Weekend Wrap-Up

Weekend Wrap-Up

wrapping paper, ribbon, and twine

Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • My building had a scheduled 6-hour power outage for some electrical work. Luckily it only lasted 4 hours and a bit. Most of what I do each day is electricity-dependent, and power outages are a very good reminder not to take that for granted.
  • On my post about what influences worldview, I got a commented that I deleted because it had a self-promotional link, but it included this text: “I want to inspire you to go that extra mile, do that extra push-up, earn that extra dollar, get that extra ‘thank you’.” Aside from the self-promotional element, the idea of more-bigger-better fascinates me, in the sense that I have a hard time grasping why any of that more-bigger-better should matter. It seems like a popular mindset in Western culture, but I say fuck the push-up.
  • I got a voice mail from a TMS clinic that my doctor has referred me to… without talking to me about it. We’ve talked about it a couple of times in the past, but that’s really neither here nor there. The issue is that he has just pulled this referral out of his ass, making the decision for me rather than with me, and I am very much not okay with that. I don’t need my main care provider getting all paternalistic and pulling shit like this without talking to me. The thing I liked about my doctor was that he always treated me like an equal partner in my care, up until this bullshit. And when treatment providers remove me from decision-making, my inner stubborn moose wants to tell them to go fuck themselves.
  • I finally learned why I haven’t seen my one in-person friend for so long; he doesn’t want to be seen with me when I’m really slow. So that’s pretty much the end of that.
  • I think it speaks volumes about the current state of America that, in the time of a massive public health crisis and social unrest, so many people chose to vote for someone who actively rejects science, scientists, and public health, and promotes as much divisiveness as possible every single step of the way. It’s been absolutely surreal to watch the assault on democracy on a certain Twitter account this week. I’m very glad that’s not my country, and thankful that Canada has more respect for the democratic process all along the political spectrum.
guinea pig boys' blanket fort

Who doesn’t love a blanket fort?

How has your week been?

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51 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up”

  1. Bloody hell and people always wonder why people
    with mental illness have trust issues! Sorry about your dr and your friend 😑 Got to love a blanket fort though! Especially when they are felines involved! ❤️❤️

  2. Sorry that your friend treated you like that.

    …..and yr doctor.

    Its been a very weird week this week, we find ourselves in lockdown again for 4 weeks, but to be honest nothing has really changed for me so I’m quite relaxed about it.

    Just need to get my Anxiety under control, made a complete fool of myself this week 🙈 but I will survive.

    Hope you have a good weekend

  3. Oh no, I’m so sad to hear about your doctor doing that! Is it possible it was a miscommunication or misunderstanding somehow? He’s been such a great doctor for so long!! Here’s hoping there’s an explanation!

    Sorry about your friend! That’s horrible and so hurtful. I truly wish you had better in-person friends. You’re always welcome to come visit here, despite my country’s political mess!! Anytime!! 🙂 Open offer! You can be slow as a snail, and I’ll wait patiently!

    My week has been pretty good. I got a lot done, earned some money from both parents, and worked steadily on my writing. I’ve found that I’m more interested in working on my memoir (its first draft is done, but I’ve been adding stuff and editing it) than working on my NaNovel. The memoir just speaks to me now in a way that writing novels doesn’t, and I’ve had bad luck with novels all freakin’ year.

    Here’s to a great week ahead!!

  4. Oh yes, power outages really make you appreciate things. 😀
    The doctor situation is really frustrating, especially if you used to get along better, it’s really nasty that he didn’t consult this with you after years of treating you equally and letting you have a say about your treatment.
    Sheesh, what a pity that there’s no way of detecting shitty friends in time and you have to have a first-hand experience how awful they can be after years of actually being friends with them! I’m so sorry that this happened to you with your so-called friend. I am just hoping that if he’s so extremely concerned with what random people will think about him based on who he is with, that he’ll never have to deal with an illness that will affect his own functioning in a visible way. Or perhaps I should wish for the contrary so that he can learn what an arsehole he was to you. I second Meg’s comment even though I’m much further from you than she is so it’s much less practical, but if ever you feel like it and are able to, you’re most welcome here, I don’t mind having slow friends as I’m slow at a lot of things myself and don’t care who I’m with in terms of what an impression it makes as I’m so unique that people stare at me all the time anyway and I’m used to it. 🙃 Two freaks are more interesting than just one, both for the public and even more so for each other. 😀

  5. An upsetting week with what has happened with something towards my mum. So a formal complaint from me, as another department while at it, I had issues with also associated with mum’s affairs.
    Thankfully, I was with my support bubble at this upsetting discovery, that angered me and made me cry. You may have seen a tweet on 5th of this month tagging a service provider responsible. That particular dept has to answer to my solicitor, while another dept answers to me for the other. But my whole complaint for both will be looked into.
    If the dept carries on with what they issued, I shall go to my local newspaper.

    Otherwise, away from the above, I have surprisingly found my laughter again. Again, with my support bubble.

    And as you know, I am able to play my dvds using an external dvd player on my new laptop. I plan to binge watch my dvds tomorrow. Make up for lost time.

      1. Yes. I really needed them. I was upset for what I discovered. It was disgusting and my cousin, support bubble and a friend of mum’s all agreeded, disgusting that they have done.

  6. Time traveling for us. We started jogging, and must’ve dissociate during it, plus the endorphin rush, and we are out of our fucking head. Tried to stir a pan full of veggies last night. First try: some veggies fling off stove and land between fridge and stove (impossible crevice). Shoot. Calm self. We can do this. Try to be present. Second attempt: we fling half the panful into the abyss and start shrieking. Actual cry/shriek. Spouse runs in to ask what’s wrong. We are sobbing and then get ashamed, run away, and slam our hand on the door. Spouse gets scared, we hurt ourself, and we go throw the rest of the veggies in the compost. We microwaved broccoli instead lol

    1. Oh no! And now there will be funny smells from the impossible crevice, until it all petrifies, and when you eventually need to get a new fridge/stove, you’ve got fossils. I shudder to think what’s in my impossible crevices… 😁

  7. Good move to dump that friend. He sounds like a jerk. As for America, I’m ecstatic that Biden won. Like you, I’m still trying to understand why it was so close. However, it was really fun to see my city of Philadelphia put in the spotlight this week. I walked to the store today and people were dancing in the streets. It was awesome.

  8. Wowwww at your doctor and that friend. Omg, I’d kick that friend to the curb but ymmv. I have no patience for friends ashamed to be seen with me now. In the past before I was more well, I had two friends who would always insist on inviting me out and wouldn’t accept no. They’d call incessantly until I said yes. Yet they would be ashamed of being seen in public with me, or to have photos with me. Really mixed messages, glad they left my life now tbh though I still struggle to believe friends today like my company.

  9. Also re Biden winning the USA elections, I’ve read some articles saying the “close win” is really due to white supremacy. Sparked some interesting discussions on Facebook.

  10. More thoughts on your doctor. I wonder why he did this without your input and blatantly disregarded your wishes? It seems quite uncharacteristic of him given how you mention he’s always seen you as an equal.

        1. I haven’t talked talked to him since I got the call from the TMS clinic. But I will definitely tell him I’m not impressed the next time I end up talking to him.

  11. That’s not cool about your doctor. Hopefully talking to him about how it made you feel with fix that.

    You’re better off without that sorry excuse for a “friend”. The trash took itself out. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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