Weekend Wrap-Up

Weekend wrap-up

wrapping paper, ribbon, and twine

Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

  • I discovered that I had been added as a contributor (although not entirely sure that was the role I was added as) to some random site that isn’t actually a blog. I’m not sure how this happened without me being aware of it, and I spend a lot of time hunting around trying to figure out how to remove myself. I have no idea what was up with that.

  • My entire site randomly went down for a bit on Tuesday morning. Of course, the happiness engineers announced they had limited availability and were nowhere to be found. Luckily after several minutes everything was okay again, so presumably it was some sort of server hiccup on WP’s end. I’ve still heard sweet fuck all from the happiness engineers.

  • I discovered by accident that the WP Reader doesn’t display any of the formatting done using the block editor. I happened to look at one of my posts in the Reader and wondered what the heck was going on, because it wasn’t supposed to look like that.

  • The blogosphere has responded in various ways to the aftermath of the killing of George Floyd. I’ve seen a number of people minimize the existence of white privilege and anti-Black racism, which I’ve found deeply disturbing. Of course there are other social problems and disadvantages, but I don’t think it helps anyone’s cause to frame them by minimizing systemic racism and the experiences described by Black people. It’s not hard to educate ourselves about the problems that others face and what their lived experience is; we just have to make the choice to listen.

Apparently we’re talking about NO KNEELING. There are simply no words.

LGBTQ Pride Flag

Happy Pride Month!

38 thoughts on “Weekend wrap-up”

  1. Just days before I got rid of my old blog email account I had someone add me to their blog. I think as a follower though, not contributer I don’t think. Either way, I took myself off it and deleted the request that I did not request for.
    The blog did not interest me either.

    I hope your week and now weekend is good.

      1. I don’t visit my blog email often, but in space of a month, I received 2. It has never happened before that. It did baffle me.

  2. I’m starting to wonder if some major web sites have no idea how they’re operating themselves. Like, I’ve had customer service issues with PayPal lately, and they’re out to lunch. They’re claiming a backlog due to the pandemic, but come on. I’ve got an eBay buyer who returned an item that didn’t fit her dehumidifier, and I can’t give her a refund! Ugh. I totally hear your frustration. I have the same sense about wordpress as i do about PayPal–that no one’s home, and that they’re just changing everything without any clue what they’re doing and hoping for the best. Barf.

  3. 😮 Huh? Someone added you as a contributor to their website without your knowledge?

    If that can happen to you, there is the possibility of the same thing happening to us.

    Please keep your readers updated on this particular matter.

    1. I’m not sure what that was about. It was a blog I had followed originally, but it looks like the domain got taken over by someone else.

  4. Blocky won’t let me add a blank line between items in a list, so I have to do a list in paragraph form without indents to get a blank line. I just don’t understand why WP wants to make itself as irritating to use as Word! But I do luv the saved blocks.

    1. The blank line thing is annoying. If you do a list and then go back and hit return twice after each item, it separates them into separate blocks which shows up as a space between them.

  5. I’m just trying to develop a site for launch later this month. It sure is slow-going trying to navigate through wordpress. I had no idea that I had to consider all the accessibility laws. So much to think about to create something that will be relatively simple in appearance when it’s complete!

  6. Hi Ashely – I don’t usually comment here. Just a note to ask if you’d consider taking down the George Floyd death photo. I’ve read that African American people find that photo traumatizing and there have been requests to stop posting this picture. It’s the moment of a fellow human’s death, or near death. I actually find it traumatizing also (white). I realize you post it with the best of intentions of course – just a note for your awareness. Cheers

    1. Thanks for your input. However, when the President is saying it’s unacceptable for athletes to take a knee during the anthem to peacefully protest police brutality against Black people, it’s impossible not to juxtapose that with the killing of George Floyd. It’s difficult to look at, but I’m not willing to look away.

  7. When we are out of our window of tolerance, which is most-almost all of the time, we sometimes lose our shit over things that don’t do what they say they will do, like block editor as you describe it

  8. Frustrated seeing people (A to Z listers) jump on the anti-racism bandwagon, these people are really getting on my last nerves because the trend of supporting Black Lives Matter will end at some point, and when it disappears, racism will be invisible once again.

    These people need to finish what they started.

    1. It looks like that would be an issue for self-hosted blogs using WordPress.org. On WordPress.com sites, all of the inner workings live on the WordPress.com servers, and WP handles all the security stuff.

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