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What’s In Your Blog’s Drafts Folder?

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From very early on in my blogging days, I’ve scheduled almost all of my posts ahead of time. Another pattern has been that I don’t usually write a post all in one sitting. My writing output varies, but often it doesn’t keep up with the ideas that I want to write about (although that’s not exactly a gushing fountain either). All of that means that at any given time, I have 2-3 weeks worth of posts scheduled, and a variable number in my drafts folder.

I really don’t know how busy other people’s drafts folders are, but I thought I’d talk about my own and hear from you what’s going on in yours.

At the moment I’m writing this sentence, I have 32 posts in my drafts folder. That’s more than usual, and it’s because my writing output has been slower than usual, so posts are lingering longer in drafts before getting moved over to scheduled.

I have 6 template posts that I make copies of for recurring series, as it makes things faster. Those stay permanently in the drafts folder. They’re all titled staring with TEMPLATE so I can distinguish them from posts in progress, but occasionally I forget to change the name of the copied post and don’t notice it until it’s published.

Speaking of recurring series, I’ve currently got four what is… series posts sitting in drafts that I started and kind of forgot about. The oldest draft I’ve got is a what is… post that I started in June. I got partway through writing it and then lost interest, but perhaps I’ll resume working on it at some point. Occasionally, I’ll delete drafts, but usually, I let them hang around until I eventually finish them.

I usually start my weekend wrap-up posts early in the week, and then it sits in my drafts folder and I add to it throughout the week.

Usually I come up with an image fairly soon after starting a draft. Out of my 33 drafts, 8 don’t have graphics. Once there’s a feature graphic set, it becomes easier to look through my drafts and see what I’ve got going on.

When I’m deciding which draft to work on at a given time, I’m guided to some extent by what’s happening at the end of my scheduling queue. If the last post scheduled is for a Thursday, I’m more likely to staring working on a what is… post for the Friday. My brain struggles with making decision, so if my structure reduces the need for decision-making, that makes my life easier.

So, that’s what my draft folder looks like. Do you have a lot of drafts in your drafts folder? Do you tend to write posts all in one sitting?

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66 thoughts on “What’s In Your Blog’s Drafts Folder?”

  1. I am consistently amazed at the quantity and quality of your posts! I don’t know how you keep up with it. I have one post in my drafts folder and a few others that have not met the draft stage yet. I am finding after being pretty active on the blog for 7 months, I am slowing down with my posts. I don’t know whether to apologize for that or embrace that. Once again, your blog presence is amazing!

  2. I have two. One has been there for months ~ it’s next April’s alphabet theme challenge. Occasionally I go in and change something. The other is a Halloween post in progress. I’ve scheduled tonight’s, so this one is for tomorrow 🙂

  3. At the moment, I have 17 posts in my draft folder – which is a lot but I do not think I will end up publishing all of them. (Had some great ideas but not sure how to continue..)

    And well, same here – I do not usually write a post in one sitting. What I normally do is writing a first draft on paper and then a day or two later copying it onto WordPress – love doing it this way because it gives me some time to read through my posts before finally publishing them 😀

  4. 🙂 The only draft in the folder is from one of my guest bloggers. You already know that my contributors can work directly in my WordPress text editor.

    In regards to content creation, I have the discipline to finish all of the draft-copies of my blog posts (They are done in a separate word processor and they are transferred to my WordPress editor via the cut and paste process when they are completed).

  5. You sound very organized!! That’s great!! It never occurred to me to use drafts to save works in progress!! It makes sense, since I do that on MS Word all the time!!

    With me, my drafts are just blog posts that died before I reached the end of writing them. Or, I bailed and decided not to finish because the content was boring, or something like that. Or, I fell asleep before finishing it. I should probably delete them all. I occasionally go back in and finish a blog post I was thinking about earlier, but that doesn’t happen too often. I’m an impulsive blogger, so it all has to do with whatever I’m blogging at the moment!!

  6. I have tonnes in my drafts! I start to write something and then I leave it there for weeks tweaking here and there 😂 some of the stuff is too dark or triggering for me.. but I hope by leaving it in my drafts for now, one day I will be brave enough to share. Xx

  7. My drafts folder is almost always a ghost town, with the exception of the original ‘Introduce yourself (example post)’ given to you at the beginning ready to welcome anything that enters, mostly as a comfort to go and say, “Well there’s always this.” A lot of my posts are impulse posts, as in I write what I feel like sharing and then schedule it straight off . Most times, my scheduled posts don’t go past three (can’t remember if it ever has actually). I’ve somehow kept consistent though, despite my posts always being impulsive and random by nature.

  8. I don’t have many drafts, more scheduled than anything. But when I do have anything in draft, it may be more likely now chit-chat type posts, either my monthly one or the weekend ones, which like you I add to them, until it comes to publishing.
    Sometimes my drafts start from paper, before typing it up.

