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Where Have All the Bloggers Gone?

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I expect you to be singing this post’s title in your head to the tune of Paula Cole’s song Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?

But seriously, where have all the bloggers gone?

I feel like the blogosphere has slowed down over the last month or two. I can’t see any indication of it in my stats, but then again, growing search engine traffic can easily drown out what’s happening on WordPress, so it’s hard to tell.

But my Reader feed feels quiet, like there are fewer people posting, and people are posting less often. I’m not mentally on the ball enough to figure out who’s not posting or who’s posting less often, but I feel like there really has been a change. I just don’t know what it is or why it’s happened.

Part of why I wanted to mention this is that it can be easy to interpret a slowdown as being about one’s own blog, especially for newer bloggers, but it can help to recognize there can be broader patterns that have nothing to do with your particular blog.

So, since I don’t trust my memory to accurately figure out patterns, I thought I would ask all of you. Does it seem quiet in the WordPress neighbourhood lately?

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102 thoughts on “Where Have All the Bloggers Gone?”

  1. It’s been quiet to me more ever since block editor started coming in.
    I am one of the quiet ones too, until my already scheduled posts start in December, then that’s it.
    I will only be here when coming back to blogs I follow.

    1. I wonder how much impact the block editor has had. I think you’re the only blogger I follow, although I know there are others, that has switched over to Blogger, but I wonder if the change has slowed down people who have decided to stick with WordPress.

      1. I wonder how much impact block editor will have on WordPress then those happiness engineers are letting on and how many long standing bloggers have stopped, or moved, because of it.

        1. They should’ve asked whether we wanted block editor or not. I, for one, did not.

          That’s not the reason I haven’t been blogging, though. I had a duplicate blog so I was attempting to eliminate it and also decided to redesign my main one.

  2. 🙂 On a positive note, there is still lots of action taking place on my WordPress Reader.

    The slowdown could be the result of some people:

    • Not liking the Block Editor.

    • Being overwhelmed by the happenings of COVID-19.

    • Not being fully devoted to their blog.

    • Having difficulty with coming up with new ideas.

    A true hardcore blogger weathers the storm.

    Do enjoy the rest of your day, Ashleyleia.

    And, thank you for posting an intriguing topic!

    1. I would say the same about the slowdown as Renard did.
      I haven’t noticed any less posts from the blogs I follow. But I’m constantly adding some more to the list, maybe that’s why I haven’t noticed.
      Interesting topic to think about, I like your curiosity.

  3. Yeah, it’s quieter. BUT. Several of the more prolific bloggers left when they forced that ridiculous block editor on everyone. Two more that I follow will leave, so they say, when the time they paid for is up, due to the block editor. The alleged ‘hobby’ bloggers like myself may feel pushed to leave because WordPress seems to be all about the business blogs and advertising these days, and have been fairly rude about the bloggers who only write or share artwork or photos (hobby bloggers apparently). I’m disgruntled, but have learnt to use the block editor in my own way. If they take away the option I use, I’ll start looking around too. I’m not encouraged though. Everyone says that no other blogging site has as good a platform as WordPress.

    1. I wonder if they assumed people would get used to it if forced to. I’m not sure if WP’s choice of the block editor was targeted at business plan blogs, or if they were trying to attract new bloggers by giving the ability to do more with their site without having to upgrade to the business plan. The business plan option to use the classic editor is only because a plugin for that already existed and was available for, so there was nothing extra did to create that option.

    2. Hi. I am new to wordpress, I had my blog in blogger for years but I wanted a new look and trying to learn how to work in this system. What is the block editor?? Did I made a good move or should I have stick to blogger

        1. Ok. I might be way to new to the wording. Can you explain me a bit more what the block editor does. Is that the way we put in headings, lists, add pictures, etc

          1. Yeah, it’s what you use to create posts. If you started blogging within the last year and a bit, WordPress would have automatically started you off with the block editor. Some bloggers that have been around for longer were still using the previous editor, but WP has now done away with that.

            1. Ok. I might be way to new to the wording. Can you explain me a bit more what the block editor does. Is that the way we put in headings, lists, add pictures, etc

            2. Yes, it’s what’s used when you’re creating a post. The term block editor comes from each heading, list, picture, etc. that you create being its own “block.” The older editor used to be more word processor-style.

