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Embracing Imperfection

Embracing imperfection: Maybe it's best to embrace the quirks

None of us is perfect.  That’s probably a good thing, because perfect would be boring and quirky can be far more interesting.  And maybe sometimes, rather than trying to put our best foot forward, it’s worth diving into a quirky soup of messing up… and that metaphor ran out of steam in my head before I could finish it.  Anyway, here are a few bits of my own quirkiness and imperfection.

I’m fairly gross.  I’ll eat things that have fallen on the floor (5 second rule, right?).  Sometimes I find pills that have fallen into various places, and I’ll brush them off and pop them back in the bottle.  There is always guinea pig poop and hay strewn about.  I kiss my piggies, even though they eat poop.  I wash my bedding when it happens to cross my mind, which isn’t particularly often. That’s gross, I know, but it doesn’t affect anyone else, so I don’t care.

I’m lazy about proofreading.  Or maybe that’s not the right word.  It’s more a lack of caring.  Looking back at posts I did before I started using Grammarly, they were often a mess.  Now, Grammarly doesn’t work with the block editor, so my posts will probably go back to being a mess. I just don’t care.


I’m kind of a geek.  I frequently look things up on Wikipedia because I just need to know more.  I would rather watch a documentary than any other kind of film.  TV doesn’t really interest me.  Seinfeld was the peak of television, and everything else pales in comparison.

I like to latch onto odd words or things that interest me rather enthusiastically, and I’ll trot them out on a regular basis because I enjoy them. Yurt was an example from a couple of years ago, while purple people eater and rutabagas are more recent favourites.

Bodily quirks

Each of my eyes sees the world quite differently.  I had laser eye surgery done about 15 years ago, and it was great until my vision started getting worse again.  Back to the surgeon I went 6 years ago, and he decided that it would be better only to operate on one eye.  The newly operated eye would give me good distance vision, and the unrevised eye would delay the time that I’d need to start using reading glasses.  It took about a year for my brain to effectively compensate for seeing differently out of each eye.

I have eczema on my hands, and it’s made my skin rather old lady-ish. So much for my dream career as a hand model.

My feet are always cold, so I always have socks on unless I’m wearing sock-inappropriate shoes.  Even during the summer.  Even in bed.  Regardless of what activity might be going on in bed.  Yeah, I’m that person.

I have a rectocele, a type of pelvic floor prolapse, as a result of injuring my vagina while on a kayaking trip in my 20s.  It’s the gift that keeps on giving.


I don’t have a handy around the house kind of person in my life, so unless it’s a big thing, I’ll try to do a crappy job myself, or I’ll just let it be.  The fan in my bathroom conked out a few years back.  I’m not going to try replacing a fan motor myself, so I suspect it may never end up being operational again. 

When I got a home inspection done when I first bought the place, the inspector said the bathroom floor was uneven.  This has led to cracks in the floor tile grout.  I decided, in my great doofusness, to give regrouting a go on my own.  It wasn’t pretty, but it was there.  And then that cracked, so now I just pretend it doesn’t exist.

Okay, that’s some of my weird world.  Do you have an imperfection or two you’d like to share?

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  1. I struggle not to be a helicopter Mom – sometimes I fail. I struggle with anxious thoughts when I first wake up in the morning. It is my worst time of day until I can get that anxiety under control which often or sometimes does not happen. You would think that anxiety would present later in the day rather than first thing after a good night’s sleep, but that is not my pattern. Trying to break it.

    1. It’s interesting how everyone’s got their own pattern. At least being aware of it you’re in a position to try making changes.

  2. Loved this!

    I’m a Documentary kinda person too. I also look up all sorts of facts and subjects.

    I can’t watch the news or horror films, I “feel” the problems of the world to much and it sets my Anxiety off.

  3. I am good at housekeeping; I was a superhost on Arbinb and it was always perfectly clean, but…I don’t really care, I see some things as a waste of time. Do just the necessary to live. I was both lean and fat. I work out to maintain my health but I stopped caring how I look. I used Rhassoul clay today- so I don’t have to apply makeup once I go out, sometimes I care because of work or similar…I have my ways to cope with the tiring necessities. It is my trademark.

          1. As I continue to read your posts I’ll come up with a perfect massage bar for you! ; )
            So watch out!

  4. Huh!! What a strange list of imperfections you have!! I think my list would be equally strange! And thanks for the warning about kayaking! Goodness gracious!!

