The Interview with Mental Health @ Home — rts

I am not sure how I became aware of the blog Mental Health @ Home but it has become a must read daily. You can be sure when you read a post from her blog that she has done her research, knows her material which lends to her credibility. So I am happy that she […]

The Interview with Mental Health @ Home — rts

This is an interview I did with rts over at Facing the Challenges of Mental Health. It’s a little bit of blogging, and a little bit of life.

Thanks rts!

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  1. I agree about the lack of empathy in the world. I hadn’t thought about travel as a cure. I guess I feel empathy is more about accepting other people’s thoughts and feelings. That it’s an inner thing rather than seeing external differences.

  2. You really should be on podcasts pushing your books and your knowledge. If someone as full of crap can me can do it, imagine someone who actually knows their stuff!

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