  4. I’ve definitely noticed quite a drop in posts by bloggers I follow. I too have been posting way less — obviously not been feeling so great, not enough to write. I do keep in touch by reading and commenting.

    It’s not that I don’t want to post, and I love blogging, I would write more if I could. WordPress has been a problem in many ways but I’m too scared to move at the moment. On top of all the WP nuances, I really can’t face changing to another platforms, where they might have their very own nuances. 🙁

    My foggy brain needs a little rest at the moment. Though I’d be really happy if you’d like to do a guest post for me Ashley 🙂

    1. That’s fair – life and health get in the way. And thanks for asking about the guest post; right now I’m saying no to people on that because I’ve got pretty limited brainpower to go around. ❤️

  5. Thank you Ashley Leia! I thought it was just my blog stats that had dipped…and thought no more of it until your post here. So yes, a definite dip in activity of all kinds in WP. But, you know there are “seasons” to all things not only the weather. Great post as always. 👍😊

  6. I’ve noticed a slow down over the summer but thought that september was quite alright in terms of posts maybe lesser comments overall.
    I’m having a blogging break forced on me because you know – life. I’m still reading posts when I can but most of the days I’m just too exhausted to look at my screen. I’ll try to post an update on my life as soon as possible.
    In the meanwhile, it’s always good to have a place like your blog to come back too.

  7. I’m both way too indignant and way too much of a techno-dunce to tolerate the new block editor for very long. Somebody sent me a link that supposedly ought to take me back to the old editor without paying for it. But I’m hard-pressed to put much energy into blogging on WordPress, ever since they laid that thing on us. I’m trying, though.

    1. Rather than creating a text/image/etc block to start a post, create a “classic block”. You should be able to create the whole post within that, and it displays a toolbar similar to the old one.

  8. I find I struggle with content. I fear being boring or repetitive and I don’t research much, so feel maybe I don’t know enough. Confidence in writing is a funny thing really. I can’t comment on the block editor. It’s all I have known I think.

    1. Life can be repetitive and boring, but I think readers are looking for reality. Look at Gary, he’s got a hugely popular blog, not because new and exciting things are happening every day, but because he’s just himself.

      1. Oh yes I agree with you. But he has humour, opinions and a way of expressing himself that engages others. It’s as much about confidence in writing as it is about interesting things happening. Gary takes an everyday occurrence, no matter how small, and turns it into something worth reading about. That’s a skill. Not that he knows it, but it is a talent and a skill.

  9. I haven’t noticed a drop-off. If anything, the reverse: I’ve picked up quite a few new followers recently on my blog, including at least three who comment a lot, and two of those three are new blogs started in the last couple of months.

  10. I’ve seen a drop in my feed as well and I’ve only been around for barely three months.
    I’ve had some blogs post notifications of blog pauses of a month or undecided times and some who’ve gone and disappeared to unseen locations due to the block editor but I’ve also seen a lot of ‘covid has me uninspired’ or ‘i don’t feel like writing’ filtering down my feed. I think winter depression is setting in awfully early this year…

  11. I haven’t noticed, but I don’t follow a large number of blogs!! I do know that I look forward to your blog, especially when I’m at the computer at 11:00 and know it’s incoming!! YAY!

  12. Yes….which I assumed was partly block editor, partly students going back to university and partly people feeling lower and less enthusiastic about blogging.
    However, I have made the most of it by searching for new blogs I enjoy to pad out my Reader.

  13. I can’t say if it’s been quieter or not because I think I’m one of those people who has gotten very quiet with posting. With the craziness of life and the difficulty I have writing, I just haven’t been able to prioritize writing as much as I used to. It makes me sad, because I truly do love my blog. But I wonder if others are feeling the same stagnancy?

  14. I’ve certainly thought some days have been a lot quieter than usual. You often find this happens in the summer when people are off doing other things, so it’s more unusual at the moment.xx

  15. I feel like a few people post a lot, which has always been the case for my reader, just the bloggers change. I’ve followed more people in the past month or so, which is why I may not feel it’s slowed. I have no issue with the block editor either on laptop or phone, now that I’m used to it, and I hope peeps don’t quit. I still have a blogger blog just in case, and I guess I could duplicate my content there if I had to…

    1. I also hope people don’t leave. It’s a pain in the butt to get used to, but once that hurdle is passed then it’s much easier. I love reusable blocks far too much to go back to the old editor.