    My teeth are ridiculously uneven, particularly my front teeth. You’ll never see them in a photo. This isn’t because I’m ashamed of them, but because they’re so messed up that I can’t smile with my teeth without exerting massive facial muscles. And thus, such a smile never looks natural but forced, which it is. I can do an open-mouthed smile, but them my lips are going to cover my front teeth. Likewise, biting down causes me to have to shift my teeth in uncomfortable ways and takes too much jaw effort, so my teeth never close.

    I can’t give a thumbs-up with my right hand due to an ice-skating injury from maybe three or four years ago. I can, but my thumb won’t go up as high as my left thumb can, not even if I push it with my free hand. I went to the local clinic at the time, and they couldn’t treat it with their limited capacity, and they recommended self-care or the ER; so I went home and researched it online, and the bone I hit (outside of the wrist) doesn’t have an easy treatment option–surgery, injections that might not work, etc., etc.,–so I just treated it myself with a wrist brace and other options like ice and heat, etc. I’m not too broken up over it.

    I’m also a bit of a slob, but I agree with you that it’s not important, because who cares? I think if it’s not hurting anyone, it’s not unvirtuous in any way. [Shrug.]

    Hmm…. I snore. Holy goodness. And I struggle to lose weight and stick to my diet in a world with so much delicious junk food. No will power there at all, nor for exercising. Fortunately, I can be self-motivated toward productivity, but it all flies out the window with dieting and exercise will power. The day is young, and I’ve already pilfered two of my dad’s generic sandwich cookies from his room. (Shh! You know nothing.)

    This has been fun!!

    1. Apparently I snore quite loudly too, but living alone, no one has to put up with it.

      Did your parents try to get your teeth fixed back in the day?

      1. Oh, yes. There was expensive orthodontia. You should have seen my teeth beforehand! Yikes!! It’s just that it didn’t really help overall, but they sure tried.

          1. Oh, it’s all right! If I were bothered, I’d look into options, but I’m not too down over it!! πŸ™‚ Mostly I appreciate that they tried!!

  5. I’m also that sock person! I’m wearing socks right now (and my feet are still cold) even though it’s 75 degrees in here. I love words too and frequently go down a rabbit hole of definitions and synonyms. Here’s a new one: I’m both disgusted and secretly fascinated by conspiracy theories. I spent quite a long time reading wackos on Twitter who believe in Q… then I blocked them all 🀣

  6. Guinea pig kisses are the best! I like to smell drinks, Ewan drinks anything and everything and if it’s something new or haven’t had in years, then I smell it. Not drink it, just smell it. πŸ’š

  7. I think the kayaking trip should be a post sometime. Not the medical stuff, just leading up to it. I’m curious how your lady junk got injured.

    I’ve had a lot of people say that I’m horrible at proofreading my entries, but I spend my days reading, editing, revising, rewriting and proofreading. I’m not getting paid for my posts, so whatever.

    1. I wish it was at least an interesting story, like one time, I was kayaking, and I stuck an oar up my…

      But I guess it was too much tension trying to keep my core stable so as not to drown in the ocean. When we landed on a beach and I got out of the kayak, I felt like my insides were going to fall out. Luckily no one else was on the same beach, because I probably looked a bit weird walking around with my hand between my legs.

  8. You’re imperfectly perfect! I’m kinda gross too. I hate cleaning so I let things go until it gets bad enough for me to want to clean. I also have a lot of clutter because I have trouble throwing out things. I think it stems from my childhood as I always had my things thrown out without my permission (my mother was a neat freak). I try to declutter now and then so I don’t end up a hoarder.

      1. that’s really the bottom level of awful things but yes, I would come home to my toys, notebooks etc gone because I had left it out. Once I had a school workbook thrown out and got in trouble in school. I had to skip lunch for several days to save up enough money to buy a new one. Fun times! hah

  9. Love learning this about you. It’s very endearing. We could drop Xanax in a toilet and probably still eat it.

    We have severe OCD so are quite quirky: dishwasher has to be arranged in a certain way, so we don’t ask anyone to load it. Once dishwasher is done, we rush in amidst the stream and scald to dump any pooled water so that as few dishes as possible go into the drying rack. Boo to the drying rack where everyone’s hand washing keeps it perpetually wet

    Sleep with 3 baby blankets that were the kids’. Can’t bring them in-patient, so we sleep with a t-shirt then

    In our journal, we write so quickly that β€œe” looks like β€œc” and we often have to fix them. Being able to cross out mistakes and rewrite in our journal is relatively new.

