Weekend Wrap-Up

Weekend Wrap-Up

wrapping paper, ribbon, and twine

Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • When I looked at WordPress Thursday morning, I discovered that my Gravatar image had been randomly deleted. WordPress has plenty of quirky bugs, but I hadn’t come across this one before.
  • Received a spam comment with this enjoyable line: “You have risen the main facts through this plate form.” Why thank you, I take my plate form very seriously.
  • Kraft Dinner is something of a Canadian legend. It’s also known as Kraft Mac & Cheese in the U.S.; I’m not sure if there’s substantial difference in the product itself. This week I had KD (and yes, almost every Canadian knows what “KD” is) for the first time in years. I discovered on the box there was a coupon for KD Bites at Burger King. I can’t believe this is the first time someone’s come up with this idea for a heart attack in a ball.
  • Things have been particularly rocky this week with my one in-person friend. I’m starting to wonder if it’s worth continuing.

I saw this note at the end of an article on Psychology Today which struck me as rather douchy in delivery on the part of the male author, regardless of the merit, or lack thereof, of the underlying point.

Author’s note: The male pronoun is used as default in the English tradition as this author believes there are better ways to improve the condition of women than the now-fashionable flaunting of linguistic deformations.

I’m assuming douchy counts as a linguistic deformation, but I’m fine with that.

As guests on my blog this week, I had:

How has your week been?

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40 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up”

  1. Very strange spam comment.

    A busy week. Even on the days off I had. I only felt I stopped early evening, yesterday, once back home. It was a very long day and I was shattered. I did not manage what I was hoping to do cleaning wise that day. So the rest will have to be done later.
    Today was my my day and I knew I was going to go for a walk out, with my neighbour, as arranged earlier.
    Since being back home I have done nothing else than have my dinner later and now watching dvd’s.
    When my dinner has settled, I plan on baking some short biscuits.

    Tomorrow a lazy day.

  2. Omg i thought i had somehow done a dumb & deleted my gravatar! I always blame myself for anything even vaguely tech related. I put the same one back on. This week was frustrating with the cats being brats & missing my family after being spoiled with them last week. But things are okay… ish

  3. Itโ€™s very hot here. Havenโ€™t been leaving the house anyway. Showered maybe twice this week. Blech in general. Pronoun comment from author seemed to ignore the fundamental logic that every action matters: every vote, every step toward inclusion, etc.

  4. Oh yeah, I noticed your missing avatar and wondered if you were going for a new look!! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    Ohhhh, mac & cheese!! Kids everywhere love it! I wish I did. It’s an easy meal! But I hate cheese!! Yucks. I’m glad you enjoyed it!! Long live the mac!!

    I hope you can work things out with your in-person friend!!

    My week has been interesting. Not too bad. [Nods.] LuLu has entered her “blowing her coat” phase that happens twice a year. What this means is that all of her fur is coming off her in handfuls. You’d have to see this to believe it. It was never a thing with spaniels. A clump of fur will turn white on her body (she has black fur) because it has detached from her, and the whiteness is dead skin cells; so when I see a white detached clump, I remove it and throw it away; but really, she needs to be brushed.

  5. You have excellent plate form ๐Ÿ˜ and yeah that author’s note was some bs.
    Sorry to hear about your in person friend!

  6. The spam comment made me laugh. Also “douchy” would most definitely be frowned upon by that author, I’m sure. Language can be so gendered, it’s annoying.

    I hope things improve with your offline friend, if that’s what you desire.

    My week has been alright, which I’m grateful for.

  7. Haha, wow, what a weird spam comment!
    So sorry things have been getting worse with your friend. I hope it can either be improved somehow, or you can end the friendship in a good way.

  8. I haven’t had Kraft Mac & Cheese in a while…but it sounds SO GOOD right now!! And I’m sorry to hear that things are rocky with your in-person friend – I hope it can be resolved or that the relationship can be mutually and respectfully ended <3

  9. I’m glad your plate form is in excellent shape, glad you take it seriously ๐Ÿ™‚
    My week was calm but I’m still making progress in the stability department. Step-by-little-step …
    I hope things become more clear with you offline friend.

  10. “Douchey” seems pretty accurate. An interesting week. Those are the worst kind. The response is the most challenging. Sorry about the issues with your friend; interpersonal challenges are awful.

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