how to pronounce, because I’d never heard them said aloud. For the longest time, I thought Avonlea was pronounced a-VON-lee-yah.

The pen and pencil holder was a gift my grandparents on my dad’s side gave me when I was a kid. It came from Montana, and they’d done a road trip through the northern states on the way out west from Manitoba to visit us. It’s been with me ever since, including the to-ing and fro-ing as I moved in and out of university residence each year.

I made the dinky little hammer in the metalworking rotation in Practical Arts 8. In woodworking, I made a plant stand that I think my parents still have. Both hammer and plant stand turned out remarkably well given how non-practically inclined I am.

The UBC sweatshirt comes from the school where I did my pharmacy and nursing degrees. I think I got it in first year, which was 1997. I’ve plunked a champagne flute on top of it; that’s from 2002, the year I graduated from pharmacy. Every year there was a cake and champagne event for the faculty and the graduating class, and all of the grads were given a flute to keep.

I was a big Vancouver Canucks fun in late elementary school and high school. This was my favourite t-shirt. They’ve since changed their logo; I guess the orange got a little old.

Last, but not least, we have my passport photo from 1993. I was 14, and needed a passport for a school exchange trip to Japan. I forget sometimes that I used to wear glasses (I had laser eye surgery in my 20s). I had a lot of bad glasses back when, but then again, I’m not sure if there was anything better around at the time. Oh, and that’s my fancy little hammer blocking out the identifying details on the passport.

That’s it for this little trip down memory lane. What are some of the things you’ve still got around from back in the day?

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  1. I love Anne of Green Gables! Talk about a blast from the past ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜.. I have a few birthday cards from very young years and my mum has my teeth (I think thatโ€™s a bit weird ๐Ÿ˜‚) I have a few of my great nanas things but I think thatโ€™s it really.. xx

  2. I probably have too much stuff, particularly old books and toys. I guess I’m a bit of a hoarder.

    I used to find as a child that I would learn words from books without necessarily knowing to pronounce them properly, doubly so as I was reading a lot of science fiction/Doctor Who. This could be a bit embarrassing on occasion.

  3. WordPress ate my comment! Trying to repost…

    I probably have too much stuff, particularly old books and toys. I guess I’m a bit of a hoarder.

    I used to find as a child that I would learn words from books without necessarily knowing to pronounce them properly, doubly so as I was reading a lot of science fiction/Doctor Who. This could be a bit embarrassing on occasion.

  4. This is so cool! I love being nosy ๐Ÿ˜‚ It’s great you actually got to make something useful with the hammer and a plant stand. All I remember making in woodwork was a block. That’s right, just a block of wood, albeit one with nice edges and a super smooth finish. I can’t remember what I tried to pass it off as, maybe some kind of paperweight. I think I ran out of time because I set my sights too high on a much grander design that I never stood a chance at making. x

  5. Love it!! Oh my gosh. You and I are the same age, give or take a year (?), so I can totally relate to all of this! I had the exact same edition of Anne of the Island. That was a great mass-market version! I never misread Avonlea (possibly due to seeing the miniseries), but I misread stuff from Little House in the Big Woods. I thought Laura’s name was pronounced LAW-ra (not Lora–and I still have that mental glitch today), and I thought her sister was CAR-rie (like a car). And when I read CS Lewis, I thought it was about the magical land of Naria (I overlooked the second N in Narnia, apparently). Go us, for clearly reading beyond our reading levels and toughing it out despite our inability to get the names correct!!

    So you had that eye surgery? That’s cool! I think my vision’s way too bad for that, but I’ve never looked into it! (I like wearing eyeglasses as a safety measure because I’m weird like that!) ๐Ÿ˜€ Oh my gosh, I think I have some old IDs too, and I look exactly like you with the eyeglasses and haircut! Freaky!!

    Stuff from the day? I have some old T-shirts in the basement. One has massive sentimental value. It’s a basic purple cotton or polyester deal that has three glittery fish appliqued on it. I wore it at the age of fifteen, and it just totally expressed my spirituality in ways that are hard to articulate.

    Hmm…. what else… oh, right! My Care Bears. I still have them. My parents would get me a new one every birthday and every Christmas. I have one in every color: pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and brown. The brown one was my brother’s. I “borrowed” it from his room once, and he never asked for it back. ๐Ÿ˜€

    There are dolls, too, in the basement (I think), but I never cared for dolls. No one knew that, and they all kept getting me dolls. Ugh. I do like them a bit more now than I did then, so there’s that. I think I’m more into stuffed animals, though.

    What fun!

    1. I never had any Care Bears, although I certainly watched the show.

      I was very glad to get eye surgery. I never liked wearing glasses, and I was blind as a bat without them. My vision got worse again years post-initial surgery, so I had to get revision surgery, which was less than fun.

  6. Saved some old t-shirts: high school stuff, the first Elton John-Billy Joel tour concert shirt. ticket stubs from concerts and ball games. Lots of photos from Instamatics and Fuji film. Love notes from elementary school. College lecture notes.

  7. You made a hammer? Good grief, how cool is that! I don’t really have anything from ‘back in the day’ unless you count a bracelet made of jingle bells I got for my 10th birthday; a few of my childhood books, a few even older books that belonged to someone or other in my family. I do have my Grandmother’s china cabinet which she rescued off a curb in Manhattan waaay back in the day and I have her meat fork(???) Family heirlooms tend to be weird in my family…

  8. I have no physical possessions from my childhood, but I hold the memories of my adoptive great grandmother, Marie Johnson (Nash, of Oak Grove, VA), as the foundation of my survival.

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