Weekend Wrap-Up

wrapping paper, ribbon, and twine

Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • I had an unwell guinea pig to attend to. I’m not sure exactly when, but Butternut bit Peanut, and the bite developed into an abscess. I first clued in that something was wrong because it smelled to high heaven in the boys’ room. Poor little potato was draining pus. So he’s been glued to my hip pretty much all week. I’ve kept it clean and kept him wrapped up in blankets so he’s warm and can’t nibble at it, and it seems to be healing well. Guinea pigs are such cuddle bugs when they’re not feeling well, and he likes using my arm as a pillow.
guinea pig Peanut resting his snout on my arm
This is Peanut wrapped up in his blanket with his snout resting on my arm.
  • My massage therapist was nice and didn’t charge me a last minute cancellation fee for my last minute missed appointment last week, so that was nice. I’d missed the appointment because I got my meds mixed up, so this week, I got a dosette to see if that will be a better system. It’s a big honkin’ thing like I might expect to have if I was 80 years old, but it’s got rainbow colours, so it’s kind of pretty.
  • I had another unpleasant conversation with my doctor. He remains convinced that the disability people are asking, without coming out and saying so, for me to have an assessment done by a psychiatrist. I’m not sure why he’s got that particular burr lodged up his butt. I told him to just send the damn notes from my chart from the past year; the fact that I can’t walk or talk normally should be hella obvious for not being able to work. He said he’d do that, or at least I think he did, but he’s still fixated on the burr up his butt.
  • I’m hoping that means no more stressful events over the next couple of weeks, and I’m hoping that will mean I’m able to walk, albeit ultra-slowly, to the dentist. That would take care of the logistical issues I was concerned about, so I’ve booked an appointment for the first week in January. It’s not enough time for there likely to have been much of an improvement, but we shall see.
  • I haven’t had enough brainpower to do much writing this week, so instead I did a bunch of pruning of older blog posts that weren’t accomplishing anymore. It was an interesting process to look back.

How has your week been?

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41 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up”

  1. Oh no, poor guinea piggie!! I’m glad he has you to nurse him back to health! Naughty brother who bit him!!

    Rocking the rainbow dosette!! Nice!! Work that dosette and its rainbow colors like a boss!

    So sorry about your doctor. I can feel your frustration, and I wish I could knock some sense into him for you. That’s awful to deal with. πŸ™

    I’m going to the dentist on Tuesday myself. Here’s hoping we both have good appts!

    My week has been incredibly boring. I don’t know if I’m between projects or what! Trying to find a memoir agent is so far like doing massive spreadsheet data entry. Not fun. Mindless. And the docs they want–query, proposal, synopsis–are harder to write than the memoir was. Just a lot. But I think I can sell it!

  2. I am sorry to hear about your guinea pig and I hope he feels better soon. I feel bad things tend to happen toward the end of the year, or around Christmas. not sure why that is πŸ™

  3. I spent the week re-launching my blog. I’ve been saddened by the fact that far more readers were interested in my pain, than they are my creativity. I have found that turning off my notifications helps, but only a little.

    I’m happier writing what I want to write… but may have to find more effective marketing tools or something. (Which so doesn’t interest me.)

    Christmas is always hard, because I don’t work. My disability claim was dismissed because of doctors being uncooperative, and then because I lacked a solid work history — seems I have to work in order to prove I can’t.

    I try to keep myself in the moment at hand, but it’s difficult to feel that I have any “real” value.

    I hope your fuzzy friend gets well, and that your disability claim is processed (and approved) very soon. Sending you positive vibes from down South!

    1. Thanks, lovely lady. Hopefully it won’t take too long to get into a groove with the new version of the blog. I think the creative people are out there, and those connections will form with a bit of time.

      It’s really yucky how society views people who can’t work. It shouldn’t have to be so difficult just to be able to get by.

      My little man has been steadily improving as the week has gone on. Right now he’s sitting behind me snuggled in his blanket fort. 😍

  4. Poor Peanut. Glad he’s healing well.

    Also gahhhh at your doctor. Whys he making it so difficult? I hope that burr up his butt dislodges, and that he’ll send your chart over.

    I hope the dentist goes as smoothly as possible!

    I’m probably going to get another pill box for my morning meds and supplements.

  5. Oh, poor little Peanut! :/ But I can imagine how sweet and cuddly he must have been. I hope he recovers quickly. Mish is so very different when sick. I mean, obviously he’s different since he’s different species, πŸ˜€ plus thankfully he doesn’t get sick very often at all, but when he does, I find it very sad that he tends to isolate himself and be even more scared of people rather than glue himself to us, which makes caring for him or monitoring how he’s feeling or even comforting him in any way more difficult, but I guess that’s generally the case with felines.
    How frustrating with your doctor that he’s making so much trouble for you with this disability thing! I do hope things will be less stressful soon and he’ll do what he’s supposed to do. Also hoping that your dentist appt will go well.

    1. With unwell guinea pigs I’ve noticed their initial tendency is to hide, but when I force cuddles on them anyway, they like it. I’m guessing the main thing is they like the warmth, and they’re not as effective at heating their little bodies as bigger animals are.

  6. A busy week. You’re feeling unwell, the guinea pig is unwell. I’m sorry.

    I’m also sorry about doctor frustrations. I’ve mostly been incredibly lucky on that front, especially with my GPs. A couple of weird shrinks, but that’s history. But it adds stress to pain and that’s the worst. And now I’m going to say something I would find so annoying if someone suggested it to me, but smell help. I have essential oils and a find dabs of this or that can really help. Lavender. Spearmint.

    I never thought of culling the blog. Oh, god. Now there’s something new to organize. And my bathroom drawers are already dumped all over the counter and the kitchen cupboards are next on the list. No. The blog will remain inviolate. For now. But fun to do, I imagine. It’s interesting to see how we grow.

  7. Oh Peanut is sooo cute. The sick cute face. Poor little kid. This makes me have the cute baby dance again <3 hope that Peanut will be healthy and moving around again.

    Good thing that you have got a new dosette with rainbow colours. I must admit that I am old too. Tell you…I have been using one too. and its rainbow colours are coming out bit by bit.

    Since it's school holiday, I tried a sleep supplement to replace my anti-psychotics. I have read about the long term side effects of Olanzapine and it sounds scary. everyday, I need to sleep at least 9.5 hour and drink at least 2 cups of coffee to function normally. So I thought it would be great to be off medication but it didn't work on the first day of trying. So I am back to medication again.

    I hope all goes well for your dentist's appointment.

    I have stopped blogging by setting ahead of me a reward of writing a blogpost if I can finish writing Draft 1 of all my analysis chapters during this school holiday. I am sure many changes will be needed after that but I set the goal to at least churn out the whole Draft 1. Almost no distractions so this is good.

    Oh my God… This video is sooo funny. I can feel the Christmas atmosphere now.
    <3 <3 <3

  8. Aww no, poor little Peanut. How’s he doing now? I hope he’s recuperating.

    I hope the dosette box helps. I’ve got a 7 day rainbow coloured one that looks awesome, but I haven’t used it in ages. It’s no wonder I’m all over the place with meds again! So what happens with the disability people now? I hope the doc just sends the notes and gets on with quickly. So many doctors I think need a butt burr removal service for one thing or another. xx

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