Weekend Wrap-Up

Weekend Wrap-Up

wrapping paper, ribbon, and twine

Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • I went over to my brother’s to visit my niece, but she started crying within a few minutes of me getting there, and pretty much non-stop until her mom got home from running an errand. It’s a good thing I never wanted to have kids because I have no desire to be around a crying baby.
  • I got some new bedding that I ordered from Amazon, which was kind of nice. I’m very glad that so much shopping can be done online now. I can handle going to the grocery store, but other than that, I have no desire to go into stores if it can possibly be avoided.
  • A Canadian site called Unsinkable had gotten in touch with me several months ago asking if I’d be interest in contributing a personal narrative to their site. I had submitted it right around the time that things were getting crazy with COVID, and then it was radio silence. Anyway, I heard from them yesterday, and my story is now up on the Unsinkable site.
  • My mood continues to be crap, and I’ve noticed that my movements have gotten slower.
  • The crows have finally quieted down. I guess the little ones are no longer nest-bound.
  • I was followed on Bloglovin by someone who’s profile blurb said “LООКING FОR SЕХ 1 ТWIСЕ А WОМАN FОR ТНЕ SАКЕ ОF ТНЕ GЕNЕRАL МЕЕТINGS RОZDУНА НЕRЕ DЕNSЕR НЕRЕ.” Well hot damn, sign me up!

guinea pig Butternut sitting on top of his hidey house

Here’s Doofus McDoofus (aka Butternut) playing king of the castle. He jumped out of the cage once before, and it scared him so much he’s never done it again.

As if the world wasn’t batshit crazy enough already, the U.S. Supreme Court (including alleged rapist Brett Kavanaugh) has decided that employers can claim contraception is against their religion in order to be exempted from the Obamacare provision that’s been interpreted as requiring employers to cover contraceptives as part of their employees’ health insurance plans.

Ok, so no birth control, but I’m guessing no abortions either, right? Apparently, covering Viagra isn’t a problem, though. And if someone needs contraceptives for endometriosis or premenstrual dysphoric disorder? Too bad, too fuckin’ sad, I guess.

How has your week been?

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43 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up”

  1. Good week here. I got every damn thing I wanted decluttered, decluttered! It took a lot out of me, but damn if this place doesn’t looked improve. It’s small, so it should never have gotten as bad as it did. Oh well! It sounds like you had an interesting week!

  2. It’s been a very strange week this week, but feel like I’m getting somewhere.

    The cat decided to climb out the bathroom window and got stuck on the garage roof. Could we get her down, nope. Neighbour came round with a long plank for her to walk down, but she had other ideas and plucked up the courage it jump. 2 hrs we were trying to get her down.

  3. Oh my gosh, Amazon is the best place ever to buy bedding! I’ve found some gorgeous rainbow blankets there that I’m sure would be hard to encounter in a store (except maybe Target–they make rainbow everything!). I’m so glad you got pretty new bedding, and I hope it’s colorful!! YAY!!

    Sorry the baby was fussy! I have to say, though, that you’re a far superior auntie to me, because I still haven’t met Li’l Sweets. I must be the worst aunt ever! 😀 And I know what you mean. I don’t mind crying babies all that much, but I can’t tolerate toddlers at all; even though it’s considered wrong somehow to admit to not liking kids because they’re little fussypants, I’m willing to admit it, for sure!! And I wish more people would!! (I certainly don’t passionately hate kids, but come on. They can be so irritating and obnoxious!)

    I don’t remember much about my week, as usual, but today I’m trying to write the hardest assignment I’ve ever received: fairy tale, taking place at a food co-op (what the heck is a food co-op? SEND HELP!), and involving a cage. Oh, geez.

  4. Bit of a mix, but ok of a week.
    Busy today, for over half a day. I had an early start. Been at mum’s bungalow, bringing things back to mine. Only been relaxing last few hours.

      1. Yes. I just plan to bake and type up my remaining it’s a weekend post up.
        I think I will be having an early night tonight.

  5. Better week this week but far too much work to do . Mood is still shaky, like something could tip me at any given moment. Functional and out of bed though which is a positive. Love you GPs ❤️

  6. My god, that’s disgraceful about contraception. And erectile dysfunction is considered more important than
    PMS. Eff this male controlled world.

  7. Yay new bedding and congrats on the article. Crying children suck and I had 4. Bloglovin follower there are no words for that

    Our week has been good. We somehow scored a site on a lake with cell service

    I’m laying in the tent digesting too big of a lunch and farting up a storm

  8. FABULOUS article over on that website, dear Ashley. You ROCK. What a good use of judicious self disclosure too!

    I love the anecdote about Butternut. Once Queen (1 of my landlady’s 3 cats) ran out of the flat before I could close the gate. She halted at the staircase landing, turned around with a look of sheer terror, and bolted STRAIGHT BACK into the flat. Hasn’t tried to do it again!

  9. Much as I don’t like to admit to my socialist sons, that I use Amazon, I’ll say it on here, I use them a lot as it saves me going out there with the hoards. Brilliant, sex on offer on bloglovin, you couldn’t make this stuff up.

    Congrats on have your article published.

    1. Thanks!

      Amazon may have some unsavoury business practices, but then again, so do a lot of other companies. The convenience of Amazon is just unparalleled.

      You’ve got to wonder, is there anywhere that sex isn’t on offer?

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