  16. I’m not too sure about the block editor that you guys are talking about, but I definitely went from posting a bunch to posting whenever my brain has enough energy to be inspired. COVID-19, unemployment, protests, not seeing my family etc have taken a huge toll on my mental health so whenever a blog doesn’t come to me too easily, I usually opt for self care over writing especially since I’m doing this without getting paid…. maybe other people are feeling the same way?

  17. I think people are caring for their physical selves more than their virtual selves, as mental health is critical at this moment. I do wish everyone’s doing well and happy with their lives despite the world’s current situation. Challenging times like these encourage us to focus on things that matter more in life, and it’s absolutely outside our phone and laptop screens. Praying for better days, stronger relationships with people we care about and good health. Take care everyone ❤️

  18. I’ve seen this too, and, like Liz wrote, I also believe it could be at least in some part due to people being overwhelmed with block editor. I see that a lot of bloggers I follow have a lot of problems with it. I can’t think of anyone specific that I follow except Liz who’d move to some other blogging platform, or stop blogging altogether because of this, but a lot of people who don’t like it and don’t have a workaround or something that would help them with this post less and there might have been people who just left silently for this reason. The general Covid situation probably has some influence on it as well though I can’t think right now of any blogger who’d say that Covid affects their blogging as such in a negative way, actually in March-April I had an impression that some people started writing more and some whom I haven’t heard from for months started blogging again, more or less consistently. I myself have felt a bit distracted in terms of blogging for a few weeks now, which is a combination of that I’m working on MIMRA now and while it’s exciting, it also involves a lot of thinking and is a bit stressful, I’ve been having a lot of migraines which effectively drain my energy and affect my circadian rhythm so my life gets a bit disorganised, and lately my creativity has shifted more towards some personal creative writing. – But I’m not going anywhere – even though I despise the block editor – and have plans for some posts, just not enough brain energy left for them at the moment. 😀

    1. I also noticed when COVID first got started that people were blogging more, but it does seem like the effects of all of it are starting to catch up with people.

      I hope your migraines start to ease up; they certainly make it hard to get much of anything done.

  19. Definitely things seem slower output wise. I’ve had inspirations and ideas and then couldn’t articulate them because this current climate has affected my in many ways. Not seeing people in the flesh and strict rules going out is intimidating so I feel like staying at home full stop! I’m going to try and write the start of something today. Hope you’re well 💜

  20. Have not noticed one way or the other. I will be here, keeping on as best I can and as time allows. Lovely to see your posts as usual! Cheers! 😍🎉❤️🎶

  21. Hey there , new blogger here. I noticed that to. I think ever since YouTube vlogs have hit a lot of people are going that route. But , I like the blog. Just my two cents haha 😄 would love some more followers 🙃💓

  22. Oops, I guess I’m one of those people that hasn’t been posting as much. But I guess I wasn’t posting as much over the summer, either. Recently I’ve been super busy with school. (I’m behind in all my classes, aah!) But I’ve also been hesitant to write for other reasons. I’ve gotten a bit scared/paranoid about privacy on my blog and how much info to share, and I’ve been worried about people finding out who I am in real life.

  23. Quality post Ashley.

    As to the answer – l haven’t noticed actually – but l think that is more to do with the fact that l don’t use the reader to read blog posts. As you know l have a directory page inside my blog holding the blogs and their links l follow and when l am reading [like now] l use that page, start from the top and scroll down – therefore all l am actually ever seeing is the blog l am reading from.

    My stats haven’t shown a significant drop, if anything l am experiencing a major increase.

  24. Interesting post. I just started my blog to understand more about the user’s perspective 😉 as well push my hobby that i had withheld due to time constraints.

    The Reader feels quiter than I expected. It’s true lots of people are not happy with the block editor and there are things to iron out. But in my opinion it will eventually provide a cohesive experience with blogging.

  25. I feel it’s due to the impact of covid-19. A lot of people are dealing with so much, that there isn’t enough time to blog about it.

    I see comments about the block editor also been a hindrance. I just newly started blogging, so this is all I know lol. I wonder what editor was before this and how easier it must have been.

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