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Book Review: The Enervation of Eve

Book cover: The Enervation of Eve by Meg Kimball

The Enervation of Eve is a young adult novel by Meg Kimball. I have no idea what number book this is for her, but she’s written a lot.

Eve is a teenager who stared experience fatigue after her twin brother’s bungee jumping accident on their birthday. Early on, the reader learns that the fatigue is a result of having very busy nights in the dream world.

The novel is split between time spent in the waking world and time spent in the dream world. In the waking world, she’s faced with the discovery of a problem her twin has been hiding, problems with her schoolwork, and distress over parental issues. Eve also grapples with being “ugly” and having a twin who’s better looking.

I find Meg’s not-swearing amusing in real life, and it makes an appearance in the book, with lines like “shut the freak up” and “who gives a flying fig.” There’s even a “yo mama” (in Spanish) to the Spanish teacher.

I noticed an even stronger element of real life worked into this book than in previous books of hers. Regular readers of her blog will recognize themes like dream interpretation, tarot, new and old souls, twin flames, and an emphasis on safety. I particularly enjoyed the line:

β€œBut this whole time, I thought he was all silent and secretive because of some deep-hidden trauma. It turns out he’s just a flake. How could I have not seen it?”

Eve is a spunky gal and she encounters some quirky characters through the book. This is a very fun read.

The Enervation of Eve is available on Amazon.

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  1. Oh my gosh!! THANK YOU!!! YAY!! Oh boy!!

    Aside from my Advice Avenger series (of which there are twelve volumes), this is my fourth standalone novel after: Nervous, Unraveled, and Behold Her Majestic Fog. YAY!! I’m so glad you enjoyed it!! YAY!! Thanks!!!

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