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How Much Do You Fidget With Your Blog?

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Fidget is perhaps a strange word to use when it comes to a blog, so let’s start with what I mean by that. I’m referring to fussing around with a blog’s general appearance, like colours and fonts, and the content, layout, and images you’ve got on your home and about pages. Essentially, the things that you could sensibly choose to just set it and forget it… but you don’t. Or at least I don’t.

I fidget with my blog a lot. It’s not that what I want changes; it’s more that I don’t know what I want. Part of the problem is that I’m not a very visual person, and I don’t have any sort of mental image of what I’m after. Instead, I try different things out, and then decide whether I like something, it’s okay for now, not really a big fan, or ugh. I seldom get to the point of liking something, and instead settle for it’s okay for now.

Another factor in my frequent fidgeting is that it doesn’t require much brain power. I don’t have a lot to go around, and when there isn’t enough to do any writing, fidgeting is still something I can do.

I also do various blog housekeeping tasks, like internal link-building, but in my mind, SEO kind of stuff occupies a different corner of my blogging experience than fidgeting does. Housekeeping is at least somewhat constructive, whereas fidgeting is more like reinventing the wheel.

I also fidget more the more I learn. If I happen to stumble across a new CSS trick, fidget, fidget, fidget.

Maybe I’ll get to a point where I’m content enough that I’m willing to just set it and forget it. In the meantime, though, I’ll fidget.

How about you? Do you make changes very often to your blog’s outward appearance?

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51 thoughts on “How Much Do You Fidget With Your Blog?”

  1. I constantly fidget with the colors and fonts for my site trying to find something that will make me feel content. Hope that contentness comes your way soon!

  2. I was actually JUST fidgeting with my blog. It has been very plain and I want to change it a bit. I’m going to have to wait to change it much more until I’m feeling more up to the task.

  3. Years ago when I self-hosted, I was always changing things up appearance wise. I was never satisfied and thought it waa nwver good enough. Now that I’m started blogging for fun, and not self-hosted, my customizing is limited. However, that’s a good thing for me! When I started doing web design for bloggers, it made me realize how addicted I was to changing my own blog. It’s hard to know exactly what you want for your own blog especially when you visit so many others blogs and see something new that appeals to you. Good luck!

  4. Fidgeting – love it. Apt description. I fidgeted a lot to begin with but now I mainly just write and fidget endlessly with the posts themselves. I read that most people don’t care much about the look of other people’s blog so I stoped paying too much attention to it. In terms of housekeeping – I probably need to do a lot more of that! Thanks for sharing 🙏

  5. I am glad you explained the word fidget when it comes to blogging. I was intrigued at your title and thought before reading, fidget. How can I fidget with my blog.
    so now I know and onto answering your question.

    With my blog I now write over at Blogger, I have fidgeted a bit there. But I doubt I will fidget anymore anytime soon. I changed the theme as you know. I liked the one previous, but still kept looking at one of the more modern ones and I eventually liked another as I did with the previous. Now I have that, I know I won’t change it anytime soon.

    With my WordPress one, it had one or two changes over the years. Nothing more than maybe add pages.

    But many years ago, when I first started blogging, which was my deaf blogging days, I did used to fidget a fair bit changing the themes and adding some widgets. Especially when I first started out at Blogger with my deaf blog before I moved it to WordPress.

    1. I definitely made up the use of fidgeting in this context, but it seemed to fit.

      I’m trying to think back to when I first started blogging, and I think it was mostly focused on functional things, like figuring out how to use widgets . But the more I’ve learned, the more things I’m able to make changes to, which isn’t necessarily a good thing.

      1. I like the word fidgeting that you came up with. It certainly fits.

        As much as there is always something new to learn when it comes to blogging, the early days are certainly where we discover whats right and what isn’t worth bothering with, when playing around with our blog in some way.

          1. Oh yes. I think for me the widgets were like having new toys to play with, before realising I was wasting my time with some of them. This was in my beginning years on Blogger, when first ever blogging.

