Weekend Wrap-Up

Weekend Wrap-Up

wrapping paper, ribbon, and twine

Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • August was the first time I made over $100 in a month on Medium, and it was all due to the Swimwear Hall of Infamy article I mentioned last week. I haven’t the slightest clue why this year-old post is all of a sudden exploding. I guess a mankini is a big draw.
  • I like the quality of the light outside at this time of year. I’ve also started having the same disruption in sleep that I’ve had pretty much every year around this time since depression entered my life.
  • I’m still very slow thinking and slow moving, so haven’t done much of anything and don’t really have anything to report.

I had a rather enjoyable spam comment:

“Hello I am Diya from Clausney beauty world.I can assist you 1.Enlarge your breast, 2. Firm your breast, 3. Enlarge your penis, 4. Enhance your sexual performance , 5. Enlarge your Hip and Butt, 6. Gain a flawless brighter Skin 7. Boost your Libido, 8. Tighten your Veejay 9. Gain weight 10. Flatten your tummy, 11. Lose weight 12. Grow longer and dark hair 13. Shrink fibroid 14. Remove stretch marks”

What I’d really like to know is if they expect to be doing all of the above on the same person. It’s been a while since I last had my penis enlarged, and my “veejay” is flapping in the breeze.

Butternut popcorning, captured in slo-mo

How has your week been?

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44 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up”

  1. Congrats on Medium! I wasn’t sure how the platform worked in terms of earning money but $100 in a month for one article given an influx in views is fantastic!

    Could you let me know the spammer’s email please? I’d be interested in getting the veejay tightened and my penis enlarged, as well as losing and gaining weight at the same time. If she could make me taller too that would be perfect.

    1. Taller and shorter at the same time, preferably!

      This was definitely an odd month on Medium. Usually I make around $20 a month, so I’m not sure why that article exploded out of nowhere.

  2. Well done with the money earnt via Medium.

    Oh my, that spam. A lot of work there, that I’m sure you don’t need.

    May sleep soon be ok as soon as possible, as it certainly doesn’t help for mental heat and physical.

    I love the guinea pigs, as always.

    It’s been an upsetting week in parts as you know. But I have had an enjoyable day today and I plan to do the same tomorrow.
    And the neighbour I particular spend time with once, or twice a week, him and his partner are happy to be my next of kins. So I will be adding them to my doctors notes when I next go there. And I have made necessary changes on my mobile phone so my ICE (In Case of Emergency) contact is now mentioned.
    I trust them as my next of kins, with how supportive they have been even more, since we have all got to know each other better.

    1. That’s good to have people you trust to do that.

      It’s interesting, since i upgraded my WordPress I get far less spam than I used to. Something about the comment form on the business plan is different, so I don’t seem to get automated spam. It’s just the random individual spammer here and there.

      1. I haven’t had any spam for a long time. But I never felt I had a lot when I did.
        I keep checking to make sure no valid comments fall in there.

        I have trusted these neighbours for some time now. But I would have never asked them to do this. It was just after a recent conversation about next of kin that my neighbour said we would be your next of kin if you wanted. I said as long as they both were fine with it, then yes. So he spoke with his other half and today said yes, they happy for me to put them down as next of kin.

  3. You know I have been thinking about how Nasa have been spending all this money on exploring Mars and searching for water etc. If they do find that life can exist on Mars, I wonder whether we could make some sort of arrangement to send all spammers there?

  4. Sometimes, the spam is so bizarre it makes me laugh a little, to be honest.

    My week’s been really busy, but I’m finally settling down a little this weekend, which is Labor Day weekend in the US.

  5. “I’m still very slow thinking and slow moving, so haven’t done much of anything and don’t really have anything to report.”

    Thanks for this one! I feel so slow though I am trying.

    Your post on Medium is worth million dollars!

  6. My week’s been alright. I laughed at the spam comment. Yay for you making money on Medium!

    I get people buying domain names or subscriptions…using my old and very Christian email address… really annoying when services don’t require email verifications.

    1. I have an old hotmail address that’s solely for mailing lists and junky kind of stuff. At some point, a site where I’d signed up using my junky email and my junky easy-to-remember password got hacked. I guess that got sold on an email list, because I get loads of penis enlargement and all kinds of other dodgy emails.

  7. That’s great that you’ve made some money from blogging! $100 is a pretty substantial amount of money for words on the internet considering most people give them away for free! Algorithms work in mysterious ways… I have old posts that suddenly explode as well for no rhyme or reason.

    Mankini’s could very well be in… I saw in a magazine that the new super masculine hetero thing to do is paint your nails in flashy colors with smiley faces on them and such. I’ll pass. I don’t even have fingernails, anyway.

    1. Medium has a membership model where everyone pays $5/month, and then people get paid for posts based on reading time. I’m not sure why the mankini is so popular, but I guess to each their own.

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