Weekend Wrap-Up

Weekend Wrap-Up

wrapping paper, ribbon, and twine

Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • Thanks so much to Paula of Light Motifs II for the 5-star review of my book Managing the Depression Puzzle!
  • You know you’re probably not showering enough when… a) the grease has sufficiently congealed that moving your hair is uncomfortable, and b) your normal amount of shampoo won’t even suds up because it’s insufficient to tackle the disaster on top of your head.
  • I think one of the girls was in heat in the earlier part of the week, because Casper was humping her sister Oreo quite a lot.
  • I Google myself every so often, and I found that the paperback of my second book, Making Sense of Psychiatric Diagnosis, is listed on Target’s website. That’s kind of cool. All of my books are available for expanded distribution through Amazon, so the fact that Target can have it isn’t a surprise; that they do have it, is.
  • I got a message via my blog’s contact form from someone who worked at an organization that had developed a mental health assessment to help evaluate mental health on a broad scale. When you complete the assessment, it gives you a Mental Health Quotient. I did it, and discovered that, by golly, I don’t have depression after all. “A positive MHQ indicates that you are operating without challenges beyond those normally expected in life.” Well ain’t that just fine and dandy.
  • I think there is such a thing as too much laughing, and one of my neighbours does it. Maybe that makes me the Grinch who stole summer.
  • WordPress autoupdated one of the plugins I use for my site, so Tuesday morning I opened up WordPress and it told me that I hadn’t created any posts or pages. It didn’t take too long to track down the problem, since I now operate on the assumption that if a problem comes up, there’s probably a plugin behind it. Sometimes the WP business plan feels like paying more for a higher pain in the ass factor.
  • Because I’ve published papers in a couple of academic journals, I get quite a few emails from sketchy predatory journals wanting me to (pay to) publish in their journal. I got one this week that started off by trying to be fancy: “I am writing to follow up on the earlier missive.” And then… so much for fancy: “Kindly let us know your possibility to publication with us.”

As guests on my blog this week, I had:

Stop the insanity, I want to get off. I don’t want to be another person contributing to making a mountain out of a speck of dust when it comes to Donald Trump’s cognitive test. But then I was watching The Late Show the other day, and Stephen Colbert was interviewing Mary Trump, Donald Trump’s niece who wrote a book about him. My beef is with her.

As a bit of a backdrop, the test in question is the Montreal Cognitive Assessment, often referred to as the MOCA. It’s a quick screening test for symptoms of cognitive impairment from things like dementia or delirium, and I’ve occasionally used it and seen it used in my work as a nurse.

Anyway, when asked about the test result, Mary Trump said she wasn’t familiar with the test, but she thought it was to assess for signs of dementia. That would be fine, except Mary Trump just happens to be a psychologist, with a PhD in clinical psychology. She may not have used the test in her practice, but if she didn’t bother to take 5 minutes look it up as part of her interview prep, that’s some pretty bad judgment.

Speaking of craptastic judgment, she continued, “his talking about it, the way he’s talking about it, is failing the test.” Except it’s not; the two things have nothing whatsoever to do with each other, not even remotely. I don’t care if she doesn’t like Donald Trump; neither do I. But that’s not an excuse to say stupid shit when your professional qualifications leave you with no excuse to be saying that particular kind of stupid shit. And as a side note, the MOCA doesn’t test for stupid shit.

Ok, rant over.

How has your week been?

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28 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up”

  1. Oh my gosh! I clicked on that test, and it fried my brain. I’m all like, “Whaaaat?” I guess Trump’s niece would say I’m demented! 😀 Maybe we all are…? The Graduate Record Exam was easier!

    I looked myself up at Target and didn’t find myself–go you!! (The only book I have that could be there would be Nervous, I think, but it’s not!) Woo hoo!! You’re at Target!!

    Oh no! Based on your analysis, I haven’t been showering enough! 😀 Anyone else? Just me and Ashley?

    Casper! Why’d you do it? Oh my!!

    My week has been very very odd and emotional. Not bad, I wouldn’t say. Just odd. And a lot.

      1. Thank you!! I don’t mind oddness too much. I’ve come to realize that the unpredictability of my life is far preferable to the alternative of being bored all the time!! Like, you never know what’s going to happen in Meg World!!

  2. A quick, busy week for me. Hopefully a slow weekend. Certainly will be a relaxing one.
    I sat outside until it rained this afternoon. Chatted with my neigbours.
    Now having sandwiches, crisps and a pear, a quick pop on WordPress, then watching dvd’s.

