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A Writing Update on Book #4

Tentative cover: A Brief History of Stigma by Ashley L. Peterson

After I let my most recent book (Managing the Depression Puzzle) out into the world in February, it was time to start working on book #4. I thought I’d give all of you a writing update on how it’s coming along.

I haven’t settled on a title yet, but the book is going to be about mental illness stigma. It will cover what stigma is, what contributes to it, the various different contexts in which it gets applied, what’s known about the different strategies that are used to try to decrease stigma, and what we can do about it.

I haven’t done any actual writing yet, but I’ve got the structure laid out and done loads of research. I’ve read about things like universities that kicked students out of residence because of suicide attempts, states that allow parents to lose custody of children because of mental illness, and police forces that release information about Mental Health Act apprehensions as part of routine background checks that are often required for employment.

The research has been fascinating to do, so hopefully that will translate into an interesting book.

I’ve got some research left to do in specific focus areas, but it shouldn’t be all that long before I start pulling it all together and getting some real writing done. I have no timeline set for this book at all. I’ll probably have it ready to release sometime next year, but it’ll be ready when it’s ready; for now, I’m quite content to work on it at a leisurely pace.

This book, like my previous books, will be self-published. I like the freedom and control that gives, and pitching a book to agents or publishers isn’t my idea of fun. I don’t like the marketing aspect and i’m not good at it, but I’ve gotten pretty comfortable with ads on Amazon as a way of getting books in front of eyeballs.

It’s nice having a book a as a longer-term project outside the blog. I’ve got a few more ideas for when this book is done, so I’m not going to stop writing anytime soon.

Do you have writing projects underway outside of your blog? How are those coming along?

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36 thoughts on “A Writing Update on Book #4”

  1. I’m wondering if I should use ads on Amazon to publicise my book, although it’s been out for some months now. How expensive is it?

    1. There isn’t a set price. You pay each time someone clicks on your ad, and you set the price that you’re willing to pay per click (your bid). The bid that will be competitive depends on the search term. Right now on the U.S. site, Amazon is suggesting a bid of $0.54 for the term “Doctor Who book” and $0.61 for “dr who book”.

  2. Great post! And good luck with your new project. Stigma is a very worthy topic to cover. Outside of my blog, I’m currently writing a script for an audio drama podcast. It’s a fun and scary process. Not sure how it’ll turn out, but it’s been cool to try a different form of fiction writing.

  3. Sounds really interesting. I have a post scheduled about stigma this month. Although it’s not directly related to mental illness and then again it is a bit of course, I hope you give your honest take on it. Now I know that you’re an *expert* I can ask 🙂

  4. Stigma is a great topic to write about. It’s really cool that you are writing a book on it. I didn’t realise you had already written a book

  5. You and your piglets on tour for book signings 💕❤️

    Thanks for using your energy to raise awareness and counter stigma. It meets our need for hope and peace.

  6. Stigmata is a cool topic too if you need to pad a few chapters. Much like the earlier commenter, I’ve wondered about advertising on Amazon as well. Do you find you get a decent clickthrough rate? Does the extra sales equal the advertising in cost?

    1. I think it depends on how in-demand your keywords are. For my first book on psych meds, it was niche enough that I was getting lots of clicks and sales without having to spend much. My book on diagnosis was harder, because I had to bid a lot higher for keywords like DSM. Overall, though, I’m surprised how many people click on ads; I think it’s because Amazon integrates them pretty seamlessly with regular search results.

  7. YAY, your book will rock!! I’m more than happy to check it for typos for you!! I’m excited to read it, too!! Great work!!

  8. Book #4 that’s amazing! Best of luck getting it put together and up on the internet! I agree it’s nice to have a long-term goal outside the blog too. I have a historical fiction novel that I’m querying to agents right now and you’re right, querying is not fun haha. But I learn more each time!

  9. I have a book already up on pre-order on Amazon.
    I was checking it recently and discovered that whereas most of the book is written in first person, the last two chapters were in third person. So I am correcting everything as I go. Writing when I am tired is a catastrophe!!!

  10. Great post Ashley and I love that your book is about stigma, the strategies that are used to try to decrease stigma, and what we can do about it. I’m impressed and I’ll certainly be looking at “what we can do about it”, that’s the biggie for me. And you should be very proud of what will be your 4th book.

  11. YAY! Stigma around mental health is such an important topic. Based on how well you cover stigma and debunk myths on the blog, I’m sure book #4 will be great!

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