  9. I currently have 12 drafts. Some of them are waiting for me to reach a certain point in my progress to write and publish. Some of them are recipes and workouts that I can just put out whenever.

  10. Hey Ashley. I have drafts dating back to April 2016. I happened to scroll through them this morning to see if any of them could be integrated into today’s post. Nope.

    While scrolling through them I edited a few drafts and I am considering posting them next week. They were written during a different frame of mind and will seem out of place… however, I want to honor my old self who struggled valiantly through some deep shxt. I consciously x’d out myself there.

    I also trashed quite a few tentative posts since my drafts folder is overwhelming. And my blog is in desperate need of housecleaning. Old posts that make me cringe. Especially those from my earliest days starting out on WP… almost 12 years now.

    I am just too busy to revamp my blog. Im also considering how to go forward as my creative life is forging in new directions… i have soul signs, my notebook, and now considering integrating the Soul Signs blog with a new concept, Shed 33.3, my last hurrah here on earth!!

    Im a never finished project, as if wet mud that just can’t stand to be dry!! ☺️😘✌🏼🎶💙🌊💦

  11. Oh Ashley, this post was for me. I have over 100 items in my draft that need to come to life in posts. I have been meaning to work on this but I move on to “new” ideas. Your post is the well-timed spark I needed to get me working on clearing out my drafts and sharing them in the light. Thanks very much. Blessings💖

  12. I love reading about your process as well as everything you publish. My drafts folder generally stays pretty empty, with the exception of the occasional one or two posts that waits there for completion. I tend to get absorbed into starting and finishing a post within a day or two. I paint the same way. It feels like I get sucked into a creative rabbit hole and can’t put it down until it’s done.

  13. I may have a couple of drafts in my folder. Sometimes I start a post then become distracted by another idea. I usually forget about the drafts for I very seldom look at them. They have been many that I sent to the trash can.
    I can usually write in one sitting. When I start I have the motivation, and inspiration. If I am interrupted it is very hard for me to pick up where I left off.
    There have been a few times where I let a draft sit over night then finish it the next day.
    I am starting to use Word more. It allows me to have some control over format.
    I like your idea of templates, I am just now starting to have certain themes. I marvel at you and those like you who have different themes for different days.
    Keep up the great writing Ashley!
    Thank you for moderating the Interview!

    1. Some other people mentioned writing in Word, too. I can see how that would be better than writing in Wordrpress, but I think I’d get moire confused if I didn’t keep different kinds of writing in different silos.

      1. Yeah, well, each person has their own system, and if your system works best, then great!

        Though there is one undeniable advantage of drafting your posts in Word and then pasting your Word doc onto Google Drive: you’re minimizing the amount of time you spend on the new WordPress block editor (which many seem to hate).

  14. Many many many…I think there are 185 draft posts currently!
    Some are just pictures I saw on Pixabay and decided they were inspirational. So I wrote down what I was thinking and will go back and finish them on days I have little else to say!

  15. What’s in MY drafts folder? Nothing at all. I had one in there that I lost the impetus for, and that’s been dealt with. I tend to write as I go (mostly) although I do pre-schedule posts up to a few days in the future. Perhaps more thought and care could go into my writing, but for now? My way works for me! Sounds like yours does as well and that’s what is important…that it works for the individual, isn’t it? Very interesting topic! ☺

  16. I like to have my posts be as genuine as possible so often I’ll start a post and then lose steam or need more research or ideas and it’ll fall into that draft folder – I have TONS in my drafts right now ! I never like ideas to be half put together (is it the perfectionism in me? Yup but that’s ok!)

    It’s nice to hear someone else share the same thing

  17. I’m not surprised by your level of organization – again I am quite the opposite. At this time there are 260 posts in my drafts folder. Guess it’s time to clear the cache.

  18. You’re much more organised than me, although this does inspire me to write more ahead of time. For what it’s worth I think your writing is brilliant, I always find your posts interesting and informative.

  19. I have 9 in my drafts folder – mainly they are ideas for posts with a few notes in each, which I will pick up when I am ready.

  20. Since I am taking Chinese language course I have no time for anything! Fun drill though.

      1. First time in my life I am enjoying babbling in a language I didn’t master to a decent level. Just the process. If someone told me that could make me happy I’d call them silly.

  21. I think I have six files in my drafts folder right now. I go through bouts of working ahead, and even spent an entire month drafting a post a day, but I usually polish it up right before posting, and things that sit for a while can get out of date and no longer feel fresh for me. I admire your work ethic and organization!

  22. I have no drafts, but 19 scheduled posts, although I find lately that my editing has been a bit lacking, I think, as I try to outline, write, and keep up with my social media at the same time. I like to gather my research on paper and then put the post together from a template.

  23. I have a mini series in my drafts, I started it earlier on in my pregnancy but the further along I became, the less energy I had, ergo lack of motivation too. I’m hoping to finish them before 2021 begins, my motivation is slowly coming back so I’m taking each day as it comes 💚

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