Weekend Wrap-Up

Weekend wrap-up

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Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • Thanks so much to Doctor Getting Sober for nominating me for the Liebster award!
  • I’ve been doing a lot less reading this week than I usually do, partly because my concentration is even more crap than usual, and partly because I’m just not in a good headspace.
  • I’ve got my blog syndicated on Bloglovin, which is kind of like the WordPress Reader for non-WP users. I never actually use it; it’s just a set it and forget it kind of thing. But there is a user named “bloglover” who’s been following-unfollowing-refollowing me for quite some time, sometimes multiple times a week. I haven’t the slightest clue what the point is.
  • I’ve mostly been staying away from Twitter since the COVID-19 pandemic started. This week I decided to take a look through my feed, and it didn’t take long to feel rather disgusted with humanity.
  • I’ve been staying up “late” (for me) this week, until the ridiculous hour of 8pm (gasp!).
  • My parents are in town today and tomorrow and staying at my brother’s. It’s been about a year since I last saw them, and I don’t have any actual interest in seeing them, but I’ll head over there for a bit this afternoon.

As guests on my blog this week, I had:

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah (June 10) – relevant discussion starts at 2:10

Joe Biden was a guest on the June 10 edition of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. Noah asked him about having someone other than the police respond to mental health crisis situations in the community, and Biden wasn’t keen on that. Noah pointed out that in “mental institutions” (insert eye roll here), it’s not police dealing with issues that arise. Biden responded “They also use force in those mental institutions, when things get out of hand. They put them in straitjackets.” This is accompanied by a gesture crossing his arms across his chest.

Joe Biden has a history of being a doofus when it comes to word choices. I doubt this is a word gaffe, though. I think this is a stigma, and it’s disgusting. Straitjackets? What the hell decade is he living in? Some fresh thinking around this and other social issues is long overdue, but it appears unlikely to happen anytime soon.

How has your week been?

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39 thoughts on “Weekend wrap-up”

  1. Fresh thinking, indeed. Straitjackets, huh? And, apparently the hand motion to explain what a straitjacket is felt necessary to him.

    No worries about the reading. There will be plenty whenever you feel better able to devote time to reading.

    I stayed up way later than usual twice this week because I had the writing bug. I have been working on my short story collection. I am currently juggling four different stories.

    I enjoy these posts. So often I get to the end of the week and have to try hard to remember what if anything stood out. Please continue sharing these.

  2. Straightjackets? Good grief. Can we use those for politicians?

    Well, word on the street is that he’s suffered some brain damage from a TBI. He’s not seen as being a valid candidate, because if he becomes the president, he’d just be the strawman (is that the word?) while people behind him would be running things. No one (to my knowledge) really takes him seriously, and if he’s talking smack about people in mental hospitals, that won’t help him!!

    Wow, we’re talking 8:00 PM? Twenty-hundred hours military? Get down with your bad self! 😛

    I hope you have a great visit with your parents!! 🙂 Keep us posted about how it goes!

    My week has been… wild and crazy and unpredictable, just like I like it!! Things didn’t work out with that guy. (You had to see that coming.) But I have hope that I’ll find a great man at some future point!!

  3. I look forward to these posts too, like another reader mentioned.

    It’s been a tiring and stressful week as you know. The plan was to do bugger all this weekend and not use my brain either. Nust switch off, as you know.
    I have hurt my ankle and elbow at work. But regardless I am resting, the accident has made no difference to that, because I knew before this happened I would be doing nothing.

    Like you, my brain has felt scrambled. I have had brain ache at times from trying to get my head together and remember things.

      1. Thank you. My elbow is not bothering me as it did, so hopefully I will be ok with that from Monday. But my ankle is still quite painful.

  4. This week was, as we say at my work, a shit show. For me, going early to bed seems to be 1 am in the #wfh era. Twitter is too scary for life right now.

  5. I’m not sure what to make of Joe Biden. In his favour, he’s not Donald Trump, but of all the many, many people in the USA who aren’t Donald Trump, I’m not sure he’s the one I would most want as president. There’s footage of him at a rally referring to the American Declaration of Independence, the most important document in American history, as “The thing! You know, the thing!” which made some wonder if he has the early symptoms of dementia. I suspect the election is basically going to be a referendum on Trump rather than a normal election.

    1. It’s disappointing that out of the whole boatload of candidates, Biden ended up as the nominee. And I agree with you about the election.

  6. Joe’s an idiot. I don’t know how we ended up with him instead of Kamala, but maybe he’ll choose her as VP. I hope!

    I wish I could crash early like I used to, but I can’t seem to fall asleep before midnight these days. I’m always tired too. Bleh…

    Good luck 🍀 with the family!

  7. Hi Ashley! I’ve only just launched my blog on nursing abroad as I am an International Registered Nurse. Read your piece and it’s so enlightening. Good job.

  8. I have also been staying up late … too late .. and it makes me grouchy!
    I hope you are ok Ashley. I am sending hugs and positive vibes to you xx

  9. Politicians and parents: P.U.
    Not a fan of either 🤣 good luck with the visit

    8 pm. You bad ass you.

    We had campers roll in near us 2 nights ago and they were blasting rap music at 1 am. Humanity is f-Ed up at times……all the time

  10. Oh Joe Biden, *sighs.* I feel like it’s my moral responsibility to vote for him…and yet…I will feel so gross when it actually comes time to cast that ballot 😮 Congratulations on the blog award and I hope your visit with your parents was okay!

    1. Thanks! I’m glad on many levels that I’m Canadian, but if I were American, I’d vote for Biden with a very loud groan accompanied by a dramatic eye-roll.

  11. One of our children said the only things missing from the Noah video clip conversation of mental illness were 1700’s clothing and the word “asylum.”

    Family time? Remember, we all love you on WP!!

    We aren’t on social media so we hear only what Spouse and kids tell us, which is not very much. Maybe that’s why we still love people lol? You are one of the people we love ❤️

  12. I work at a “mental health institute” and we use both physical restraints (staff to patient contact) and mechanical restraints. The only difference between a straight jacket and what our institution uses (emergency restraint chair) from a functional perspective is the ease and safety that the staff can place an individual into the restraining mechanism. Biden sounds a bit “behind” in this interview, but that’s only because very, very few people have actually stepped onto the clinical side of an in-patient forensic psychiatric facility.

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