Weekend Wrap-Up

Weekend wrap-up

wrapping paper and ribbons

Here’s what happened in my life over the past week:

As anticipated, my DMCA takedown notices for a couple of blogs that had plagiarized my posts resulted in them being taken down.  I was a bit surprised that the non-Wordpress-hosted site got taken down a couple of days before the WordPress.com site.  Still, both were pretty fast.

Further news on the dumb as a sack of potatoes front… The asshat Andres-David, who I got the ping-back from when he plagiarized my post last week, followed my blog this week (after WP took the post down). I promptly de-followed him.

This morning, I received an email from one of the other copyright violators:

“I apologise for any harm i may have caused in using the information i copied from your site. It wasn’t my intention to claim your work as my own, but was just doing it in faith of promoting the awareness of Covid 19 . I take full responsibility for it, anything that i usually repost i reference the owner of the material. I have taken down the post and again i apologise. Regards Odius”

It’s obnoxious, because a) he copied the whole post and didn’t reference my site site at all, and b) he didn’t take it down, WordPress did. What I find particularly concerning, though, is that he knows my email address (and it’s not my mentalhealthathome address that I make public on the blog). Did WordPress give it to him? Because that’s not cool. I’ve emailed WP to ask about this, and am waiting to hear back.

  • Various analytics tools I use have been telling me lately that my site has really slowed down lately in terms of page loading speed. So I’ve been flailing somewhat this week trying to figure out what is and isn’t in my control. As part of this flailing, I decided it was probably time to ditch my old theme, Sela, which was actually retired about a year ago. I switched to the Flash theme that I’d already been looking at, and then I discovered things I didn’t like about it that I couldn’t change, so I switched to Dara. There may or may not be another theme switch coming up; there are a couple of things I’m not happy with, but we’ll see.
  • I’ve also switched over to the block editor; more on that in tomorrow’s post.
  • This week was Mental Health Awareness Week in the U.K., and this is Mental Health Awareness Month in the U.S. I couldn’t bring myself to care enough to do specific posts for them. I think the awareness weeks and months and days have exploded a little too much, to the point that they become less meaningful as they all blend into one another.
  • I am now officially that doofus that if I lose something, inside the microwave is a reasonable place to expect to find it. Yesterday I discovered a tupperware container of tuna in the microwave that should have lived in the fridge. 🤪
  • My doctor agrees that I’ve got a recurrence of the atypical pneumonia I had last year, so I’ve temporarily switched antibiotics from the one I was already on to de-inflame my brain. It wouldn’t really be appropriate to go out while I’m hacking up a lung, so I haven’t set foot outside my door all week. I was able to get my prescription delivered, which my pharmacy is doing because they don’t want germy people coming into the store. I got groceries delivered again this week, and I was actually able to get next-day delivery.

How has your week been?

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41 thoughts on “Weekend wrap-up”

  1. Casper has a beautiful mane. I like the shake. Can I call it a mane? Seems like WP numbers are down all around … Nice backtracking by Asshat 😊. Welcome to the Microwave Storage Club. Hey, I tried softening the remnants of hard (refrigerated) peanut butter in a PC Blue jar, but forgetting the rim had a thread of metal foil under the seal. Like the Aurora Borealis in a scientific oven. Jusaying if you had a brown out on the west coast … 😳

  2. That’s good the posts were taken down quick and for one to email you on one that isn’t public, then yes, concerning. I doubt WP would admit to that, if he had got it from them.

    I hope you find benefit from the antibiotics and how lovely Casper.
    I hope you managed to laugh at yourself for your tuna find. I haven’t done that one before. But as I have not had a microwave for a few years and me more feeling muddled now in just over a year I don’t have the opportunity to see if I would do a trick like that.

    I have had a good week as you know from reading my Staycation posts. I baked a vegan cake late afternoon, so by the time it was ready, it was dinner time.
    I am partying now with my Bon Jovi dvd.

    I’m not back at work till Tuesday, with it Bank Holiday on Monday so more fun, even though my Staycation was last one today, that I will share tomorrow.

    1. I’m glad you’ve still got a bit more staycation time lift.

      Yes, definitely laughed at myself over the tuna in the microwave. I tend to do silly things like that fairly regularly.

      1. I wish I can remember my last silly thing. Its either been a long time, or my memory. Lol

        I hope to maybe bake something else in the cake line tomorrow. I’m not sure what yet, but will make up my self raising flour, until I decide. 🙂

  3. Yeah, wow. That guy’s apology was so obviously bogus. I’ve been dealing with something similar this week, but less intrusive, I daresay. I ordered some new rainbow return address labels on Amazon on May 11th. Yeah, that was twelve days ago. I get that they have to print them with my name, but come on. I contacted them to complain, and they were like, “Deal with it. The coronavirus has us slowed down,” and I could tell from their insincerity that they were using it as an excuse falsely. Then they sent me shipping information and told me they’d shipped it, right? So I track the number, and it says, “We haven’t received the item from your seller yet.” No surprise there. So I complained again, and they said they’re allowed this long timetable, which I sure didn’t notice when I placed the order. So frustrating!

