Creating Word Clouds for Your Blog

Blogging word cld

I recently came across a really cool word cloud tool, I quite liked it, so I thought I’d share, and it makes for a fluffy post from a currently very fluffy brain.

I wanted to create a word cloud for a page on my site because I realized that I didn’t actually have the rights to be using the one I’d come across somewhere on the web. I tried a couple that weren’t particularly user friendly, but WordArt was. You can input your words, and set which words appear the biggest and which ones the smallest. You can change your word density, the shape, colours, and fonts.

You don’t have to sign up to create a design, but you do if you want to keep it saved on their site. It’s free to use, with no annoying ads; there’s only a charge if you want to get high quality images for commercial use.

blogging word cloud in the shape of handprints
blogging word cloud of overlapping circles
Mental Health @ Home word cloud

The blogging images were all made with the same word list, and just tweaked in different ways using the shapes available in WordArt. The bottom graphic comes from an image I uploaded to WordAart. I’m quite happy to have discovered this handy little tool. And no, this isn’t a sponsored post or anything like that.

Do you have any cool graphics tools that you use?

A blogger's guide to blogging from Mental Health @ Home

The Blogger’s Guide to Blogging isn’t about what the blogging gurus say you should do; it’s about relevant tips that the regular, personal blogger can use.

32 thoughts on “Creating Word Clouds for Your Blog”

  1. Stupid question but what do you use a word cloud for? Is this for creating a logo for your blog? I’ve tried PiZap, which has meme maker tools too, but it isn’t very accessible using VoiceOver or JAWS (on my PC).

    1. I guess the main thing would be as a replacement for a photo as the main image or feature image of a post. For me, it would be most useful for posts about ideas that are harder to come up with an image representation.

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