Weekend Wrap-Up

Weekend Wrap-Up

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Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • I’ve been back on Instagram a bit after taking several months off. It’s interesting to see just how many people that used to be around in the blogosphere have shifted entirely to Instagram. I have a pleasant bunch of people in my Instagram feed, but posting seems like too much effort, what with needing to create visuals and not being able to do it on my laptop like I do everything else.
  • I got a letter from the disability people saying that they still hadn’t received the medical report from my doctor, and they must receive it by the end of this month. My doctor was supposed to do it early last month, so what, he can pull it out of his ass to refer me for TMS without talking to me about it, but he can’t be bothered doing my disability form? I so do not have the extra mental resources available to deal with this kind of shit, so I was crying when I called the doctor’s office. The receptionist said they mailed it on November 6. I’d told him it was due November 9, and Canada Post doesn’t work that fast in the times of COVID-. Anyway, so then I called the CPP disability people because the letter I got said that if my doctor had mailed in the form, I should call them and let them know the date. I got through to a person pretty much right away, and by that point, I was doing the vocal version of ugly crying. It took a while for dude to decipher what I was saying, but anyway, they did receive the report, but not until after they sent the letter to me. If I’m going to vocally ugly cry, I would prefer it be directed at the people who need to conclude I’m crazy, but the whole thing was all kinds of exhausting. And my doctor is definitely on my shit list now.
  • I saw my baby niece this week. I was over at my brother’s place for about an hour and a half while his wife was at an appointment. I find that anything longer than an hour gets to be pretty tiring. She is cute, though.
  • I’ve gotten several voice mails this week from spoofed numbers with an automated voice saying “stay safe and stay home,” and that’s it. Doing a little bit of digging, this has been reported in both Canadian and the US over the past few months, and there was recently a surge of these robocalls on election day in the US. It’s weird, because what’s the point? It’s not a scam where they’re asking you to do something. I can see it as a voter suppression tactic on election day, but aside from that, why? My guess is it’s Russia, and this is a warm-up for something else they’re cooking up.
  • Pinterest has randomly gotten mad at me before, and it’s happened again this week, although not as extreme. What I find weird is that they don’t say “you shouldn’t do [x]”, yet they’ll penalize you for doing [x] that you didn’t even know was a thing.

How has your week been?

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62 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up”

  1. Your doctor sounds like a right knobhead, pardon my French! As of phone calls aren’t hard enough without the extra stress and anxiety!! Glad you got it sorted though. Xx

  2. Misunderstandings (like pinterest) and having to trust others (like a doctor) freak us the f out. You survived it!

    We do not really even understand Instagram. We have seen it. It was not an instant Love affair.

    This week has been up and down, which seems like a Fuller range of experience than usual. That is probably from extra therapeutic support.

  3. Oof. I’d be ugly crying, too. Glad the report did actually get there, though. Having to call your doctor back AGAIN would just have been a step too far for me.

    What a strange robocall to get! I’m intrigued by your Russia hypothesis.

    1. My plan B was to go to the doctor’s office, sit myself down on the floor, and cry until they dealt with it. I’m glad it didn’t come to that.

      And maybe the phone thing is some 14-year-old kid sitting in a basement trying to creep people out. Whatever the explanation is, it’s weird.

  4. Awww!!! I’m so sorry you ugly cried!! Been there!! It’s awful, but I bet it was just what the disability people needed to witness to grant your disability!! That would make it all worthwhile to me, for sure, but it’s still awful that you had to deal with all that undue stress over it. Bad, bad doctor. I’m really glad that when you called, they figured out they had in fact received the report. Whew!!

    I’ve still never mastered Pinterest or Instagram. I’m totally in the dark about them! 😮

    My week has been okay, and I don’t remember much about it, as usual. I think it was all good!!

  5. Sorry you had such a bloody rough time with chasing the form. Things like that can tip me right over the edge. I love a bit of snotty vocal sobbing though! Therapeutic I find and helps me sleep!

  6. Not the stress you need when you find they don’t have notes from doctor required, to receive the extra help.

    Not much for me then knowing the council are putting mum’s account on hold, until next March, to give time for deputy application. (So no court happening.)

    Spent time with my support bubble.

    Made my living room window a little more private by putting up frosted effect window cling, on lower half.

    Feeling really exhausted so an early night in bed. I have been wanting to drop off since 6pm.

  7. I’m sorry you had to go through that thing with the disability. I’ve been in the position before where everything depended on one person in authority needing to remember to write some letter, and it seeming to be blamed on me. Bureaucracies can be frustrating enough as it is, without that having to be magnified by a sense of being neglected by a personal care attendant.

    My week was pretty gentle compared to the previous week, and somewhat quiet, though reflective. I like it when life appears to have meaning, which seems these days to be the case. I don’t like it when things seem random, or worse yet, meaningful in a way that excludes me somehow. Not sure if that makes sense — mostly, a pretty good week, and thinking things over. Keeping to myself a lot.

  8. Uhh, that sounds so awfully stressful and exhausting with the disability thing, but I am so glad that you have it sorted out now. It’s weird that your doctor has now become so uncooperative. Hugs. 🙂

  9. I’m definitely an Instagram person because I post rambles about my life along with the photos of my food or of the cats haha. I don’t like creating visuals though Sadie (socialanxietybestie) is really good at them for both her WP blog and Instagram.

    More and more people post videos on Instagram which I kinda don’t like because I don’t often have earphones with me, and the Instagram app is bleh on my laptop.

    OMFG, wow at your doctor…_Sigh_, he really fucked up. I hope all goes well for your disability case. Hugs if wanted! I really hope it gets approved… stuff like this, I’d totally offer to help a friend with if possible!

    Weird voicemails. Here we get scam calls impersonating government officials enough that the government and police regularly warn us through social media what the common scams are.

    My week has been quiet. Only noteworthy thing is I met C’s brother and he’s diagnosed ASPD…He came by to pick up some of his belongings before going off to yet another court date or jail term. He used to abuse her when they were children and teens (mostly verbal abuse as adults because she’s his legal guardian), abused his wife until she left him etc. I needed a good long nap after he left because my body was tense as fuck.

    1. That sounds really hard having C’s brother come by.

      Here, there are a lot of scam calls in Mandarin, I guess hoping to take advantage of immigrants not being familiar with the system in Canada. I think I probably get more scam calls in Mandarin than in English.

  10. Hi Ashleyleia,

    I hope that you can get all the disability aids that you need soon. Hope all is well for you.

    Except from WordPress and my WordPress blog links automatically posted on Twitter and Tumblr, I am totally inactive on other social media platforms. Since I have been idle for so long, I feel demotivated to do any updates. I feel that doing that will take so much energy and I just feel limited in energy to maintain these sites. But I do log in to check my notifications once in a while in case there’s something important. So that’s me.

    Just sharing:) Do take care <3

  11. Your doctor sounds about as exhausting as my psychiatrist. I’m sorry. At least you may have convinced the right people of your “insanity”. 🤷🏻‍♀️👍🏻

    Babies are wonderful! I love seeing my nieces! I also get exhausted when it’s too much time, but it’s so worth it for my nieces and nephews!

    1. I think my doctor is mostly a doofus rather than intentionally being a jerk. His office staff have always been a pain in the ass, and with COVID they’re running interference, and that turns doofusness into a big pain in the ass.

      Niecekebab is 8 months , and is at a happy stage. When she was younger and cried more it made my brain want to explode.

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