Weekend Wrap-Up

Weekend Wrap-Up

wrapping paper, ribbon, and twine

Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • I’ve had mushy mashed potato brains. I’ve cut down on my reading a lot, but I’m still doing some, since it’s something I like to do. But there have been a few instances this week where what I thought I read, and then commented on, was not what was actually there at all. Oh well. πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ
  • The new medication I started last week made me barfy without having any benefit, so that was the end of that experiment.
  • Favourite spam email subject line of the week: Make America poop great again. The email promises to “Quickly remove 5-20 pounds of backed up poop that’s weighing you down.” That’s a hell of a lot of poop.
  • On the booking website for my massage therapy clinic, my therapist is noted as being on “maturity leave” until September.
macaroni and cheese made with Velveeta cheese

This week’s meal fave was inspired by a Kuched post mentioning Velveeta. In case anyone isn’t familiar, it’s a processed cheese product that comes in a spongy loaf. A shiny, plasticky layer rises to the top while baking. When I was growing up, mac ‘n cheese with Velveeta was one of my mom’s go-to meals, so it will always be a beloved fake cheese comfort food for me.

guinea pig Butternut standing on his hind legs looking at the guinea pig girls' cage

The one standing up on his hind legs is Doofus McDoofus, also known as Butternut when he’s behaving himself. Last weekend, he launched himself off the bed, face-planted into the girls’ cage, and them fell down to the floor. Now, playtime on the bed involves a barrier so he can’t see the girls. He is not happy about this and has stopped doing his excited popcorning, but too bad, so sad.

Breonna Taylor: say her name

We learned this week that there will be no charges laid in the police killing of Breonna Taylor. No justice, no peace β€” and we are desperately in need of greater peace right about now.

How has your week been?

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44 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up”

  1. Awwww, Doofus McDoofus is so cute and mischievous!!

    My week has been pretty bad. But I have you to thank for helping me think through it. Sadness.

    Oh wow, that meal looks… ohhhhh. I hate cheese, and I can’t eat mushy foods. They turn my stomach. πŸ˜€ I’m glad you enjoyed it!!

    Maturity leave? πŸ˜€ There could be some truth to it! What could mature a person more than a shrieking little baby with needs? No arguments about taking maturity leave here! πŸ˜€

  2. Maturity leave? I have never heard of that one before. Lol I am guessing this is a typo?

    My week has just been work and at home. With exception of my usual coffee and chat with neighbour on Monday and also helped him later in the week to take some unwanted clothes/rags to a place just around the corner from us, where he can get money from rags.
    I had what felt like a cold possibly starting. Tuesday confirmed it for me, so I knew I was making no plans to see mum while like this. I take my naps when needed, since Wednesday.
    Lazy weekend as planned.

      1. Thank you. It’s not bothering me too much as expected. I had a painful sore throat for one day, which today, when I had a coughing moment, shown it could come back if I keep coughing like that. But no, it’s not a nuisance thankfully, as I thought it would be. But it would have been different for me, had I still had dairy in my diet.
        Using Vicks vapour rub at night and a few teas with honey in, in the day. A few ocassions I need my inhaler and I allow myself to sleep, or nap. I have a third pillow in bed, to keep propped up, while I am as I am.

          1. I went on my past experience how I felt, when I was that bad, I coughed up blood.
            I have decided this week, to start taking Berocca. You can take it daily, all through the year. But I am thinking of just doing it now and through winter.

  3. Velveeta, oh that brings back memories. Mom used to make mac n cheese with velveeta to add an extra layer of flavor of the powdered stuff that came in the box… delicious. Thanks for the memories. Blessing on your weekend. Stay safe. Peace

  4. That is a LOT of poop! Cute guinea. My two are going wild at the moment, squealing and running around the cage like mad piggies. I think I might take some β€˜maturity’ leave! Sounds good to me 😁

  5. You’ve explained why I don’t miss our rodents. They were cute, but could you imagine if we shat as much and as frequent as they do? Sorry I’ve been AWOL this last week or two…likely going to continue a bit. Combination of not wanting to do too much with my site while it gets redone and just some strange stuff being thrown at me all at once.

  6. Hi Ashleyleia

    I have been reading for my research. At first, I thought I have done half of the whole analysis. In fact, I have made many mistakes in coding my data. Obviously, I need to start everything all over again. For now, I need to mug up my theoretical framework before starting again. And I didn’t think about my reader’s perspective in terms of data presentation so the previous analysis is a total mess. Now, I am taking it slow. I was rushing thereby ending in this mess. Enjoy your comfort food <3

  7. I feel bad for your therapist. Some people genuinely need to take some maturity leave.

    It’s embarrassing to admit but I’ve never eaten Mac n cheese. Ever.

    As for Breonna Taylor, I just don’t understand that. The courts must have known the gigantic ramifications of no charges.

    Aww poor Butternut no longer being able to see the girls during playtime! And I’m sorry the new meds didn’t suit you well. I came home from the hospital with an infection and I tried an antibiotic I’d never had before… made me so sick. One day there’ll be a medication with no horrible side-effects. There’s a niche in the market for that kind of drug. Do you need to find an alternative now? If so I hope you can try something that suits you better.

    Take good care of yourself Ashley & I hope this week treats you kindly.xx

    1. More maturity leave night make the world a better place.

      No mac n cheese? You poor, deprived child!

      Meds with no yucky side effects – whoever can manage that will be a hero! ❀️

  8. Sorry about your brain still being so mushy and making it difficult to read. And it’s sad the new medication wasn’t really helping anything.
    Maturity leave… sounds very intriguing! πŸ˜€ I feel inclined to agree with Meg that it actually makes a lot of sense though, lol.

  9. I hope you feel better soon and can read again more. I have to read again. I neglected it these weeks. Hahah that comment πŸ˜‚ Delicious food! My week was okay. I got back from Spain on Friday.

  10. The Breonna Taylor ruling truly was appalling. I thought they wouldn’t charge the officers because it’s racist America after all…but to charge him for the PROPERTY DAMAGE ONLY. Just…somehow so much worse. Ughhhhhh.

    I’m sorry the medication didn’t work out! Also, that velveeta mac n cheese looks delicious. It was a childhood classic!

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