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Willful Ignorance and Mental Illness Stigma

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Recently, I was looking on for some Holocaust denier-related willful ignorance, and I figured why not see what the crazies of the non-psychiatric variety had to say about us crazies of the mentally ill variety. seems to attract a lot of willfully ignorant blowhards, so this certainly isn’t reflective of broader public opinion. However, it does suggest that the non-psychiatric crazies are pretty crazy indeed.

Is mental illness real?

“mental” illness is a term coined by the weak as a sorry excuse to get more attention. “Depression” and “anxiety” when people have had a perfect life is a way that people make themselves feel special. These people need to grow up and realize that their lives could be a lot worse.

Ah, good old “attention-seeking.” Can’t people come up with something a little more creative?

Should there be forced treatment?

There is a very reasonable debate to be had around involuntary psychiatric treatment… but this certainly isn’t it.

If they deny treatment, it shows another aspect that they are severely mentally disable because “normal” people should know that they need treatment when they are ill. We should treat them for the better of overselves since they can be a danger to society and for the better of the patient so he/she can get well.

If it is illegal to kill yourself or someone else and you want to……You should be medicated. It would help the mentally ill to be able to function and contribute to society. Lower medical costs in the long term with proper medication regimes. Possibly less crime rates. Lower homelessness statistics too.

And hey, why not sterilize us too? Bring back the eugenics! But in all serious, suicide stigma rages on, and attempted suicide remains illegal to this day in certain countries.

Does mental illness cause violence?

Anyone who shoots someone with a lethal weapon is obviously ill. To think otherwise would just confirm your own illness or neglect to realize the severity of their actions. While some of the shooters may be going through a tough time, or in the heat of passion, they are still accountable for their actions. Whether the illness is temporary or able to be remedied is another issue entirely.

I wonder what this character thinks about the gung ho shoot in self-defense movement that seems so popular these days?

Is depression a choice?

People DO wake up and decide to be depressed because of a lack of self-esteem. All you have to do is smile. Make an effort to be happy and the symptoms will go away. Depressed people are just seeking attention, And want an excuse to be lazy, And throw themselves pity parties.

Just smile… that’s the shit I’ve been missing!

Studies have shown that only liberals are depressed because liberals choose to be sad and angry at everything and everyone in life. That’s why most liberals are protesters and rioters and shoot up schools, While conservatives usually believe in nature conservation, Hence their title. Nature is inherently not depressed, Therefore depression is not natural so you have to induce depression to become depressed.

This is enjoyable on so many levels. Somehow I don’t think the climate change denial business matches up so well with nature conservation….

On a different wacky note, the anti-psychiatry group “Citizens Commission on Human Rights” (www dot cchr dot org) has all kinds of wild and weird stuff on their site. They also have a museum called Psychiatry: An Industry of Death. They were founded by the Church of Scientology, so who knows, maybe you’ll bump into Tom Cruise there.

Anyway, maybe it’s time to take my sad, weak, liberal self off to go shoot someone. Then again, maybe I’ll go conserve some nature. Mental illness is unpredictable, ya know?

Book cover: A Brief History of Stigma by Ashley L. Peterson

A Brief History of Stigma is the upcoming new release from Mental Health @ Home Books. It looks at the nature of stigma, the contexts in which it occurs, and how to challenge it most effectively.

It will be released on Nov. 8/21. The ebook is available for pre-order from Amazon & Google Play.

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You can find more on mental illness stigma on the Stop the Stigma page.

48 thoughts on “Willful Ignorance and Mental Illness Stigma”

  1. Shocking but not surprising. The trolls and haters will always be out there. Keep fighting the good fight. The right people will hear you. Thanks for sharing πŸ™

  2. To be honest, you’re probably giving these opinions too much dignity by bothering to post them here. I wasn’t familiar with until I read this post, but I would guess that any site that allows uncensored debate on contentious subjects is going to end up with a lot of stupidity.

  3. Wow!! Human ignorance and arrogance will never cease to amaze me. I feel sorry for them in a way, they have no clue how the world works!! πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

      1. I don’t know, but now I can’t stop thinking about Homer Simpson and the hamster wheel in his brain. πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ If only all stupid people were adorable instead of hateful!

  4. Uh, WTF? I’ll have to pass, because some of those comments made my virtual head explode and I know my blood pressure rose accordingly. Thanks for sharing the knowledge that stupidity is alive and well and thriving on the ‘net.

          1. You’re right! There’s a need for critical thinking skills too… The ability to question things… and, a little practice in these areas, just might result in amazing things! A guy could dream anyway!

  5. It would be funny if it wasn’t so dangerous. I can’t laugh or smile anyway because I am choosing to be depressed. I’m such an attention seeker like that.

  6. Oh my. You know, rather than be so fed up to the back teeth with nearly the two years I had, I never realised that I chosen to have all that thrown at me, on top of choosing how my mood was going to be each day. If only that simple.

  7. “Make an effort to be happy and the symptoms will go away. Depressed people are just seeking attention, And want an excuse to be lazy, ”
    Do these people really believe this stuff, or have none of them ever experienced what they are discussing? Personally, I find my self a good bit more productive when depressed, for “settling my affairs” reasons.

  8. I wonder if these people really are that brainless, or do they just feel such an irresistible urge to troll someone that they’ll say anything and won’t even care what kind of impression it makes about themselves. That’s all so sick it’s actually scary when someone seriously has such a way of thinking but I still had a good laugh at some of these things. I guess my mental illness makes me feel like shooting the individual who wrote about liberals and conservatives. It’s offensive for conservatives – and thus me included – that someone like this identifies as one of us, and destructive for our collective reputation. πŸ˜€ I wonder what’s the matter with me that I’ve got depression even though I’m conservative… It’s all probably because I don’t care enough about conserving nature and that makes me too liberal to deserve to be normal… πŸ˜‰

  9. A website devoted to debate seems like a true exercise in futility, haha. I am firmly convinced that you can’t have an honest debate if there is no danger that the other person can punch you in the face. The quotes you posted are funny! They reflect something I’ve often thought about but have never been able to put concisely into words (without simultaneously insulting myself): People seem to mistake their above-average reading and writing skills for strong critical thinking skills. As though being able to write a paragraph which looks pretty but says nothing and is factually nonsense is more important than writing four pages of dry data points. They’re also writing as if what they’re saying is coming from a position of expertise when all of the above authors are almost certainly lower-middle class white guys who never went to college. I’ve no evidence of that, but I used to be one. Lol. It wasn’t until taking a couple classes on critical thinking that I realized how stupid I was.

    1. I’m currently working on a post on the domain of what people don’t know they don’t know. I think these lower-middle class uneducated white guys think they know 95% of what there is to be known, without having the slightest clue just how much they’re totally in the dark about.

      1. Right they’re more interested in arguing than defending their opinion. If you take away their cellphone and computer and then try to ask them to defend their position, I imagine they’d struggle quite a bit. Like I said, I used to be this person (and many of my friends are still this person) so I understand quite well. I still sometimes fall into the trap of feeling like my deeply held belief which I don’t actually care that much about is being attacked so I start rapid-querying evidence to support me on Google… but these days I usually stop myself before I even get to the search box. I’m also now of the opinion that what most people believe doesn’t actually matter as they’ll never be in a position to act upon their beliefs. Here in the US we have plenty of recent evidence of how little the will of the average person matters. Lol.

  10. I love that you are willing to put these into the light. People seem to think that we are the best creatures, and yet, people believe things like what you found on thank you so much πŸ’“

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