Weekend Wrap-Up

Weekend Wrap-Up

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Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • WordPress seemed to be particularly badly behaved this week. It would randomly, and sometimes frequently, log me out. Sometimes, when I logged back in, it refused to let me view the post I’d been working on. Midweek they updated the AMP plugin (for accelerated mobile pages), which then started telling me there was a problem anytime I saved/updated a post. I think I need to just stop contacting the “Happiness Engineers”, because talking to them doesn’t solve problems and just makes me angry.
  • Pinterest also changed things up this week. I went from getting notified sometimes maybe if the stars aligned that someone had saved one of my pins, to getting notified of everything. It’s odd only because it’s been sporadic and random the whole 3 years I’ve been using it, and I have no idea why the change now.
  • Last year, I wrote a firmly tongue in cheek humour piece on Medium called The Swimwear Hall of Infamy. For some reason, it’s been getting a lot of views recently. It’s also attracted some comments from pro-nudism people who took it seriously and interpreted it as body-shaming and Puritanical.
  • My brain is still slow and confused, so I’ve been spending a lot of time on mindless tasks because I don’t have enough mind for anything else.
  • I had to venture out of the house for the first time in a couple of weeks. But by this point I’ve lost any last vestiges of caring about the fact that I look weird when I’m this slow moving. I have no choice in the matter and certain basic things still need to get done, so que sera sera.
  • My brother brought my 5 1/2 month old niece over for a visit. She liked the girl guinea pigs, although Oreo was less interested in tolerating the hair grabbing. Then I brought Peanut out, and she immediately started crying. Boy guinea pigs have a musky smell, so I’m guessing she didn’t like that.

How has your week been?

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  1. I hope you enjoyed seeing your niece, even if the guinea pigs made her cry. I would understand crying at the cuteness, but I’m not sure how you could cry at the musky smell. I’m getting a bit peeved with WP now too since the latest updates, also with the updates to the Block Editor which are less user-friendly than they were before. Considering how huge the platform is you’d think they’d iron out the bugs and make the experience more ergonomic for users. I have a lot of days where mindless, routine tasks are all I do because my brain won’t do anything else. Hopefully that gives your brain and body a chance to recharge a little. Have a restful weekend, Ashley. xx

  2. My week was good and bad. I got to have a beach day with my family! So fun. Except i got sunburnt doh. And my back still hurts too much from last weekend’s huge walk to do any exercise for a while…

  3. This week has been a little anxious for me. My daughter’s school system is talking about and/or making plans for opening up schools for in-person learning. I personally don’t think as a community we are ready for that yet. They have not decided on reopening but they are getting a strategy together.

  4. I think one of the best things the Happiness Engineers can do at this point is change their name, because it seems to feel more and more like a sarcasm. 😀
    I hope your brain will feel a bit better soon and that you’ll have a pleasant weekend. 🙂

  5. Awww, little baby didn’t like the guineas? Too much stimulation for her? Awww!! Silly baby. Li’l Sweetmeats is nine months old now. Perfect age for a baby! Although I still haven’t met her. Oh well.

    My week was wild and crazy! I just now picked up a pizza from Dominos, and I couldn’t access Dominos because of some construction. I asked the construction guy to pick up my pizza, because it was right next door and he was on the other side of impassable wet cement (which he wouldn’t let me past), and he refused. Yelling and arguing ensued. I had to cross Bardstown Road dangerously due to the tightened traffic lanes, get my pizza, and then circle behind the pizza place, where I tripped, wet myself, and nearly twisted my ankle in the wilderness. So then I put my pizza in the car and circled back to just yell at that guy for several minutes. You know how I get. You’re worthless, you offer nothing to humanity, you’re a horrible person, go drop dead. He’s lucky that we were separated by some very intimidating looking wet cement. I sort of wanted to faceplant him in it, not that I’d really do that. He wandered over to his supervisor who looked at me and back at him with this look like, “Dude, you should’ve just gotten her her pizza.” That actually calmed me, even if I was imagining it. The more I think of it, the more I suspect I wasn’t imagining it. So God bless that guy!

    So, now I have to write my story, and I’ve got nothing on hour 14 out of 48. But I can rally to the cause!!

  6. I hope you have a nice week ahead. I hope they will fix your problems with WordPress. I have had a great week despite anxiety about the dentist. I’m happy it went well <3.

    1. Same to you!

      There’s definitely something reassuring about having my brother around. I’m particularly lucky that he’s accepting of my illness. I’m not sure how much he understands it, but he accepts that it’s valid.

      1. A friend recommended “nature’s miracle” since the brand I bought the 1st time wasn’t effective. I ordered some, and here’s hoping that arrives fast. My weighted blanket abd duvet cover is fortunately machine washable but cat pee smell tends to be really bloody hard to remove!

  7. I wrote a comment earlier but I guess it’s been eaten by WP. Tsss …
    I need to repeat that I cannot unsee that mankini! What a picture (I’m glad it is a picture, imagine ….)
    My week has been overwhelming/busy but I guess a ‘normal’ person would call it a relaxed week.
    I’ve had a friend over, haven’t seen her before COVID and I was so nervous. I thought I was ok socially but it still was a big step.
    I’m glad you had your family over but maybe that can be tiring for you too.

    1. That’s huge that you had a friend over! But yeah, social stuff is exhausting.

      I feel like the average person’s relaxing staycation would knock me on my ass after a couple of hours.

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