    ….. [unaccountable time passes]…..

    Okay, I’m back. I just contacted Amazon and made a few complaints and discovered that they’re finally in the mail! Whew. Ugh. So yeah, I feel your frustration (to some degree) with the bad, bad plagiarists and their false apologies.

    My week has been pretty good! Ya know why? I no longer have to deal with my mother! God bless America! It’s so freeing. YAY!! 😀

  4. Oh man, how did you find out that your posts were being plagiarized? That is so not cool.

    Also, I don’t mind the block editor. It makes some things easier.

  5. First of all I hope you feel better soon, secondly I’ve noticed WP has been really quiet lately, both with people I follow being eerily quiet but also less traffic my end too. Is everyone out in the sunshine or something?!

    1. Thanks! And it’s funny, I was reading the 2nd part of your comment and thinking what is she talking about, and then I remembered someone else had said the same thing, and suddenly it clicked! I was talking about page loading speed, but looking back at my post I realize that wasn’t clear at all. I’ve fixed that now, so thank you!

  6. Awesome news on the award nomination.
    I lose food in the oven.
    So glad the Asshat for justice, and your Guinea pigs are adorable.
    Hope the pneumonia clears up. I’ve had allergy induced bronchitis which was bad enough.
    Feel better. 🤗

  7. Would you care to share just exactly how you found your posts on others’ blogs. I would like to know more on how you found them, as well as how you can get the DCMA strikes to work for you.

    1. Two were because I had internal links within the body of the post that the plagiarists didn’t remove, so I got pingbacks when they published them. Then I found another by plugging in a paragraph from the first post that was copied, in quotations marks, into Google, and that’s how I found the other. There are services available that can do the checking for you, but I haven’t looked into it.

      In terms of being strategic, I think it’s better to do a DMCA notice rather than approaching the person directly to ask for the post to be taken down, so they’ll already have a strike against them if it happens again.

  8. That’s scary about Odius (odious?) having your email.

    I’m not liking the block editor, although it does take me some time to adapt to change.

    1. I’m curious what WordPress will say about the email address; I can’t imagine that releasing it is par for the course with a DMCA takedown.

  9. That is very creepy they got your email address. In a way I it was WordPress who gave it to them coz I wouldn’t like to think of the alternatives.

  10. That’s good the posts were taken down so easily and without much fuss. But oh God, those plagiarists sounds so incredibly dumb.
    I hope the antibiotics will help. 🙂

  11. That is very unsettling that the plagiarizer got your personal email address! 😮 I’m liking the Dara theme on your blog, and I hope your pneumonia symptoms improve soon!

  12. What is atypical pneumonia? Do you know why it recurred? We hope you feel relief as soon as possible.
    We get scared when things that have always been one way (ie your blog page loading speeds) change abruptly. It undermines our sense of stability, which makes sense since life is not stable.
    The Pig fluff video was fun.
    Do you think the apology from O. could be sincere (like even a 1% chance)? Why apologize at all? Is it to make themselves feel better? Is it the socially appropriate thing to do? Is it because they feel actual remorse for the act? Is it because they wish they hadn’t been caught? The apology doesn’t remove the strike, so why bother if it isn’t supposed to mean something? Since the apology contained factual errors (I took the post down…), we understand why it would not invite anyone to rethink the judgment that the person is not sincere.
    Do you feel unsafe when your work is copied? Or anger and frustration? You put a lot of energy into making your research posts accurate and attributed.
    Love to you from all of us

    1. Atypical pneumonia is caused by a particular type of bacteria and tends to cause a fairly violent cough but doesn’t make people feel particularly sick. This has been a recurring thing for a few years, and my doctor says this particular bug can take up long-term residence and flare up every so often.

      I have no idea what the person’s rationale was for that email. In the past it’s annoyed me, but now that I’m more familiar with the process of getting it taken down, I look at it as par for the course. But I do think plagiarism of blog posts is a very pathetic thing for people to do.

  13. I read “Odius” as “odious” and thought “How apt”. 😀 I’ve been really sad, but there’s not much I can do about that except sit with the sadness. <3

  14. Lovely to see your guinea pigs in the little video clip. I laughed at the microwave thing. I often put forgotten coffee in to warm up when it’s gone cold and then find it still in there at tea time when I put something in to heat up. My other favourite thing to do at the moment is going into a room and forgetting what I went in there for or grabbing my phone (if I can find where I left it) to Google something / check the weather or TV guide and then being distracted by a random news article or twitter notification. Sorry to hear people are stealing your work, must be very annoying. On the positive side your content is so good others want it as their own (doesn’t make it right obv).

    1. It’s happened a few times that people have plagiarized my stuff and at this point I mostly just find it amusingly ridiculous.

      I also do the forgetting what I went into a room for, and have to go back to where I started to see if maybe it’ll bubble back up to the surface again.

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