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Flowers of my Childhood

There are certain flowers that I have a strong association with my childhood home. This is a wander through them.

red four o'clock

There were four o’ clocks planted beside our front door. In the late afternoon (around 4:00), the flowers would open up and display their beauty. We had quite a few of them, and I think there was a mix of pink, yellow, and red.

I’ve shown the photo below before; it’s my grade 7 first day of school photo, and the four o’ clocks are on the right.

author sitting in front of her house before grade 7 first day of school

pink snapdragons

One of the other flower beds in front of the house had snapdragons. Their shape is so interesting, and they’re rather fun to poke at. I don’t think the ones we had were quite this brightly coloured.

rosebush with pink roses

In one corner of the front yard was a small rosebed with red roses. I don’t think the roses were doing that well, and they were dug up at some point while I was in elementary school.

I had no idea what these flowers were called, but after hunting around on Google Images, I’m pretty this is what we had, and they’re called sweet alyssum. There was a rockery from one edge of our lawn leading up to the neighbours’ property, and it had alyssum, moss, and assorted other things. I liked the feel of moss, and I remember one time i was petting some moss and a slug crawled out to play, which was rather unwelcome.

purple bearded iris

Near the vegetable garden in the back yard we had some purple and yellow bearded irises. Irises look pretty and kind of scraggly at the same time.

lilac bush

Beside the back door and just outside the kitchen window was a lilac bush. I love the colour of lilacs.

Looking at my childhood home on Google street view, it doesn’t look like the landscaping has been maintained, so probably all of the flowers are gone by now. It’s kind of surreal to virtually wander around the little town where I grew up. It’s weird to see what’s changed, and what hasn’t.

Are there any flowers (or other things) that you strongly associate with your childhood?

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43 thoughts on “Flowers of my Childhood”

  1. What a sweet post! I hadn’t heard of sweet alyssum before but I think those are flowers we might have had in the garden a couple of years ago. We have pink roses at the moment too. From childhood, I don’t remember much in our own garden. Up to the age of about 12, we didn’t have a garden at all, but I remember daisies and buttercups in school. x

  2. How beautiful!! What lovely flowers!! And look at you, all ready for middle school!!

    Huh. Flowers are one of those things I’m blind to, like different models of cars. I almost don’t see them nor differentiate them at all. Weirdness. It’s strange how different we all are, isn’t it?

    All I can say is that I love crazy daisies, because they’re rainbowy colored and so pretty!!

    1. I’m not very good at identifying flowers, but I can tell them apart; I’m just not sure what they’re called.. My mom was jokingly disappointed by that.

  3. Hmmm you got me thinking on this one. I don’t know flowers at all so names are not jumping out at me. I do remember a huge forsythia bush that grew outside our kitchen window and had bright yellow flowers in the fall.

  4. I have to tell you this was a lovely post to read through with all the angst going on lately – it really made me think of my own childhood and some of the lovely flowers by where I grew up in the isolated countryside. The prairies around us just burst into bloom every summer with wild daisies and lilies. We also had lilac bushes in our yard, we had a big tulip bed for awhile, and yes you are right, those little white flowers are Alyssum, usually used as a nice border in flower beds. πŸ™‚

  5. Such a nice post. Snapdragons remind me of my Grandad, he loved his garden. The smell of tomato plants takes me back to being a child and sitting with him in his greenhouse 😊

  6. We like flowers now; namely, flowers and plants native to our region. We planted some this fall. We planted native grasses a few years ago and some of them survived

    The smell of burning leaves in small whiffs reminds of being a firestarter as a kid.

    Sounds remind us of childhood: the haunting, faraway train whistle or distant Highway traffic. A lone cardinal calling. Can be scary sounds.

    1. One sound I associate with childhood is coyotes howling in the hills. There’s plenty of coyotes in the city where I live now, but I never hear them howling like they did out in nowhereville.

  7. I love lilacs! Oh, that scent! My mother was quite the gardner but I had to do all the work so while I appreciate the beauty and scent of so many flowers I never became much of a gardening person myself – tho there is a cute story about a vindictive gardenia plant – my mother tended that one herself and in all the years she coddled it it never bloomed for her but the one Summer she was away on an extended visit to her family in California that damn plant bloomed like crazy! I was knee deep in gardenia blossoms – by the time she got home, the plant stopped blooming and never did again!

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