  6. I very rarely fidget with mine tbh.
    Probably partly because I’ve just barely had it for only 5 months now so I’m still pretty satisfied with the overall look I guess. And as long as people compliment the layout instead of complain…I dunno. Never change a winning recipe I guess 🤣

    But yeah – not being superpremium on WP also limits the options 🤭

  7. I’ve haven’t recently but I definitely used to fidget a lot. I suppose I do have ideas in my head of how I’d like my blog to look, the problem is I just can’t get it to look that way in reality. I probably need to invest in a new theme but it’s another thing I’ve not got around to. I started fidgeting more with SEO too, going back through old incredibly cringe-worthy posts, but then it went by the wayside when I started falling too far behind on everything. But I do agree on it being a little easier, slightly less creativity and brainpower required compared to writing new content. x

  8. Nah, I’m not much of a blog fidgeter. I mess around with it a lot when I’m setting up a blog, like with my author page–I put loads of effort into that. If it were to come down, I doubt I could replicate it. So I just find something that works and stick with it!!

  9. I just changed up my main blog page on my site, to update certain changes, that have happened since the beginning. But for this site it’s slowly coming together, but I agree integrating things to make it stand out, help with engagement.

  10. You fidget, I futz and fiddle – as other folks have said, in the early days of Blogger (I started in 2005) there were all sorts of widgets – games, interactive doodads – and we all just plastered our blogs with them – it was fun, it was new!!! Nowadays I like a clean look – aside from the animated background – nothing fancy on my blog….

  11. I’m a web designer in my day life and so when I’m on any of my blogs, I’m also always fidgeting with it. I use CMS which limits what exactly I can do and I don’t pay for the more intense subscriptions either so I can’t do a lot of custom coding on anything. I usually have something particular in mind and then try to get close to it. It depends on what I’m trying to highlight on my blog.

  12. I too made a friend who is a web developer and thankfully he has started to switch things up around my site and organize it better too. I love to write but I am not a fan of technology so that part of it is a struggle for me.

      1. It truly is🙏 As an artist I stick to what I know and am passionate about which keeps my heart on my passions, lowering any over frustration that quickly arises surrounding the technology piece😉

  13. I’m forever fidgeting with customising my blog, but I just end up getting more frustrated because I try and learn something, like CSS, but I just still don’t understand it.

      1. I did have a look at the website you recommended a while back, but I just don’t get all the fancy words when they explain how to use it, I wish they would use simple words. I feel like ill forever be hopeless at the technicalities 😞

          1. Youre a gem! Thank you so much, I get so nervous about asking others to explain things more simpler (not sure that’s even a word). IT was not my strongest subject at school.

  14. From time to time I like to change up the look of my blog, and although I usually have something in mind, the task usually takes longer than planned. I think that fidgeting with a blog can be beneficial as it allows us to experiment more with what tools are available eg.

  15. I am probably long long long overdue an update on the appearance of my blog. I think the reasons why it has stayed the same for so long are partly because I have stayed so busy with writing content, partly because I spend so much time reading other bloggers posts, and because 95% of all my blogging activity is within the WP Reader. The only site I visit are those like yours which I need to read the post….or on prompts like Share-Your-World and Song-Lyric-Sunday, where I check out posts of everyone who has pingbacked. Every other post I read in the Reader.

    The only thing that tempts me to have a go at a new theme and widgets is that the menus on my current site are so huge and I gave up trying to update them about a year ago. I think it is about time I had an archives widget or something that made it easier to see my past posts. But then….blogging moves forward and there is always something new to write. I think perhaps it is better to just start re-blogging older posts that may be of interest to readers?

    1. I do most of my reading in the Reader too. I would have my site display in the Reader except it does such ugly things to blocks I use regularly.

      With limited time, it certainly makes sense to devote time to writing and reading. And I think repubishing older posts is a good idea.

        1. The good thing about having a plan instead of being self-hosted is that your chances of being able to retrieve a deleted/broken blog are much higher.

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