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Are You a Wounded Healer?

The Wounded Healers: image of hearts passing between outstretched hands

A couple of months ago, I decided to start the wounded healers interview series to showcase the contributions that people from within the mental illness community have made to help others living with mental illness. 

So far, I’ve interviewed:

I’m hoping to get this series up and running again if there’s anyone interested in participating.

I’m looking to interview people who:

  • have lived experience of mental illness or other significant mental health challenges;
  • are willing to share the impact of those experiences on their helping work; AND
  • are working (or have worked) in a helping role supporting people with mental health challenges, either as mental health professionals or wellness-promoting roles (e.g. coaches) – students and retired helpers are welcome too

If you’re interested in doing an interview, email me at mentalhealthathome (at) gmail (dot) com.  Let me know how you’re a wounded healer, and I’ll send you the interview questions.


16 thoughts on “Are You a Wounded Healer?”

  1. I’m definitely willing to be interviewed! I have CPTSD and have worked for a non profit as a DSP for folks with wide ranging physical, emotional and mental challenges and disabilities. It would be my pleasure to take part!!

  2. Not sure 🤔 if I fall under the category just yet. I suffer from depression, anxiety, PTSD, and Crohn’s Disease. While on my journey to healing I was Kickboxing instructor for three years. And recently started my blog to see how it works and with the hopes of helping others have a voice, or give their feelings validation, some sort of recognition that they aren’t alone. I was just curious really. I’m very new to this but I’m told I’m great with words and that I’m an amazing writer so here I am trying to find a way to heal and help ❤️

      1. Wow 🤩 that sounds very interesting. So do I just reach out according to the site instructions? Or do you give a recommendation? Thank you also for helping to guide me so that I am possibly able to help at least one person.

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