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What/When Was Your First…. ?

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It’s time to take a stroll down memory lane and have a look at some of the firsts in my life.


My first car was Jo(h)n Voigt’s Lebaron (one of Seinfeld’s many pop culture contributions). The ’89 Chrysler Lebaron (non-convertible) was passed around from my great uncle to my grandma and her partner and then to me. Tunes were via cassette deck.

mid-80s Ford LTD

It was a decent size car, but it seemed small compared to my parents’ ’84 Ford LTD boat that I learned to drive in.

I can’t find a picture that matches my Lebaron, but this pic from Wikipedia is the LTD.

Home away from parents

I mostly flew the coop when I was 18. I liked in student residence at university for the next 5 years, but I would return to my parent’s place for the summer. I think 22 was probably the last year I summered at home; after that, I was gone for good.


I didn’t have my first job until the summer after my first year at university. It involved accosting people and trying to rope them into a free lunch that would involve a hard sell for a timeshare. I only lasted one day of training and then one day of working before coming to my senses and realizing that job was not a fit for me.

My first well-paying job was after I graduated from pharmacy school. I paid my way through nursing school picking up pharmacist shifts.


I was a bit slow getting going, and I didn’t have my first kiss until I was 19. It was at a Halloween party organized by my university faculty, and a friend of a classmate and I started flirting. He had some kind of orange face paint situation going on. We started making out, with some excessively enthusiastic tongue action on his part. Perhaps I was drunk, or perhaps I was distracted by the weirdness of the tongue, but it failed to cross my mind that his orange face would become my orange face. So yeah, not subtle.

Bumpin’ uglies

I like this term, and think it should make a comeback. My first time going “all the way” was when I was 21 or so. Some of my guy buddies from school played on an intramural ball hockey team. A few of us girls would go watch some of their games and go to the pub afterwards. Anyway, one night one of the guys came home with me. It was not particularly productive, what with his drunken state causing technical difficulties. I found out a few days later that dumbass was engaged, and just hadn’t bothered to tell a) me, or b) any of his school buddies. I was very much not impressed.

Trip to a foreign country

I did a school exchange to Japan in grade 9. There was smoking on the plane, which was still allowed back in the day. And I think I’ve mentioned before that my host family served me a fish head for breakfast one morning. I lost quite a bit of weight because the food really wasn’t my thing.


It was my brother’s pet more than mine, but we had a hamster at one point when I was a kid. The pet store didn’t realize she was pregnant, nor did we until she started popping babies out. They were quite cute little things.

My first guinea pigs were Baba and Ghanoush, who I got not all that long before my first hospitalization. Luckily, an animal-loving friend was able to take them for the two months that I was out of commission.


The first family computer was a Mac Plus circa 1990. My first computer of my own was a Compaq Presario laptop, which I got to take with me to university. I spent a lot of time playing Minesweeper. My roommate thought I was very studious, but she was quite wrong.

I used the Netscape browser. I had I think 5 hours of monthly internet access through the university, and beyond that, I think I used NetZero’s free deal. And of course the good old dial-up internet noise.

And in case you’re too young to know what the dial-up connection noise sounds like, here it is. My guinea pigs are very reactive to certain noises, and this is one of them.

Cell phone

Nokia cell phone

Cell phones didn’t really start to become a thing until around the time I was graduating from pharmacy school. My first phone was this little Nokia number, which is Wikipedia’s list of best selling phones. Snake was the only game on it. Texting was more of a production with this kind of phone.

Real bed purchase

My first time living on my own post-student residence, I got a futon. I didn’t get an actual bed until a couple of years later when I finished nursing school. It seemed rather grown up to buy a real bed that wasn’t cheap student furniture.

Home purchase

I was 26 when I bought the condo where I live now. It was kind of weird having a home that was actually mine, but exciting at the same time.

Buying a home felt like I was really an adult, but for some reason, buying new kitchen appliances stands out in my head as very grown up.

So, there you have it, a few of my firsts. Feel free to share any of your own!

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  1. I love the first car! Mine was a teeny tiny one, a Ford KA. I can’t imagine navigating or trying to park a bigger one like that as a newbie driver. It makes me chuckle that it’s still a small car compared to what you learned to drive in.

    At least that was a memorable orange first kiss! 😂 I’m sorry about your first time sex experience though. Not cool at all. What a douchebag. I wonder what he’s doing or whether he’s more mature & decent these days (…or not).

    The Nokia 3310 was my first phone too! Damn, I miss that little phone. Things were so much more special back then. I don’t know if it’s age or because things were simpler and less readily available than they are today, so things lose their shine.