  3. Regarding the Mental Health Quotient test, my doctor routinely gives me a two-page test to evaluate depression. Even though I tell her I am depressed, the test shows that it isn’t too bad. Some tests don’t seem to live in the real world.

  4. Congrats on Target listing your book!! That’s really cool! Maybe I’m a grinch too, but I used to have neighbors who laughed too much, too (they were college frat boys, and they were SO LOUD) and I found it super obnoxious. Once I decided that if I could hear them, they could hear me, so I yelled “HAHAHAHAHA” in a sarcastic way. Not sure if I recommend doing that, but it succeeded in getting them to be quiet that night!

  5. Oh wauw that MHQ needs some fine-tuning! Too much laughing is a thing. Maybe not too much but the laugh itself. There are laughs that make you laugh, which is great. But other laughs can be so annoying that you would like to beat it out of them. We have a neighbor whose friend has one of these annoying laughs, it’s just not pleasant and certainly not funny!

    My week has been busy with two therapist appointments, one dinner with familiy (80th birthday!), corona on the rise again and unpacking stuff, stuff and even more stuff. And organizing all that stuff. We did the kitchen, I did my clothes and cd’s. Still a lot more to do! It’s like its never ending.

    1. Yers, annoying laughs are no fun at all. This particular doesn’t have an annoying laugh, but once she gets going, she never seems to pause for breath!

      Unpacking and organizing is the kind of thing that really does feel like it can drag on forever!

  6. Wow, that’s really interesting how they were making this assessment that people with mental illnesses score just fine, and how sick you’d have to be to score low then.
    yeah seriously, I myself laugh a lot, even when I’m not feeling that great, it’s partly my coping strategy/defence mechanism and partly just how I am, but some people just laugh so much and/or so shallowly it makes you feel nauseous and indeed like a proper Grinch. But Grinches are more interesting as individuals, so I think in the end it’s even better to be a Grinch. Actually now I remember that Sofi even used to call me Bibiel Grinch. 😀

  7. Just two weeks ago while admitted to the hospital with “stroke like” symptoms I was given that test.
    Jokingly the tester said I received a gold star.
    I do not give it much importance for I know that it is to determine the effects of a stroke, dementia etc.,
    But I think the msm has made too much ado about nothing over this test Trump had taken. Whoopeee….

    1. It’s rather bizarre that Trump, the media, and many of the people listening to either, have made a huge deal over something so inconsequential.

  8. Wow that thing with Trump’s niece just reaffirms my belief that that entire family isn’t the brightest bulb in the tanning bed.

  9. What an exciting week you’ve had, including being asked to write for journals – well done to you, even if you don’t want to be doing them, it’s great being asked.

    Yep, I’m learning about updating plugins that mess up my blog – like you, I didn’t have any posts or pages and I panicked, momentarily. I wasn’t well and so it took me three days to fix the damn thing!

    1. No, these aren’t legit journals, so being asked only means I’m on a spam email list. They’re predatory open access journals that are trying to get money out of people.

  10. I don’t have grease in my hair but I get flaky patches! My showering hasn’t been on point either. I dread walking by the numerous hair salons where I live – people like to accost me and make shaming remarks as a marketing technique. (Common in my part of Asia.) Did you know, a woman ought to “shape” her “messy” eyebrows? My hair is really quite long now and needs layering but I refuse to go get it done because my scalp and hair will literally be called “disgusting” and I will be shamed. You can read some old posts I’ve made about just how fucking much I hate hair people lol.

    I wouldn’t want to try to MOCA test, I tested as intellectually disabled when I took some IQ test. What the fuck at that MHQ, I use the PHQ-9 for myself, and the GAD 7. :).

    1. I remember getting some grooming shaming when I travelled in Asia. From eyebrows to feet, my grossness did not go unnoticed!

      The MHQ is weird in that it asks about many different kinds of illness symptoms and a lot of different wellness areas as well. So if you have one particular area where you really don’t do well because of one illness, but you do fine on a lot of unrelated things that have nothing to do with your illness, your overall score ends up in the normal range. I emailed them to give them that feedback, but they didn’t respond. 🙃

      1. Daaammmnn, fuck grooming shaming.

        I wonder if you might want to ever make a MH questionnaire of your own! 🙂 Sad that they didn’t respond/

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