Weekend Wrap-Up

Weekend Wrap-Up

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Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • I had to talk to the CPP Disability people about extending the deadline for my doctor to get his report in. They allow documentation to be sent in by email, but they don’t respond to anything by email. So I called, and waiting on hold until I was cut off after an hour and 42 minutes. I called again, and waited almost as long on hold, but this time actually got to talk to a person. I think it worked in my favour that my speech is so impaired right now, because the person extended the deadline with no questions asked. I realized later that the wait must have been long because that was right around the time that one of the government COVID benefits was coming to an end, and there were a lot of people needing to switch over to different kinds of benefits. Unfortunate timing, but what can you do.
  • My doctor wanted me to call him this week to check in, which I tried to do, but the receptionist ran interference. And they didn’t get the documentation I’d emailed them about the disability application. Ever since COVID started, the office staff have been giving a fuck off vibe, and I have no spoons available for that. I re-emailed the paperwork, but I don’t trust them to look at the email, so next week I’ll go in there and throw it at them (figuratively or literally – we’ll see).
  • I picked up lunch from my favourite burger joint a couple of days ago, which was yummy.
  • I had an interesting (not in a good way) comment on my post Your Vote Matters a couple of days ago. The person commented that they’d voted Republican, and I responded that it was great to hear that they voted, because encouraging people to vote was what the post was about. The person then said that they hoped I’d vote for Trump in order to save “white civilization.” Really, now? This white supremacist nonsense is like a fungus that just won’t go away. And it’s never a good sign when a candidate has the white supremacist vote locked down.
  • I rarely look at Twitter, but the other day I happened to see a trending new item that Chrissy Teigen and John Legend lost their pregnancy. I was looking at comments on Teigen’s post, and what really caught my eye, aside from the assorted nastiness, was the repeated mention of “clump of cells” by accounts that looked like bots rather than regular users. It makes me wonder, is that an example of foreign actors trying to fan the anti-choice flames to influence the upcoming election?

How has your week been?

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36 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up”

  1. Its been a bit of an odd week, emotionally. I seem to be really over-sensitive at the moment, yay hormones! I thought of another saying, don’t know if you’ve heard of it, “I’ll have your guts for garters” – interpret however you choose 😂

  2. Ah, Trump voters. The only thing saving us from them is…them. Glad to know he’s doing his sacred duty rallying all the potential white…Canadian…voters to come out on Nov. 3. Is that a strategy we should formally adopt? Obtain lists of kind Canadian citizens willing to help save the U.S. by volunteering to pretend to tolerate Trump “get out the vote” calls? Then give those arseholes those lists and have them waste all their time calling non-voters for the next four weeks?

  3. Oh god, that was so long hanging on the phone. I can imagine how pissed off you would have been. When one time I could use the phone, the longest on hold I have experienced was half an hour, only then to have a snotty adviser who I put in her place.

    This week, work, the usual. I am seeing some difference in accessibility. But could be much better. Those that don’t make the effort, in my head, I am sticking my two fingers up.
    The other matter, who was a bitch that I now refuse to speak to and put my walls up to prevent her from going at me with her mood, asked me a few days ago the question, so I am not speaking then? I reminded her as I originally texted those weeks back, that yes, I am not speaking to you on a personal level. Only work level, when required.
    She still couldn’t help herself with another remark, which I did not answer to, as so there was no reason for her to attack further. It proves to me even more with that and her other behaviour earlier in shift, of why I have every reason not to speak to her and keep my walks up.
    At least now I have cleared with her further, it makes it easier for me going into work. She will be the one that will find it hard. But hopefully, next time she likes to bitch about me behind my back, that next time, don’t do it in same room. Deaf pick up the differences in atmosphere to know something has changed, to look up and then catch you in the act.

    As for today and tomorrow, it’s a relaxing, lazy weekend. Although I did bake some biscuits this morning and did some washing.

    I hope your weekend is good.

    1. I completely agree and was going to say the same thing!! (Great minds!) I feel your pain and experienced something very similar this week with the satellite company, so now we’re switching to cable.

  4. Yeah, it’s awful that some Republicans make us all look bad! What a jerk. My week has been very stressful. One thing after another going on, and it’s not even over yet. AAUGH!!

  5. Uhhh I am so sorry this sucks. Guess we all are kinda facing same bad kind of crap. Sorry for using this word but I can’t find any other word to describe it. Atleast you got to eat something you like. Keep doing things that you like. Ohh and yeah I would really like you to throw papers at them but I think that would not be possible. But atleast tell them to do their work. They surely are getting paid for it.

  6. I hate those Twitter wisdom and attitude, it is annoying beyond reason. I am not using it at all these days but it_does_reach_me_on_Facebook. I hate that righteous stuff that goes “viral”. Everyone is so apodictic regarding stuff that are way to complex for their scope.

      1. I use it for groups I’d hate to leave, but I do get you. I deleted a profile before on there.

  7. The receptionist at my doctors are behaving a similar way at the moment. It drives me mad. I had to stand in the car park, shouting through an intercom the other day, explaining that I’d phoned every day to get blood test results and I wanted to talk to the doctor about antidepressants. I hadn’t been able to get through and so here I was, standing in public shouting my private medical business for all to hear. She was just so rude and would not agree to emailing the doctor for me unless she knew what it was about. I didn’t feel like I wanted to discuss my depression with 10 random strangers waiting for the pharmacy! Week has been busy with work and 16th birthday planning. X

  8. My doctor’s surgery receptionists can also be seriously grumpy and unhelpful. It’s difficult.

    The Labour Party ended up with the white supremacist (antisemitic) vote in the UK in the last general election, which put off ordinary Labour voters, so it could be a blessing in disguise.

  9. Tried finding a therapist during a time of crisis and sadly we did not match 🙁 hoping to find someone that works for me soon, feeling a little less in crisis today however which is good

  10. Yes, Doctor’s receptionists have been total jobsworths recently! I agree. In fact, since Covid, I’ve come across lots of jobsworths who tell you “You can’t walk this way”, “you must use our app to order drinks”, “You must give us track and trace details”, “you can only pay with cards.” FFS, all I want is a coffee to take away!

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