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Your Vote Matters – So Use It

Use your voice and use your vote: Are you registered to vote?
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As ordinary citizens, there are a lot of things that we don’t have control over. There’s a lot of money, power, special interests, and connections that determine who gets to run in elections. Those things also have an influence in what happens once a government is formed.

But voting is where the people have their say. Sure, you may not like the choices. But you get to make a choice, and many people around the world are denied that right. The American electoral college system means that it’s not truly one person, one vote, but you still get a vote. Voting matters. Your vote matters.

Many people have died around the world over the years for freedom and the right to vote in a democracy. Many people still live in places where there are no democratic elections. It’s easy to take the right to vote for granted, but it was only in 1920 that the women’s suffrage movement convinced the United States government to give women the right to vote. There are still groups that are disenfranchised, either by law or through structural factors like voter ID laws that are most likely to affect vulnerable and marginalized populations.

Distractions like unsubstantiated claims about the integrity of the electoral system only take away from the real issues at hand. The more people that exercise their democratic right to vote, the better it is for the country and the closer we get to the ideals of democracy, where the people truly do have a voice.

As we approach the November elections in the United States, there is so much at stake. There’s divisiveness, tension, and violence that need to stop. This is not a time to sit back and watch. It’s a time to act; it’s a time to vote.

And sure, I’m not American, but I’ll be voting by mail this month in a provincial election here in my corner of Canada. Voting matters. Your vote matters.

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17 thoughts on “Your Vote Matters – So Use It”

  1. You’ll be glad to know that I’m registered to vote and take my duty as a voter very seriously!! I will absolutely be voting, as I feel it’s my civic duty. Great post!!

  2. I’ve told you how awful it went four years ago, right? 😀 I had pneumonia, but I staggered to the voting place. I don’t think I knew I was sick yet. Very early phase illness, where you’re wondering if you’ve got a cold. While I was voting, my voting booth contraption fell apart. First the right panel caved in, and then the left panel, and then the back panel, and then the whole easel-like unit hit the floor and self-destructed. I did the only thing I could do–I turned aorund, bowed, and gave a pageant wave. A man who worked there leapt to his feet and said, “I’ll fix that for you,” and I realized it had been happening all day. I was peeved that he couldn’t fix it more permanently to prevent more embarrassment! 😀

      1. That was my reaction!! 😀 It was like total embarrassment in slow motion, in a series of movements I couldn’t prevent. Too funny. Yet I will valiantly vote again this year!!

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