9 thoughts on “Make Noise To Silence Hunger — KUCHED”

  1. I love all things rainbowy!

    I did finally take all my unused groceries to the little pantry across the street! Go me. I think hunger is awful, and no one should ever go hungry!

  2. Ah I wanted to read the linked article but have been blocked by my internet provider –

    “http://kuched.blog/2020/05/31/hunger-just-doesnt-happen/ has been blocked by BT Parental Controls because the account holder has Custom filters on.

    FAQ: A site is being blocked incorrectly by BT Parental Controls. How can I report this?”

    1. Hmm. A blogging friend not long ago had her own site blocked by Norton Safe Search or something like that. I guess these kinds of controls tend to be over-zealous.

      1. Yes they are over-zealous. Something similar happens when some people visit ordinary web sites – I forget what it’s called, but it’s on everyone’s computer or in the internet world anyway, and its purpose is to ensure the web page you’re visiting is ‘safe’. Developers have been complaining about it.

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