Weekend Wrap-Up

Weekend Wrap-Up

wrapping paper, ribbon, and twine

Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • My sinuses have been irritated all year, and it finally popped into my mind that I should get a room air filter. I’m curious how long the HEPA filter will last compared to the average time they say. The guinea pigs, their hay, and their bedding are major dust factories, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the filter gets overloaded well before the average time.
  • I talked to my doctor on the phone this week for the first time in a few months. The phone thing just isn’t that appealing, but I needed one of my meds refilled. It wasn’t particularly enjoyable. My speech is still quite impaired by psychomotor retardation, and it takes a while to get words out. I decided not to bother talking to him that day about doing the disability medical report because it would have taken forever. I’m restarting the anti-inflammatory antibiotic that I took for a couple months in the spring. It wasn’t all that helpful then, so I’m not holding my breath.
  • Not only is my speech very slow, it’s also very quiet. That made it somewhat awkward when I went to the pharmacy, because with the plexiglass barrier and the distance, they couldn’t tell what I was saying. Fun times.
  • I got an email from someone wanting to do a guest post on my blog to publicize his bespoke hot tub designing. Hmm. And why is the word “bespoke” such a thing now? While Googling why bespoke is big, I stumbled across Bespoke Post, the go to for the bespoke hot tub designer in your life. Hipsters are a strange and fascinating phenomenon.

As a side note, while preparing this post, I was replacing the image of my guinea pig below. The WP block editor, in its gimpiness, also replaced this hipster image with my guinea pig. This has happened to me a number of times, and it’s annoying.

As if the world wasn’t messed up enough, someone in the Norwegian Parliament has nominated Donald Trump for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize. Apparently it’s not that hard to be nominated, but this is someone who calls the novel coronavirus the “China virus”, talks about “shithole countries”, engages in brinksmanship via Twitter, engages in schoolyard name-calling (e.g. “Little rocket man” — Wikipedia has a list of many more), calls white supremacists “fine people”, cuts off funding to the World Health Organization in the midst of a global pandemic, calls asylum seekers (exercising a fundamental human right) at the southern border “animals,” “rapists,” and potentially “murderers,” calls his critics within his own party “human scum”… This isn’t a liberal or conservative matter; this is an individual who chooses to disrupt peace at any opportunity rather than create it. This world is a mess.

guinea pig Oreo with her foot tucked under her

Oreo does funny things with her feet sometimes when she’s sitting/lying down. The pink bit you can see is the bottom of her right foot sticking out by her left leg.

How has your week been?

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34 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up”

  1. Awww, guinea piggie’s foot!! How cute!!

    I wish you weren’t dealing with all this awful psychomotor stuff!! 🙁 Makes Meg so sad. 🙁 If there’s any way I can help, let me know!! 🙂

    My week has been comatose. I’ve been braindead from writing the 3-day novel, and I’ve literally been in a fog. I’m seriously considering not participating in the future, simply because it requires too much mental power that I clearly don’t have. NaNoWriMo is more doable in many ways, and I’m glad I don’t have this issue with the NYC contests. But my brain was literally fried by it, and I need to remember for the future!

  2. Do you think the person nominating Trump was actually being sarcastic and it was a tongue in cheek ‘joke’ nomination? It’s the only thing that makes sense!

  3. Just 3 days at work with last 2 days n annual leave. Not back till Wednesday. I will enjoy.
    I got my walk in today, with neighbour. Currently baking mixed spice shortbread. I have used my cat shaped cutter. Will send a few to neighbour later, or tomorrow.

  4. I hope the filter helps with your sinuses! And Mr Donald, well, you can’t fight stupid!
    I think it’s a joke about the nomination. Just imagine him receiving it, oh my lord!
    My week has been a little more fun, met up with a friend, slept a little better. But I try so hard to recover that I forget what it’s all about. I’ve been enjoying blogging a little more this month, maybe something changed in the blogosphere? Have you noticed something?
    Wish you an as good as possible weekend!

  5. I hope the filter will help at least a little.
    This psychomotor retardation thing really sucks, I wish it wasn’t as much of a problem for you as it is! Hugs. 🙂
    Oh wow, I do understand why people like Trump but regardless of that it seems a huge exaggeration to me, he’s not that extraordinary for sure nor has done anything so very outstanding to deserve the Nobel Peace Prize already, unless I’m missing out on something spectacular, I’m no expert on America. On the other hand even if he was to receive it he wouldn’t be the first person to be awarded for no particular reason and, in my humble opinion, the Swedish Academy has done way worse and more biased things. And interesting that he has such a dedicated fan in Norway!…

  6. Sinus problems are such a b****.
    My mother use to put Vicks vapo in a humidifier(hope that is what it was called).
    I was told once that as a baby I suffered from whooping cough. She told me she kept me in the bathroom all night while she let the shower run hot water to build up steam.
    I am not sure I understand about the Psychomotor retardation is all about. Your description gives me a somewhat overview of it.
    My week is the same as usual.

    1. My mom sometimes had a humidifier running in my brother’s room when he was young because he had asthma. I think she called it a vaporizer, and he called it a paper-izer.

      In this post, there was a link to an earlier post I did that goes into detail on psychomotor retardation, if you’re curious.

  7. I hope the HEPA filter provides relief for your sinuses! And the Trump nomination is just…baffling. His administration’s pandemic “response” (if it can even be called a response) has also led to the needless death of like 200k Americans at this point

  8. I already thought wtf when I heard that about Trump. I’m so done with this world we live in. I choose now to watch less news because it makes me angry and anxious and depressed. I hope you feel better soon lovely 💞 Cute Guinea pigs!

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