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Christmas Tree Ornaments from Childhood

Christmas ornaments lined up against a wall

I used to really like Christmas, but the last Christmas I cared about was the last Christmas I was well, which was in 2015. Since then, I haven’t cared enough to do anything for Christmas, including putting up a tree, but I thought I’d rummage through some of the ornaments from my childhood that were passed on to me. I was actually a bit surprised that there were a lot fewer than I remembered, but I think I ended up giving them to my brother.

On the left is a plastic Santa with a fuzzy suit that’s getting rather worn. But he’s probably at least 40 years old, so maybe that’s not surprising.

One year my mom sewed some Christmas Ornaments. There were stars, balls, and doves, and this is a dove, although it doesn’t look particularly dove-like any more, and it’s missing a wing. My mom didn’t do a lot of sewing, but what she did, she did a good job of.

The little angel with a flute came from my grade 5 teacher, Mr. Demetrick. I remember there being a big fuss because Mr. Demetrick swatted one of the boys in the class on the arm once, although I don’t remember what came of it.

Every year at the local community centre there was a pre-Christmas craft fair. The pink heart, the read devil, and the red Christmas stocking all come from the craft fair. The devil was made of flexy plastic, and had a Hershey’s kiss inside. The devil was mine, and my brother had the same kind of thing but a green frog. A devil isn’t particularly Christmasy, but that didn’t detract from anything.

My mom used to curl when she was younger and more sociable, and she got this curling ornament thing at a bonspiel or something. Again, nothing Christmasy, but it was part of the usual suspects. Speaking of curling, I think there was one year I was involved in a dinky little Boxing Day family bonspiel. My uncle and grandpa were really into curling, which I guess is what people did (and perhaps still do?) in small town Canada in the winter.

Snowman ornament with photo of author and brother as children

This isn’t an old ornament, but it’s got an old photo. That’s me and my brother, and I’d guess that I’m 6 and he’s 3.

I’ve accumulated various newer Christmas tree ornaments over the years, but somehow, none of them have quite the same appeal as the original gangsta bunch.

Do you have any holiday ornaments from your childhood still kicking around?

Christmas tree topped by the Christmas star

37 thoughts on “Christmas Tree Ornaments from Childhood”

  1. I don’t have any of the ornaments from my childhood. I think my mom threw them out or got rid of them long ago. Kind of sad really. I do have some from our foster kids though.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing about Christmas ornaments. My relationship with Christmas ornaments is bittersweet. When I was a girl my Dad and StepMom bought an ornament for us each year. So when they died in 1988 and 1989, I inherited a box of Christmas ornaments. For the years where we do put up a tree, we get these ornaments out which are still stored in the original box from 30 years ago. We don’t put up a tree every year, but when we do we are reminded of a time gone by.

  3. I held onto mine until September of this year. I had inherited quotes bit of decorations from my Mommygee, grandmother, who passed and some my mother discarded. My Mommygee was a ceramic artist and her work was impeccable. My last drunken move in 2013 is when I left all seasonal decorations behind. There was a chunk. Over the past year, I have dwindled any belongings, including homeware, that hadn’t been used in a year. In September there was a miscommunication about the rest of my belongings and they were dropped off at the Goodwill. I wasn’t informed of the whereabouts until a week later. I stopped in to see if they happened to have any of my things, the sentimental items, and the lady hadn’t a clue. It’s one of those things where everything was valuable, therefore, first come (staff), first serve yet they wouldn’t dare admit to it. I feel indifferent about it. My Ma made sure to it that I had a tree. I love it! It’s the perfect size at 3 foot. It’s been easier to digest only because my child is grown.

  4. “The devil was mine!” <— Greatest sentence ever.

    It's great to see all these ornaments that have such great nostalgic value!! I loved reading about where they all came from!! And you and your brother are adorable!!

    I think we do have some old ornaments, but they'd be with my mom… I'm not sure if she's decorated this year in Maine. Granny Franny used to have one of those small glass trees with attached lights, and I loved it! Like, go to Amazon and search for this: B01N0I95PO. That's sort of what it was like. Not sure what happened to it! Then we had a few angels for the top of the tree, and I think my brother made one, so naturally my mom just loves it and gets all weepy over it.

    I love stuff from the past!! YAY!

  5. My mom does. She adores Christmas. They decorate the entire house – inside and out – and have several trees full of ornaments collected over their forty-seven-years of marriage.

    These past three Christmases, they added an additional tree: the one from my brother’s house. They decorate it with all of the decorations he and my nephew purchased together, and tell my nephew stories about his Dad, while hanging them.

  6. I probably have some stored away somewhere, I’ve never left my childhood home 🙈. As bad as that sounds.

    My daughter makes Christmas decorations at school, we have to pay a small donation to the school and she gets to bring them home. So far we have a reindeer, a wooden snowman, lolly stick star and a fur cone owl. Its become a tradition of sorts.

  7. These are lovely. It looks like your mom sewed great. That’s a nice ornament to have and hold on to (all of them are). I don’t have any from my childhood, but my tree is full of those I have given to my children through the years. Some day , just as you have shared, they will go with them to their homes and hopefully hold as much meaning as yours do. I hope you have a good holiday Ashley. 🤍🤍

  8. This is a really sweet post. My mom made annual Christmas ornaments for myself and my siblings each year until I was about 10 or 12 years old. I still hang every one of them on my tree each year. And while I haven’t carried on that tradition with my own kids (I’m not nearly as crafty as my mom), my favorite ornaments are the homemade ones that they create.

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