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Wildlife Pictures Out of Africa

The natural world is a truly amazing thing. These photos are from a safari trip I did about 10 years ago in Kenya and Tanzania.

mother and baby rhino in Kenya

If I remember correctly, this is the first up-close look we got at wildlife. There was the mama and baby rhino in the picture as well as some assorted other critters. You can’t really see it, but at the top of this photo is a lake, and there were a whole bunch of bright pink flamingoes doing their thing.

It’s interesting how babies are cute in so many species. Adult rhinos aren’t exactly cute, but little dude sure is!

lionesses in Kenya

Female lions are the ones that do the hunting. I would definitely not want to be potential lion prey. These ladies mean business!

lions in Tanzania

These ladies (and gent), on the other hand, are having some dozy time.

zebra in Tanzania

Zebras are social animals, and often stand in pairs like in the photo above.

There are shadows in the corners of this photo because the camera I had couldn’t zoom much, so I took a lot of photos through my binoculars. It actually worked pretty well, although if I didn’t have the camera centred properly, the binoculars were partly visible in the corners of the photo.

wildebeest in Tanzania

The wildebeest, also known as a gnu, is an ugly animal, but kind of cute at the same time. Go team ugly!

ostriches in Kenya

That’s a female ostrich on the left, and two male ostriches on the right. No expectation of makeup, high heels, clothing and undergarments that makes you look the perfect hourglass shape, etc. in lady animals. They get to just be bland, and if they can do it, so can we.

That’s my brief wander through the animal world. What are some of the interesting critters that you’ve seen, either at home, while travelling, or at a zoo?

Here you can find more critters of my travels:

45 thoughts on “Wildlife Pictures Out of Africa”

  1. I adore animals! I tried to make friends with a cockroach once whilst very drunk in Gran Canaria 😂 other than that I’ve befriended a giant millipede in Thailand and tonnes of raccoons/coatis in Mexico 😃

      1. I don’t think we have them in the Uk and if we do I’ve never seen one.. I’m awful for loving everything when I’m drunk. I just wanted to stroke it 😆🤦‍♀️ good job I couldn’t catch it.

  2. Great pics! Older Child uses binoculars and phone to take close-ups. Whatever works.

    Our profile photo of mama grizzly is one we took a few years ago in Grand Teton. Bears, Gray Wolves, and Moose are probably the most impressive wild animals we have seen. Red Fox is so beautiful, too.

    1. That’s awesome. I don’t think I’ve seen wolves in the wild, but I’ve seen bears and a few moose. The place where I worked most recently would sometimes get black bears and assorted other critters wandering by for a visit.

  3. Lions are basically Girl Power on steroids.

    What an amazing experience this must have been. You have some incredible photos.

    I think this should be the new empowerment slogan: Be more ostrich. I like it.

  4. I love attack ostriches!! 😀 Their scary faces are so funny!

    Those are all great photos!! I can’t decide if the top one or the zebras one is the absolute best!! It’s close!! Great job!!

    I also like to take photos at the zoo each year, and I have some photos of mating turtles. 😀 Remind me to include those in a blog post or send them to you! 😀 And then, we always get a photo of my dad with the goats!! 😀 He looks so curmudgeonly. It’s hilarious.

    Happy Thanksgiving!! (Well, American, but still…) I’m always grateful to have you and your wonderful blog in my life!! YAY!!

    1. I remember we went to the San Diego Zoo when I was a kid and we saw a rhino pooping. That was a major highlight.

      I’m grateful for you and your blog as well!

  5. Nice photos. Although ostriches and related birds always freak me out a little. I can’t work out if the fear is practical (being pecked or kicked) or if it’s just that they seem… wrong somehow. Like their necks and legs have been over-stretched or there should be more to their bodies. Maybe some arms would help???

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