    What an awesome post! xx

  2. The 1975 chevy nova from great aunt was so old by the time we got it, the fuel line was shot. It does on the way to the driver’s license examination but recovered and we passed the test. We crashed into lots of cars and poles. Driving while ocd and dissociate is dangerous. No music in car. Used a book box lol. Seats were couches. Lap belts only in front. Nada in back. Brights were a button you pressed on/off with foot. Awful car except the vivacious V8 engine (12 mpg or so).

  3. First car – 1974 Gran Torino. Had some serious electrical problems, but I loved that old car. Finally ran the wheels off it.

    First computer – Timex/Sinclair 1000 with a whooping 1 KB RAM. had to hook it up to the TV and use that as a monitor.

    First kiss and etc – Same night. My experience was actually great and her and I became good friends for several years. She died in a traffic accident in the 80s.

    Trip to another country – Courtesy of Uncle Sam when I was assigned to a unit in Germany.

    Pet – Dog named Tramp. Great dog for working with cattle. Died of extreme old age at a ripe old age of 147 in dog years.

    Job – five years old. feeding cows. Now the first job I actually drew a check for was asst. janitor at the grade school in town.

  4. These answers are fabulous. Is that car for real? Um… AWESOME!! That’s quite a vehicle! They don’t make ’em like that anymore!

    I think the fish-head diet has potential! You should market it! 😀 Like, start the day with a fish-head for breakfast or hunger, your pick! Which will it be? 😀 Nothing says, “I appreciate your visit to my country” quite like the head of a fish.

    So your first kiss was with an Oompah-Loompah? How utterly romantic! 😀 HA H AH AH A! Oh no.

  5. My first sewing project was a small scrap of cloth, upon which, with ALOT of help from my Great (adptive, actually, not bio) grandmother and gr grandpa Johnson, a seamstress and tailor with an ancient Singer foot treddle sewing machine, to sew the words I Love You on that scrap of cloth.

      1. 🙂 Thank you: I still draw strength from the little time I got to spend with her, and the memory of Grandma Marie, whose memory is a definite blessing.

    1. Did it have wood panelling? It seems so strange that wood panelling on a car ever crossed anyone’s mind, but it was definitely a look for a while there.

  6. My first job was being a content writer for a website, I left the place after the competition of 3 months as my boss was a pervert and he verbally molested me once. Gosh this one of yours awakened a lot of memories ❤👌🏻

  7. Ashley, do you remember how we had a conversation on my post Textless? Well there was a comment in my directory today and it was a linkback to my post with this response post attached?

    Reading it through it is a little baffling – because the poster makes reference to a conversation that ‘They had with me’, but the reality seems to be it is with reference to ‘you and l were having’ or am l losing the plot?

    1. Haha that was a person who copied and pasted my post. I had internal links in it, so I got a pingback. What a dumbass. I’ve already put in a DMCA notice to WordPress.

        1. I almost always have internal links in my posts, and find out about this kind of thing because of that. I don’t know why people are too stupid to remove the links if they’re going to steal someone’s work.

          1. I find it beyond imbecility you know? Well l know you do, but l can’t figure out why, they go word for word and not change anything?

            It’s like some kind of bot spam scam.

  8. Must be nostalgic writing down all those firsts. I’m stuck on 5 hours a month of internet.. can’t even imagine it now.
    That car is awesome!

    And I agree with kitchen appliances part. I was exited when I saw a small turquoise spatula. Adult life..

  9. Fun Post, Ashley. Here goes some embarrassing First’s:

    Car – 1973 Oldsmobile Omega I bought for $1,300 in 1983. Annual insurance was $1,600 … I had it for 4 years. It owed me nothing except for the time I dropped a transmission on the Capital Beltway (I-495) around Washington, DC during peak rush hour traffic on a trip to Virginia, blocking traffic back up to Buffalo … It also made another trip the previous summer to Daytona Beach, FL in mismatched snow tires. I don’t miss it’s rusty ass or the vinyl bench seat with the protruding car seat stuffing bulging through …

    Kiss – I was a boy child of about 9 with a dirty-faced, dirty blonde girl in a dirty back alley.

    Bumpin’ Ugly – Let’s go with a decade later with my first love (possibly) … see first car story above 😉

    Trip To Another Country – To The US, crossed the Peace Bridge in Niagara Falls.

    Family Pet – Two cats, one named Candy (Tabby) and another Ginger (Ginger).

    Job – McDonald’s working the grill one summer. I was fourteen making $2.35 an hour I can still smell the grease and chopped onions.

    Computer – Honestly I can’t remember its been forever … Dell?

    Cellphone – Nokia flip phone from Star Trek.

    Real Bed – Uhm, a water bed in high school … Worst invention ever. Back still hurts.

    Home Purchase – I bought a condo at 30 before getting married, then flipped it and into a house a short time later. 🙂

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