  10. Well I’ve only been kayaking a time or two and it sounds like I’d best be careful if I ever go again! Yikes! As for imperfections, I have a dizzying array of them πŸ™‚ Some classics are buying stacks of books even though I have stacks of unread books at home already, eating way too much In-N-Out, and mind-numbing anxiety πŸ™‚

  11. Where do I start with my imperfections? I have two sets of manners: one, when I’m alone at home, which is often, and the second, reserved for public … I say inappropriate things out loud to myself. It’s not Tourettes, it just weird. Again, when I’m alone. I’ll walk into a doorway almost daily … crashing my shoulder against a door jamb. I snort when I laugh.

  12. I love the sentiment behind this post. I’m also kind of gross with eating things off the floor and not washing sheets very often. I also RARELY vacuum and my shower frequency is…not great haha.

  13. True.
    One can’t be perfect.But humans always feel and claim that the other is wrong all the time,a strange psychology.
    I don’t talk much but prefer to listen,may be an imperfection ?,especially in groups…
    Thank you

  14. What a fun post! I’m admitting to mine as I’m not perfect!
    I wear my underwear in a Steve Urkel kinda way, way up over my belly. In winter I tuck my t-shirt in the underwear and pull my leggings up over all of this. I’ve had complaints and laughs about this from my friends and boyfriend. I think it’s comfy but it’s clearly not sexy nor appealing!
    I wear my socks in bed and only throw them out when I’m comfy.
    I sleep in taco-mode. You cannot take my blanket!
    I don’t like to share, nor my blanket nor my food. I’m quite possessive over my food.
    I don’t like to clean the toilet, I don’t understand why it can’t clean itself. It should.
    I give my dog a lot of kisses. Some people in my surroundings said it’s not hygienic. I don’t care one damn bit.

    1. I love it! And I totally agree about the toilet – there’s water running through it all the time, so how does that not deal with the issue!

      I don’t think underwear and underwear styling need to be sexy. If it’s sexy time, it’s coming off anyway, so who cares?

  15. Grammarly doesn’t work on the block format? Whelp, there goes my blog. Hopefully it won’t be as bad as my average blog *comment*, at least. I am truly horrible at being able to type on phones, where I do most of my reading of other blogs. I do at least type my own posts on a real laptop. Still, grr. I already had a long list of things I disliked about the block editor, and this new one just takes the cake!

    1. It works (sort of) if you go through the /wp-admin/ dashboard. I don’t know why Grammarly hasn’t gotten their shit together, what with so many people using WP.

  16. I suppose I’m at my worst when I feel down and just can’t be bothered; not showering for days on end. But the one thing I have to do – is to brush my teeth. So much so that I’m told off by my dentists for brushing too hard so that my gums are receding πŸ™

    1. It seems like whatever you’re doing, dentists will tell you it’s wrong. You’re brushing too hard… you’re not brushing had enough…

  17. Me too! I have the habit of picking up food fallen on the table from my plate with my hand then eat it. Now, I am trying to avoid doing this in public places due to the pandemic. I don’t watch movies or drama episodes…not really have any unhealthy, addictive habits but I sleep at least 9 to 10 hours everyday. If I am stressed, I take a nap right after my heavy lunch. My tummy grows bigger. I can finish my heavy meal in five minutes. I can eat super duper fast. I fart a lot and a lot due to my abnormal digestive system. I have diarrhea almost every day but I never restrict my diet plan except not taking nuts because I want no rashes on my face. To save the environment, I use re-washable sanitary pads all the time. But I sometimes leave the pad that I have worn from the earlier night till the evening before I wash it together with the used pad of the day. I only use fabric softener to wash my clothes and I never brush them but just pull them up and down in my pail of water. For washing detergent, it is only for white clothes and sanitary pads. I seldom do housework except washing my own used dishes, cooking, refilling home drinking water, my own laundry and folding family clothes, picking my fallen hair in the bathroom, tidying up the tables and sofa, tidying up my clothes and clothes hangers…I mean I never sweep or mop the floor, clean the bathroom unless I pour something out. My mum does everything. When I don’t feel like talking, I sound like I am muted even though people want to talk to me.

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