Weekend Wrap-Up

Weekend Wrap-Up

wrapping paper, ribbon, and twine

Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • There wasn’t a whole lot going on in my world this week. I’ve been doing a lot of work on my book in progress. I’m thinking I’ll probably call it A Brief History of Stigma, and then have a subtitle that’s more specific. It’s not creative, but I’m okay with that.
  • My massage therapist rather awkwardly asked about my slow movement before my massage this week. She clearly had no idea why it was happening, so she didn’t know how to ask about it.
  • On Wednesday evening, my WordPress editor broke. I actually had a positive interaction with a happiness engineer. He couldn’t fix the issue immediately, but he was still helpful and the problem got fixed. There’s something different about the nuts and bolts of a business/ecommerce plan blog that allows them to use plugins, so updates on the WP end aren’t implemented the same way. I would definitely not have wanted this to be my problem to have to figure out.
  • The vast majority of my posts contain internal links (i.e. links to other posts on my site). That means if people copy my posts and don’t remove those links, I get a pingback when they post it. This week, someone copied and pasted my post Why Is WordPress Eating Comments? It seemed like a rather odd post to copy in the first place, but also, the rest of the site was in Indonesian. I used to get annoyed, but not so much any more. Now I just submit a DMCA notice to WordPress and let them take it down. I’ve never bothered to go hunting, so I really have no idea how much plagiarism is happening where they’re on the ball enough to remove internal links.
  • I was browsing on Google Search Console, and discovered that, over the last 3 months, my blog has appeared in search results 128 times for “deranged masturbation,” and 7 times people clicked through to my post on What Made You Crazy in 1864? I’m curious why people are searching for deranged masturbation.
  • Ever since Doofus McDoofus tried to make a flying leap into the girls’ cage, the boys’ playtime has been seriously curtailed. Now, they’re enjoying snuggle time instead. I’m also enjoying weighted blanket time now that the weather is cooler.
Boy guinea pigs Peanut and Butternut having snuggle time

How has your week been?

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31 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up”

  1. Law of unintended consequences: Spouse hired someone to paint the house cuz the paint was peeling.

    Spouse had them replace the clothes dryer vent box outside the house because it was broken. It turned out to be connected to the dryer vent ducts in the house. And so the two vent tubes are not connected.

    We don’t know how to do jack shit, but we weren’t paying someone $200 to come into our house and give us covid.

    So we borrowed a hand saw from the neighbor. Cut the drywall ceiling back. Brought a ladder inside. Spent an eternity trying to fit these ducts together. Made Spouse buy HVAC tape. And taped the things together. Dryer seems to be working. Go, us!

  2. I’m sad that the psychomotor slowness is still plaguing you! I wish there was a solution!! I’m glad your masseuse cared!!

    That’s an adorable photo of the cute animals!!

    My week has been good, what I remember of it. I finally got my room rearranged and I’m in the competition!! Go me!! Sort of braindead and sleep deprived, but I’ll be okay!!

  3. Uh, it’s so awkward when people ask awkward questions, makes both sides feel so awkward. 🙃
    Wow, I’m glad you had some positive experience with the Happiness Engineers! Let’s hope for more of them, although I don’t know how realistic it is to expect.

  4. Best wishes for your next book Ashley.

    With how my week started, it’s really affected my appetite at times. If I thought it couldn’t get more difficult, it did, as you know.
    I am still working on that one. 😕

    I have had lovely support from my friends downstairs. They have been inviting me down, getting me to stop longer. We’ve chatted, had laughs, watched films. 🙂

      1. I don’t know what I would have done without them. I have support in other directions, but physical support, someone to literally hang with was what I needed.

          1. It really does.

            Mostly I am a person when a certain way, the only way I can deal with it is alone, otherwise counselling. But I just have needed the physical kind a lately.

  5. Been unusually swamped this week. I got your last two comments and approved them — just haven’t gotten around to replying yet. Hopefully I’ll be able to get a “day of rest” in another couple hours here!

  6. Ooh, another book, exciting! The title sounds a bit like Stephen Hawking’s classic. Maybe the subtitle could riff on that?

    I had to laugh at your search sources. How strange.

    I’ve had a good week thanks. A tricky couple of days, but a quick recovery. And I’m really glad for all your interaction in my blog. Thanks Ashley!

  7. Omfg at Google Search Console lol. I have no idea how to use it but want to set it up for the pro-bono websites I maintain. Ugh content scrapers suck.

    I’ve been alright, all things considered. Got a job offer but don’t know if I can handle working fulltime and my partner said he rather help with bills than I work, so I’m now scared about how to decline the job offer, sigh!

    1. Google Search Console is pretty easy to use. You just need to verify site ownership to set it up.

      Hmm, that’s tough about the job offer, but good that B is looking out for your well-being.

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